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Nintendo 3DS: Sega Extremely Committed To Nintendo 3DS

Sega have announced that they’re extremely commited to supporting Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS games console.

“I believe 3D will become a big wave. The Nintendo 3DS is a landmark hardware. We’d like to invest heavily in it.”

– Sega’s Naoya Tsurumi, speaking to Japanese publication Nikkei



5 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Sega Extremely Committed To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. No BAD SEGA! stay away from 3D especially if its another Sonic game!

    Well who knows they could do good…

  2. I think the 3D craze at the moment is rubbish, im not a fan! With all these 3D films at the moment im guessing everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Nintendo would be the 1st company i would expect to jump on it! Rightly so, i think the console will be a success though

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