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Nintendo 3DS: 3DS Graphically Close To PS3 & Xbox 360 Says Devs

Several video game developers have spoken to IGN off-record about the graphical powers of the Nintendo 3DS.

The game developers that spoke to gaming publication IGN claim that the portable devices graphical capability’s are very close to what the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 currently offer.

Nintendo has not revealed any specs for the 3DS system, but expect it to well surpass the Nintendo DS in visual and processor capabilities. To provide stereoscopic 3D effects the system must have the ability to render each game field twice, one for each of the player’s eyes, a technique that will require significant horsepower to produce.

Several developers that have experienced 3DS in its current form have reported, off the record, that it has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

– IGN sources



  1. Wow! That sounds awesome. Too bad it will probably not be true. I won’t get my hopes up until I see it in action

    1. I doubt it too xD It just feels like it goes against Nintendo’s ideals. This will be one of those things where I’ll believe it when I see.

      1. It says the processing power will be high though the graphical output will be nowhere near this. I can kinda see this happening considering it’s 2 screens with 2 images on each (for the 3D effects)

  2. Surprising, but hard to believe.

    :x Would be amazing if it’s true.

    hope that doesn’t mean it’ll be uber expensive.

  3. Well, actually it could be true. He’s right, to make 3D without glasses you need to render each field and screen twice, which uses a lot of power, to speak clearly, it needs close to 3x the graphic capability of the DS. Although I really don’t think they would go that far with a handheld, it is possible. I hope it’s true. ^^

    1. I sort of agree, however, this is my theory:

      They say that it’s as powerful as an HD system, and thats because it has to render it twice. HOWEVER, due to the fact that it’s rendering twice, it can’t have HD graphics, therefore it will have GCN graphics.

      In short, the amount of “Power” needed to render HD is equal to the amount needed to render two gamecubes.

      1. You are missing a couple of important points. First, there is a lot of complicated stuff that goes on behind the scenes in a 3D engine, only part of which is involved in the final render. Calculations in the mesh-buffer, for example, would only need to be done once. So it will not require as much horse-power as everyone thinks to render the same scene twice. It will require power, but not as much as everyone seems to think.

        Second “HD” refers only to the output resolution. Most people think of “HD” as 1920 x 1080 pixels. When a system outputs in HD, then, it must calculate the colour of 2,073,600 pixels every frame. Let’s assume the 3DS has a screen similar to the PSP (480 x 272) since it is a nice screen for it’s size. That means drawing the colour of 130,560 pixels a frame. This means that the 3DS will only require 6% of the power of an HD capable system to draw on the screen and less than 12% to do it in 3D.

        The 3DS will therefore need FAR less horse-power to display the same scene as the Xbox 360, for example. You can see the same effect on a computer. Take a mid-range PC, and play a demanding game on it. If you set the resolution to 800 x 600, the game will run much better than if you set the resolution to 1440 x 900.

        In short, the amount of “Power” required to render a scene on the 3DS will be incredibly lower than it would be to render the same scene on the Xbox 360.

  4. Longtime reader, first time commenter. Interesting article. If the 3DS will have better graphics than the Wii, one has to wonder … why did Nintendo decide NOT to release an HD version of the Wii?

    As much as I love the Wii, I’m somewhat surprised the original Wii didn’t have HD off the bat, or at least built to be “capable” of an HD upgrade at a future date. Sure, cost may have been a factor and HDTVs weren’t “that” common in 2006, but almost everyone has an HD set today. There’s no reason the Wii shouldn’t have HD capability in 2010. Nintendo will look silly to release a portable system that can produce better graphics than their current console system. It just seems backward, no?

    1. Nintendo has replied before that an HD Wii doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t pay another $200+ just to get a Wii with HD graphics.

      They WILL put out an HD console, but only when they feel like they have enough new features.

  5. i’ll believe it when i see it, but if it is true and it’s that close to the HD consoles and more advanced then the Wii shouldn’t Nintendo be getting a new home console ready soon?

    1. I suspect that they’ll at least tease a new console at E3. I’m not saying that I think it’ll be ready by this Christmas, but I’m sure it will be by next Christmas.

  6. Why do people think there’s an “HD version of the Wii” just sitting on a shelf somewhere that Nintendo refuses to release?

    When the time for HD on a Nintendo console comes it will come with an entirely new platform, not just a incremental upgrade to the existing Wii hardware. HD on the current Wii platform would be like installing a NOS system on a steam locomotive.

    As for the 3DS, I wouldn’t be surprised if the visuals do surpass those of Wii. I remember back in 04, people were like “N64 level graphics on a handheld, keep dreaming” before the DS was revealed at that years E3.

    Don’t forget, Nintendo LOVES having powerful hardware to churn out impressive visuals, they just aren’t willing to make the system prohibitively expensive to do so, therefore the DS and Wii were significantly less powerful than their competition.

    1. I don’t think there is an HD version of the Wii waiting to be released. What I should have said was if it surpasses the Wii I think it’s time for a new home console.

      1. Perfectly sensible, as the current console cycle is already well into it’s back-half already.

        I just see a lot of people talking about some imminent re-release of the current gen Wii hardware but with HD taped on as a bonus and it just leaves me thinking “huh? this is totally the opposite of Nintendo’s philosophy with home systems”, so please excuse me for being picky about the issue.

  7. There was a whole article on this in Nintendo magazine (UK) and I actually believe Nintendo are trying to make this work. Nintendo do make significant changes to the gaming industry and have through time: motion control, vibration, handheld portable consoles, stage save etc which now seem like tiny things but I think people forget how radical Nintendo can be. I really hope the 3DS is released and works well.

  8. The very idea that this handheld has better graphics than the Wii is VERY hard to swallow. But talk like that is definitely going to attract buyers. I think the entire “3D is optional” thing is also really going to help; so many people agree that it’s just a fad, so if you fall into that crowd, just turn the 3D off.

  9. i think that nintendo is way out of touch with america and they need to get a real home console out with the next 18 months or i see trouble ahead,3ds better look nice not like a kids toy the gba micro looked great fist ds sucked dsi better but it needs more then 3d for me to buy this zelda or mario launch title im in no matter what. but my wii gets so dusty i turn it on here and there just to see if it still works.hopefully they dont ruin zelda because the last one was boring.

  10. This is incredibly awesome! However, it is also incredibly unbelievable. I know that 3D requires a crap-load of processing power, but what about HD graphics? That takes alot as well, which would be stacked on top of the power needed for 3D. How big is this thing going to be in order to hold all of that power? I “know” that HD graphics on such a small screen would require less processing power than HD graphics on a television, but that’s still a lot of required power, isn’t it?

    I think the power levels described by the article is just a little exaggerated. But, we’ll find out in 10 days, now, won’t we?

  11. “For some reason the words ‘Virtual Boy’ come to mind…”

    We’ll, let’s see Nintendo’s track record, shall we?

    NES (Power Glove) —————–> Wii (Wii Remote)
    Game & Watch (Two Screens) –> DS (Dual Screens)
    Virtual Boy (3D) ———————-> 3DS (3D)?

    I mean, they had good intentions with the Virtual Boy, but they just didn’t have the technology at the time to accomplish what they wanted. Actually, that goes for most of the peripherals Nintendo’s made in the past.

  12. lmfao hahahahahah <;*) good luck on doing that i definitely got to see this thing now an if its true im selling my wii

  13. I doubt that the 3DS is this powerful…would be great.

    …then again, if it is that powerful or even close it might have to thrown into Mordor. 3DS would be the ultimate soul reaping artifact.

  14. theres always the possability they getting confused with the reports of POWER or theres more to it….

    you people are conserned about a handheld with more power than wii DID IT EVER CROSS YOUR MIND IT IS THE NEW Wii i.e a hybrid handheld/console 3DS/POWERwii it could happen

    then theres the fact the devs ment on scale its like a ps3 i.e it has ps3 like graphics wen rendering to a small 4 inch screen 4 inch’s vs 40 inch’s of a hd tv and 480pish res vs 720p to 1080p of a hd tv set PS3 GRAPHICS ARE EASY PEASY AT 4 INCH’S 480P you dont require the same level of power so ign and others stating ps3 power infact got there wires crossed and the devs ment PS3 LIKE GRAPHICS in scale i.e a 4 inch screen

    it makes sewnse if you try breaking it all down into commonsense

    GPU IS RUMORED TO BE JAPANESE SO ITS PROBABLY A DMP SMAPH-S witch can run dualcore all the way up to 24 core its very low heat and power use and can fit on a system on chip handheld design so there might be a dualcore dmp gpu giving great 4 inch screen power or they might be a 24 core gpu that runs cut back in handheld mode and at full power in HD TV OUT CONSOLE MODE

    se what im doing here APPLYING COMMONSENSE TO A PROBLEM

    if it was a hybird i wouldnt be suprised or shocked as thats the console iv always wanted it makes perfect sense

    if it isnt then its going to be a great handheld and a wii 2 so to speak maybe built on the same tech

  15. how can nintendo be out of touch with cough america if wii is the fastest selling console on american soil in history and DS the fastest selling handheld

    add the december all time sales record is wii and second its DS and ps2 old record is now far far behind

    nintendo is out of touch with noone its sony and microsoft that are out of touch with REALITY

    ps3 has lost 6 billion xbox and x360 conbined has lost around 11 billion

    nintendo is most profitable company on earth per employee and is by far the most profitable gaming company on earth

    its you whos out of touch my friend

  16. hi there wow you say nintendo has a whopping 24 core cpu in the 3ds how do they fit such a fast cpu in a ds size cosole my 24 inch imac has a 2 core cpu my hp netbook useinsing a atom 1.6 ghz 1 core cpu with a 16 gb ssd solid stat3 flash drive xbox 360 has a 3 core cpu and ps3 a 7 core cpu soo that means the nintendo 3ds is the fasest console on planet earth at 24 core cpu even the ipad and iphone 4 useing 1 core cpu

  17. DMP gpus go from 1to24 cores and are tiny and low power I WAS 90% RIGHT 3DS has a DMP GPU or maybe 2 of them as patent shows 2 gpus…..

    shigsy in his latest IGN interview said we shall have to see how big a 3DS-XL would need to be to replace a home console ,,his not talking about a TV SIZED 3DS-XL he is clearly hinting at a HYBRID

  18. hi there you are right the gpu pica is runing a full 400 mhz and marvell leaked the cpu useing a 1.2 ghz probaly quad core in the new nintendo 3ds wich means nintendo 3ds would be as power full as some tablets and netbooks oh the bus speed of the 1.2 ghz cpu is a whopping 800 mhz bus speed and netbooks have only 533 mhz bus speed so not only it faster then the wii by 50% also faster then ipad iphone 4 and ipod touch

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