Nintendo DS: Pokemon Black & White Main Quest Only Has New Pokemon

It’s been revealed that the latest Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS, Pokemon Black & White, will only feature new Pokemon throughout the games main quest.

Players will encounter familiar Pokemon, but only once they’ve completed the game. This design choice was created to enable players to be ‘on the same starting line.’

The reason for this design choice, says GameFreak’s Junichi Masuda, is because they want to put kids and adults on the same starting line and give all players the feeling of “What is this Pokemon?”, similar to what they might have experienced when playing the original of all Pokemon games, Pokemon Red & Blue.

Game tester comments:

  • “It’s like playing something completely new, similar to when I played Red & Green”
  • “You don’t even know the type of the Pokemon, so you’re surprised at the skills”
  • “There are only Pokemon that you’ve never seen, so it’s fresh and new”



  1. great decision! i’m glad the componist of the pokemon soundtrack thinks so too. i really hope the games will be better than the last two generations. :)

  2. This is exactly what pokemon needed. I want to feel this surprise all over again without the predictability. I always enjoyed facing new pokemon, but the old ones reoccurring ruined the thrill. As a veteran from Generation 1, I look forward to this/these game(s).

  3. Awesome choice. The comment about “exactly what they needed”, is soo correct. Sure the occassional new pokemon was cool, but now people won’t be relying on old pokemon and skills they’ve used since old red and blue days. Although if they made another pokemon yellow remake, i’d be all in for that, haha. How they also follow suit of HG/SS and possibly use the pokewalker for this game too

  4. This must mean that there are alot of new pokemon to be released, seeing as they don’t need to flesh out the numbers with old ones.

  5. i am happy that online new pokemon will be in the main storyline! gives me a chance to see how everything fits!!!!

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