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Nintendo Wii: Disney’s Epic Mickey Currently Staying Wii Exclusive

Epic Mickey lead designer Warren Spector has reiterated that Disney’s fantastic looking Epic Mickey is staying Wii exclusive, though the development studio could be swayed by Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move.

“Before Move and Kinect I probably would have said no, because the game is built around gesturing. Now, however, there’s no reason technologically why we couldn’t. But that decision is really above my pay grade, ano one’s asked me for a port.”

So although the possibility still does exist (all that’s gotta happen is for someone to as him to do a port), Epic Mickey remains to be Wiixclusive for now. Not that he minds this limitation anyway.

“I’ve been a Nintendo fan, well, not as long as I’ve been a Disney fan, but a long time, and I’ve been pretty open about the fact that the Zelda games are some of my favorite of all time. So, we’re a Wii exclusive and I’m happy about that.”

– Warren Spector


9 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Disney’s Epic Mickey Currently Staying Wii Exclusive”

  1. Hmmm, the first look remembered sonic (?). I think that it is a good Idea to do a mikey’s game. I feel a bit nostalgic only on thinking on it haha.

    It will be great!! =D

  2. The graphics I think will be amazing. It’s been proved that the Wii can produce amazing HD-worthy graphics. If only it had HD output :/ .Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess both have excellent graphic quality. I think Disney can work hard enough to measure up to Nintendo produced games.

  3. Well Disney has showed they can afford amazing graphics with Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days on the DS. So,i hope thisll be just as surprisingly amazing.

    Jerry (i wrote my comment in my name on accident ^^”””’)

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