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Pokemon Black & White 2 Outsells Japanese Top Twenty Combined

Pokemon Black & White 2 has taken the Japanese software charts by storm, as the game easily outsold the entire Japanese top twenty games combined. The Nintendo 3DS continues to be the best-selling hardware in Japan with 68,056 units sold. Sony’s PlayStation Vita sales dropped down to 13,589, compared to last weeks 34,459. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts:

  1. [NDS] Pokemon Black & White 2
  2. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D
  3. [PSV] Persona 4 The Golden
  4. [PSP] Kenka Bancho Bros. Tokyo Battle Royal
  5. [PS3] Tokyo Jungle
  6. [PS3] K-On After School Live!! HD Version
  7. [WII] Mario Party 9
  8. [3DS] Mario Tennis Open
  9. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma
  10. [PS3] Lollipop Chainsaw
  1. Nintendo 3DS: 68,056 (61,793)
  2. PlayStation 3: 15,680 (14,673)
  3. PlayStation Vita: 13,589 (34,459)
  4. PSP: 8,954 (9,740)
  5. Wii: 6,127 (5,963)
  6. Xbox 360: 1,073 (1,084)
  7. PlayStation 2: 1,065 (1,237)
  8. Nintendo DSi: 900 (380)
  9. Nintendo DSi LL: 704 (689)

368 thoughts on “Pokemon Black & White 2 Outsells Japanese Top Twenty Combined”

    1. I know huh. right when the Vita is picking up.. BOOM! smight their asses with Pokemon haha, i guess Vita is going to be dead in a couple months. I cant wait for the Wii U though, ZombiU and NSMBU day one baby. playing some good games :) This is Next Gen beginning right here

      1. I completely agree! except that fact that theirs going to be a bunch of nintendo haters who complain about all the beastly things they’ve done. But then sony and microsoft freaken copy off of nintendo and people start to like there crap it freaken makes me pissed

        1. hope to god the vita isn’t dead in a few months dispite what most of the world thinks the vita has a lot of potential. plus i’m getting one in a month or two. and don’t want that 250 dollars be for not.

          1. I was just joking about that. Vita is obviously a good piece of Hardware. It just need more games, thats all. and it will pick up again once Square or Atlus put more good RPG’s on it.

  1. Oh look, Aelous, the VITA’s sales went back down. That just proves that, until a good slew of good games, it’s sales aren’t going to be as CONSISTENTLY high as it was when Persona 4 came out. Again, the fact that you keep talking about how it’s going to blow the 3DS out of the water and the 3DS is going to fail and crap like that is freaking hilarious. Listen, NEITHER handheld is going to fail, they had/have a rough start but that’s it.

    1. Its because people thought the game was PlayStation Vita…
      Oh…Wait… I ain’t Aelous.
      Its because the Pokemon series always have been the best game!

    2. I must admit I had a wry smile on my face when I saw the Vita was back at 13k.

      I take no pleasure in seeing it struggle and would actually love to see it do well, but it’s proof that guy doesn’t know anywhere near as much as he likes to tell everyone he does.

      1. ^ this
        I actually have no hatred for Sony, i own all their home consoles, their portables have always been lacking though. Plus knocking that dumbass prick down a few pegs is good to me

        1. its their fault, they didn’t make news, any major news except for another shitty cod for Vita last E3. They focused on their home console.

    3. Stop trying to damage control, it’s really sad and fanboyish *which you are anyway*. I’m willing to bet Persona 4 also sold more copies than last week as well.

      The 3DS is still utter shit compared to the Vita’s superior library of true games. How ironic last gen games sell better than all the other crap that device has came out with in a few days.

      Also, you (or some other fanboy) claimed this game would shift 3DS figures. Uhm, they’re nearly identical as last week’s. 154 million DS owners, 17 million 3DS owners; do the math.

        1. What superior library? I go through this time and time again and actually prove it’s quite the opposite. 3DS has quantity, not quality.

            1. Kid Icarus is the only one you get.

              Mario 3D land sucks and plays like NSMB with a camera shift. The game has horrid level design and it’s horrifically easy and casual-centric. In fact, it actually manages to be worse than pretty much every 3D Mario.

              Mario Kart is a downgrade from the DS entry and they managed to make the only hardcore aspect for it *snaking* reduced to utter nothing to have casual crap players turning online into a total game of luck.

              SSFIV is a watered down port with touch screen ultras and combos.

              Metal Gear has a superior Vita version with 3 other titles in HD graphics and better controls

              Starfox is once again, a port that can be beaten in an hour.

              Zelda is once again, a port of a game I’ve played through many incarnations.

              So, this is the best you can do?

                1. Gravity Rush
                  Persona 4 The Golden
                  Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
                  Wipeout 2048 (HD+Fury)
                  Mortal Kombat/Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
                  Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention
                  Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend.
                  Super Stardust Delta

                  There, I listed some available titles that genre for genre can crush the 3DS under their superior, core gamer might.

                  whats funnier is during the same time frame the 3DS was unable to touch any of these titles; gee I wonder why.

                    1. Obvious Nintendo fanboy response, real gamers will thoroughly disagree with you and pick the Vita list over rehash, rehash and more Mario rehash.

                      1. Ha good one. Him complaining about 3ds ports, oh snap the vita is nothing but that for the most part!

                      2. Where’s the PS3 version of Golden Abyss?

                        Where’s Persona 4?

                        Where’s Wipeout 2048?

                        Where’s Gravity Rush?

                        Yeah, there’s Mortal Kombat, but where’s the exclusive 150+ additional challenge tower missions and other content I can’t get elsewhere?

                        Where’s Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend?

                        Yes, MGS HD Collection, but where’s the remastered Metal Gear 1 & 2?

                        Where’s Super Stardust Delta?

                        Oh, guess you can’t actually get them all after all, too bad.

                    2. Pfft, that’s all? Most of them are ports. Uncharted GA, Wipeout, and Super Stardust are just downgraded versions of the consoles ones. The only good one is Gravity Rush.

                      1. You can play both metal gear 1&2 on metal gear solid 3 in the ps3 remake you sad fool.

                        The 3ds is a handheld console, the games are reasonably ‘pick up and play’, not so complicated, hence the ease of 3d land.

                        Now a quick fire question for you Aeolus, if 3ds games are so crap, why do they have a better aggregate than psvitas line up?
                        By this I mean, why does both mario kart and 3d land, have better critical ratings than uncharted?

                2. Still good games, they have been ported because the Rock, compared to what in the PS vita? Persona 4 and what other games? Not even Japan wants the Vita. That is just sad as it is a good piece of hardware, but lacks software to stay in the competition.


                3. Im a Nintendo fan but i really agree with your criticisms of these games. At least u didnt bash Kid Icarus Uprising :)

                4. Mario is and always have been easy dumbass.
                  3D Land has horrid level design in your perspective, but not everyone else’s.
                  Mario Kart 7 is a ”downgrade” from Mario Kart DS? LMAO, that’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Again, this little Sony fanboy, is just worshipping Sony by saying ”Nintendo sucks.” Pathetic. So you’re just saying shit because the Vita is powerful, can handle ports and some other stupidity? Who gives a fuck about the console’s power? It’s a handheld, the Vita doesn’t have any good games except for LittleBigPlanet Vita, UMVC3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Rayman Origins, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, the Gravity game, Bioshock or whatever.

                5. What about Monster Hunter? Or Tales Of The Abyss, or some promisin titles like Luigi’s Mansion and Kingdom Hearts? But you are right about Vita havin some core games. They just need to advertise better

                6. look retard just because you hated it doesnt mean the whole world hates it. the vita has no dominant games like the 3ds does. the 3ds has mario zelda pokemon and a bunch more. The vita is a powerful system but doesn’t have any good games at all.

                1. It does but, at this very moment, none of them are worth picking up if you own something such as a PS3 and, seeing as the PS3 has a huge library, it makes more sense to get a PS3. BUT it will eventually build up a great library, just as the PSP did. The DS and PSP started off slow and then exploded with tons of great games, the same will happen with the VITA and the 3DS.

            2. Did someone not fucking hug you enough as a child, you ignorant fuck? Go troll my sony news, you waste of bandwidth. Or, better yet, GO. FUCKING. DIE. No one likes you here. Go find real friends. Go get a GOD DAMN LIFE. Oh, and lest we forget, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

        2. It wasnt going to have a massive shift like the others because its not a 3DS game, if it was, it would be a different story

            1. Yes it would, because the DS sales sky rocketed when Diamond and Pearl was released, along with Black and White. Pokemon is big enough to sell a console, its happened about 4-5 times. If this was a 3DS game, the overall software sales wouldve been less, but the 3DS sales wouldve been ALOT higher. Dont try to understand a market that you dont even have the decency to accept as a “real gaming device”, your not a gamer, youre a fucking poser graphics whore, who probably thinks all these “mature” titles will make up for your hilariously under sized cock

              1. It is irrelevant, stop making an idiot of yourself. I don’t want to hear examples or theories or junk or “what if” replies. It did not fucking happen; period. It’s nothing but excuses.

                1. It didnt happen? I personally bought next handheld for friends did as well. You have no fucking idea how big pokemon is, it has its own tv show, and im not even talking about the anime! Pokemonis monterously huge, it sells consoles.and clearly people thought the DS was pretty good seeing as its a 2nd most sold gaming device, EVER. And its a handheld.Shut the fuck up, with your stubborn ideas on how the gaming market works, youre fucking clueless

                  1. one thing you could have said to the dude that your yelling at is that pokemon at one point was the most sold game ever. the game was pokemon red.

                2. If Nintendo and Game Freak ever made and released a PokemonMmo, or full 3D RPG game for its consoles,you would not be able to fathom the about of sales and console sales that would make, you have no idea.

                3. Oh my, watch out we got a badass over here!
                  Btw, b/w 2 sold more than the playstation vita’s whole software library. Got an excuse for how terrible that is?

                  1. Using software as a sales comparison is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen in my life.

                    a new CoD outsells every Pokemon version at launch per release, yeah I can type stupidity too and try to brag about it. Because it’s that kind of stupid you basically typed out.

                    Sales do not equate to quality, and Pokemon is the same game every game. Persona 4 is a better game and a true quality RPG.

                        1. >Persona 4 is a fucking Xenoblade wannabe


                        2. Pokemon gets better and better… Pokemon has a very nice game play value… i already got over 200 hours on my soul silver 280 hours on my black 90 hours… pokemon is awesome
                          pokemon rules… on my emerald and 180 on my pearl and the others i don’t know… but i think they get better and better every gen

                          1. that’s it? i invested over 600 hours in a single sapphire file, as inferior as it may be.
                            but yes, they do get better every gen

                        3. how is useing software sales a stupid thing. how else are going to compare? people like pokemon more then persona 4 that clearly means that pokemon is better.

            2. Library of true games? DAFUCK!? WHERE I LIVE THE VITA ON HAS 8 GAMES!!!! That dosen’t seem like a library to me

              1. >Whatthefuckever Bobby. Get off Amir’s junk!
                Who the hell said I was on his junk? Persona 4 came out as a PS2 game and is completely different than Xenoblade. I mean really, next are you going to tell me that the Shin Megami Tensei games are the same as Pokemon? Get real.

                1. You sir, are a saint in the valiant fight against blind fanboys. Your method is a pacifict reach that is more morally accepted than my disruptive trolling reach to bring out their true colors. Kudos to you, and God bless.

                    1. I did. On something called PS2! Yet another port for Vita. The game sucked on PS2 and it sucks on the Vita.

                      1. Because you suck dick at RPG’s and don’t know how to appreciate a good game. Don’t talk shit because it isn’t your taste.

                  1. Likewise with the 3DS. When I got my 3DS on launch, there were no good games. They didn’t come until well after launch. Now there are a good handful of quality games on the 3DS.

                    The Vita is still within its launch period of 4 months. So stop trolling systems and enjoy games regardless of what system they are on.

                    Fanboyism is not attractive in a personality.

                    1. I’m trolling in a Nintendo site? No, no, no… You’re confusing trolling with defending. Aelous (or whatever the hell his fucking name is) is what you call a troll. Why would a Sony fanboy go to a Nintendo site? If he dislikes Nintendo products; then why the hell is he here? Only reason I can think of is trolling. Anyone not expecting to get some rage comments from Nintendo fanboys in a Nintendo related website is a dumbass.

                      Anyway, the PS Vita has been out for 7 months and this “within its launch period” is already bullshit. Whatever happened to the “great launch titles?” Even with those “great launch titles,” it should have buried the 3DS’ sale, but what happened? I’m not being a fanboy here, but these claims of Vita making the 3DS obsolete are already disproven and its getting ridiculous how these fanboys keeps their confirmation bias on, even when they’re already disproven.

              1. The reply was meant to Aeolus, or whatever the little sony fanboy is called. I don’t hate Sony, but I dislike fanboys raging over Nintendo.

            3. Dear Aeolus,

              Don’t be a sore loser. You know that if you do that, then you’ll get a flash flood of hate comments towards you. You’ll save yourself some trouble. Just grin and bear it, ok? But since you enticed me to, I’ll humor you for now.

              Using statistics, you can see that the sales of the Vita dropped by about 60.6% (this week/last week gives you about 39.4%, so there’s a drop) less than last week, while the 3ds sold 10.1% more than last week (this week/last week gives you 110.1%, which is an increase).

              -60.6% vs. 10.1%
              PSVita vs. 3ds

              Notice something, don’t you? :-)

              And like TonyHarrison said in a reply to your post, Persona sold less this week than last week. You need to check your facts beforehand, ok? You don’t want to lose bets like that all the time.

              So what if the 3ds didn’t increase by much. It has a healthy number of units sold per week. Sometimes, a constant sales figure is all that is needed.

              Now, shall we look at the comparison of the units?

              17 million 3ds units vs. 154 million DS units.
              ~15 months vs. ~91 months
              1 model (soon 2) vs. 4 models

              Number of Main Series (ones where you battle gyms, defeat Elite 4’s, breed, etc.) Pokemon Games on DS: 9
              Number of Main Series Pokemon Games on 3ds: 0 (Pokemon Rumble Blast is a spin-off).

              Notice something, don’t you? :-D

              Next, the prices of the gaming systems:

              3ds: $169.99
              Vita: $249.99
              Delta of Prices: $80

              Effectively, one could buy a 3ds and get 2 3ds games for the same price of just buying a Vita without any games. And it doesn’t seem like Sony is going to lower the price for a while. It looks like a repeat of the DS vs. PSP once again for sales figures.

              Price of games (3ds and Vita): $40.
              Price of Pokemon Black 2/White 2: $35.
              Slightly less, but still, there is a difference.

              People are naturally INCLINED to purchase something that costs less unless if there is something that truly entices them. That’s standard psychology. Have you heard about the path of least resistance?

              In addition, Nintendo is smart enough to know what sells well and what doesn’t. They managed to create cash cow franchises like Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros that sell like hotcakes almost every time. Plus, they usually make games that stay true to the quality of the series and of the current market.

              The library of games that the 3ds is getting stronger over time. Kid Icarus is a wonderful addition to the library. Plus, we’ll be getting Kingdom Hearts 3D, which will entice more people to buy a 3ds.

              Tell me what library of good games the Vita has for me, ok? Be sure to explain why each one is juicy and hunger-sating, alright? And explain to me how the Vita will blow the competition away.

              I’ll give you one chance. Make a cohesive argument without any holes, alright?


              The One Who Wrote This


                1. The One Who Wrote This

                  Logic in a large wall of text is a way to make people stop with rapid one-two punches of opinionated comments. ;)

                  Unless if someone did a tl;dr, which then it shows that they lack motivation to read the opposing debater’s side, which is not mature in my eyes.

            4. This is just like last year with the price drop, the 3ds XML just got announced and will be launching soon, new buyers are probably holding off to then and just playing on their standard ds at the moment

            5. wow you talk about them damage controlling when your fucking doing the same thing people are fucking hippocrates!

                1. NeoGAF wouldn’t stand for his racist homophobia, so either he doesn’t actually post there, or he doesn’t post there in the same style. Which would mean he’s coming here to deliberately cause trouble knowing full well that he can’t over on GAF.

            1. The One Who Wrote This

              He’s not. He’s persecuted because of HOW he’s conveying it. You’re not supposed to use hate, name-calling, and swearing as a way to convey an opinion. I respect other’s opinions. I just don’t like hate messages.

            2. Dude I respect other peoples opinions, but what he usually (I said usually not all the time) spews are extremely biased fanboy facts, racist comments (first time i’ve seen him say that kind of stuff though), homophobic comments, or he just cusses out anybody who disagrees with him. Also, he apparently extremely hates Nintendo, with all his negative comments about them, yet he still comes on a site dedicated to Nintendo just to troll everybody and get them riled up with racist, biased, and usually uncalled for comments, so believe me he is not being persecuted for having a different oppinion.

              1. from what i have mostly seen, it seems he does that stuff out of self-defense because other people do the exact same stuff to him. not a very good self-defense if you ask me

                1. You must be pretty new to this site then because all he does is bash Nintendo and praise Sony, I have never seen him say one good thing about Nintendo.

        3. The 3DS XL announcement should have had a negative impact on 3DS sales, yet it increased with the help of Pokemon. It’ll drop down from now on though, and then explode again when the XL is released.

          1. These sales are barely different from last weeks. That actually helped next to nothing since virtually everybody there has a DS to begin with.

            1. Sales go down when new models/price cuts get announced in advance. This is the way of the world for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

              Without Pokemon, the 3DS probably would have only hit about 30-40k.

              1. You don’t know that. It’d probably still be about 50-60k. This is a DS game, it’s almost pointless to go right ahead and buy a 3DS if you already own a handheld that could play this title with barely any issues. Unless they think the DSi enhancements make it all the more worth it.

                1. I do know that. It’s called analysing past trends. Which is what sales analysts do.

                  As an example, the week before the 3DS price cut was announced, it was selling in the 30-40k range. In the week of the price cut, sales stalled and it only hit 15k, The following week it hit 3k. And then the price cut came into effect, and sales shot up.

                  This is what happens when new models/price cuts get announced weeks in advance. The same thing happened to the PS3 when Sony announced the PS3 Slim in 2009.

                2. i agree… ds sold over 150 million units.. people who love pokemon already bought a ds for pearl diamond platinum soulsilver heartgold black and white so they do not need a 3ds…… i love the dsi enhancements!… now i can play online (i got a wpa2 key)…

            2. Coming from the person whose vita sales went down, compared to 3ds going up once again. Oh look, surprise, nintendo is kicking sony’s ass at handhelds!

        4. Would love to see what bullshit Aeolus cones up with against this. I mean look, the Wii sold more unit that a 360. Thats hilarious.

            1. Probably because they know its a piece of shit, point im making is you made the Wii sound like dirt, when it clearly isnt, if it can still out sell the 360

              1. It’s a “piece of shit?” LOL, is that why it has the most thriving online community and library of games this gen compared to the shitty Wii? Is that why they continue to fly off shelves for CORE gamers? Japan is biased, they will always go to Japanese companies before western ones. Even the iPhone isn’t nearly as popular there compared to everywhere else worldwide.

                Nice try though, the Wii is dirt, that’s why Nintendo killed it off early once the fad died and people stopped caring.

                1. Nintendo did kill it off, although its still selling, because they knew they needed an update.
                  If the Wii was on par with the 360 and ps3, it wouldve DESTROYED the market.
                  Massive libary of games? Yeah, i can bet mos of those a multiplat, mediocre exclusives, and giant piles of crap. Quantity over quality, isnt that what you said earlier?

                  1. Wii isn’t selling anything noteworthy in any territory. you get your couple thousand figures due to the latest in parent control games for kids or new users wanting to snatch one up for cheap now *isn’t it like $150?*

                    I never said quantity over quality; proof that you read nothing whatsoever.

                    And again, you come up with these” what if scenarios”. This is one of the shittiest forms of arguing, I could come up with a ton of “what if scenarios” too, they mean nothing because it. did. not. happen.

                    Are you upadwatcher? You’re just as stupid as him.

                      1. So you conveniently show up once you’re mentioned to reply to this?

                        Nice blowing your cover, you little bitch.

                          1. LOL.
                            Let’s see, most of the Xbox fans play shitty CoD. Whee! I’m going to shoot you! Lmao Aeolus, Who’s the little bitch? You? Or me? Wait, it wasn’t me, sorry!

                      2. Theres no what ifs with Nintendo.
                        People should have learned by now, not to pre-judge Nintendo.
                        Remember when everyone was saying the DS is a gimmick, look how that turned out, same with the Wii. MS and Sony are shitting their pants about the WiiU. Because now it has the ability to do what they did, as well as what nintendo did, and much more.

                        1. But the DS is still just a gimmick and the fact of the matter is 80% of the games are nothing more than silly map usage or unnecessary touch based responses. If it wasn’t a gimmick, you’d see dual screen gaming a hell of a lot more from third parties.

                          Wii also is, yet again, just a gimmick. Motion controls have neither revolutionized gameplay nor became standard. The only thing motion related to seemingly stick were accelerometers and gyroscopes, not silly pointing devices or right stick replacement controls.

                            1. Every DS game I have is either fucking map or a useless second screen. Don’t tell me what I own or don’t own you stupid, filthy shithole.

                          1. “nothing more than silly map usage or unnecessary touch based responses”…hmm interesting theory. *cough*smartglass*cough*.

                          2. Didn’t seem to stop Sony from releasing their own “silly pointing devices or right stick replacement controls.” Stupid ass fanboy who ignores little facts that will contradict his own fanboyish responses. (now time to wait for another “Sony is the best” comment).

                      3. You said quantity over quality retarded sony fanboy.
                        “What superior library? I go through this time and time again and actually prove it’s quite the
                        opposite. 3DS has quantity, not quality.”

                        1. Do you FUCKING READ?

                          I specifically IMPLIED with that statement that the 3DS ONLY has a quantity of games over the Vita, not quality, you STUPID FUCKING DIPSHIT.

                          1. Did you FUCKING READ:
                            “I never said quantity over quality; proof that you read nothing whatsoever.”
                            You said that you STUPID FUCKING DIPSHIT.
                            My point is right.
                            You narrown minded sony fagboy

                            1. Wow. What an imaginative comeback. (Slow clap)

                              You know what, you should try something called a ‘logical response’ sometime in the future.

                      4. Because i’m gonna go buy wii games now when the last good one was already released and the wii u is coming…

                    1. Sony also isn’t very “well liked” in Japan either, but they’ll still take them over Microsoft. I know that for a fact.

                      Western companies are almost always skipped over in that country.

                      1. Sony isnt liked in Japan? Right, get your stupid pro-Western ass out of here. You are the biggest indenial, graphics whore, poser asshole, gaming retard i have ever seen in my life.

                        1. If you knew shit about Japan, you’d know this. There’s all sorts of things that can prove it, but you just want to talk shit behind your monitor because your scrawny ass would be sent to in a stretcher otherwise.

                          Also, “indenial” isn’t even a word, and your grammar sucks donkey cocks.

                          1. If you knew shit, you would know that Japan would like sony since that’s where sony is from, but then again i said IF

                          2. “…but you just want to talk shit behind your monitor because your scrawny ass would be sent to in a stretcher otherwise.”

                            How does this not apply to you?

                  2. >Japan is biased

                    i could say the exact same thing about YOU, you fucking damage Controlling Sony Fanbitch.

                    i reported you too sckr, i asked him to keep a eye on you so you can behave instead of acting like a child…… since me and him both know your Amir Motherfucking Stuart.

                    if you fuck up↓

                    Your IP = Banned from this Website.

                    1. America is the most biased place in the gaming market, riding Microsoft cock because its an ‘Merican company.

                    2. oh my, look what happens when the little whore gets told up and has no comeback! Let’s turn to mom jokes cuz that’s all you got!


                    4. What? Nothing to Say?

                      Just Childish insults that i laugh at?

                      Oh please Trollmir, Just Abandon the Thread already you little Fuck.

                      Your getting showed up.

                        1. Uh oh we are just getting started and he’s already bringing out the spellcheck. He’s getting pretty desperate. Fucking loser.

                    5. Whats wrong Aeolus?! Got nothing to fucking say? You can trash Nintendo all you fucking like, but as soon as you call someone a fucking Spic, youre dead, youre a pathetic example of a human being.

                      1. Im

                        1. An embarrassment to the language? The language is a way of communicating what you think, you idiot. Nothing else, just a method of communication.

                      2. Not only you’re a fucking hypocrite, but also a racist piece of shit. If you were in my neighborhood, I would put my black foot all the way up your racist ass!

                      3. Oh LORD! this absolutely Hilarious!

                        Seeing You Have Nothing To Say at your most Ass-hurt Peak is just Splendid.

                        ip=banned. find a new website Amir.

                        1. My IP can be changed with the click of my modem’s button. I’m not going anywhere no matter what method you try to use. ;P

                          1. Ok so you just admitted that your name is Amir, hey douchbag you really must have no life, to be bragging that you will be back under a new username.

                    6. I dont even know why he’s on this site in the first place, dont you have like a sony site to go on to and talk and praise sony all you want to, why waste time here?? this site is for nitendo fans and nintendo fans only..

                  3. NES – 1985
                    SNES – 1990
                    N64 – 1996
                    Gamecube – 2001
                    Wii – 2006
                    Wii U – 2013

                    If they “killed it off early”, why does it have the longest run? The other consoles were released 5 to 6 years apart. Wii U is after 7 years of the “fad” filled Wii.

                    I’m not knocking Sony or Microsoft. They both have good games and despite what you say, Nintendo does too. You are a fanboy just as much as anyone else here or any forum of any kind. You’re just a fanboy of Sony or Microsoft or Colecovision. I don’t care. All you are doing here is being a troll for the sake of of being a troll. Go be a fanboy on a forum of something you like because you aren’t going to change people’s mind just by pulling your dick out and shoving it in people’s faces all the time. Try adulthood. And math. And fact searching. And not being a dickish troll. And playing a PS3 or XBOX or Intellivision game. It might improve your mood.

                    1. They killed it off early by this generation’s standards. The console has next to no quality support left whatsoever and not even your fandrone arse can prove otherwise.

                      The Wii sucks, and the obvious buyer’s remorse is evident when they get jealous that PS3/PC/360 have of all the real games while it’s left with Dog Football and Wii Music.

                      1. Yeah, the wii buyers are also jealous of that, what, 30 million more copies sold than both the 360 and PS3. Oh wait, i think you’re the jealous one here

                              1. How you managed to interpret that from what you said is beyond me, but yeah sure. They’re total shit. Based on what you’re implying now.

                                Or, maybe they were legitimately great devices that managed to have the core market in the palm of their hands rather than getting cheap sales margins with a fad for the casual market.

                                1. @ Aeolus It’s not Nintendos fault that most third party companies were to stupid to fully utilize the Wii for some great games. I mean look at games like Monster Hunter Tri, The Conduit 1+2, Resident Evil 4,Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, Goldeneye 007, The Metroids, Zeldas, etc they show what the wii can do Online wise, Graphic wise, and Control wise. The companies should have used those games as templates for their games.

                          1. Who says what those standards are that dictate how long a generation is? Is it until Sony and Microsoft say so? Why is this generation longer than the others?

                            Buyers remorse makes no sense. The wii has outsold the other three systems. How do that many people have buyers remorse. Xenoblade Chronicles, No More Heroes 2, Muramasa, Goldeneye. The games are there. You just choose to ignore them.

                            I’m going to assume that the lack of response to my troll comment means your cool with you insecurities.

                            1. If the Wii was doing as well as sales suggested, why is there next to no actual third party support and why are only the casual titles the ones being sold over the “core” games?

                              Wii Fit sold 43 million units. I wonder who bought those and legitimately still uses their console for anything but that and Netflix…

                              hint: not many.

                              1. Let me fix that for you: “The sales suggest the Wii is doing well.” High numbers equal system doing well.

                          2. This generation does not have any standards, so fuck off. I mean look at all the DLC packs announced before a game is released and then released for between 5-15 bucks a peice, then look at all these stupid fanboys who only care about graphics and come on sites like My Nintendo News just to spread biased fanboy facts and cuss out all who dont agree with you because you are a pitiful sad excuse for these so called “hardcore crowd” that you like to always talk about.

                      2. How can you call Japan biased when most of the western world is biased? How many Japanese devs have localized their games over there because they sell great? Why is monster hunter, a great game sell great in Japan but no where else? Same with dragon quest etc The Nintendo fans put a big fight just to get xenoblades, last story and pandoras tower to be released in the US.

                        So don’t go calling another part of the world biased when most of the western worlds game preference at least with this gen has all been shooters/CoD

                      3. Japan may be biased, but at least they are not fat reality watching trendhoppers like Most (and I said most not all) Americans.

              2. The game sold 1,5 million in copies in two days. Which is bad compared to black and white. I think it sold 2,5 million copies in 2 days.

                1. It is a sequel though. The first next new Gen titles always sell more than the Crystal/Emerald/Platinum series

                  1. Yes i know but it still isn’t as great as the 1st ones but it is still doing great… i am getting both since I: “Gotta catch’em all!”

                    1. I didnt expect it to tbh, B/W was a massive improvement, and besides being a sequel its hasnt got as many inprovement, compared to the GBA series to the DS series

              3. Hey Sickr I bet a awesome guy like you plays awesome games…
                Do you play Pokemon?
                At least you make awesome sites!

              4. My oh my… the tides have turned. The PS Vitanic have went from #2… and now sunk all the way down to #3.

                The Pokemon franchise is on top of the list in Japan!!!! I wonder how many copies have sold in Japan?

              5. I love how aelous wastes so much time trying to prove how good his sony is, yet all he does is making us laugh.

                1. It makes me wonder why he keeps coming back here. I smell conspiracy. I have a theory that he is just trolling the fanboys and get them in rage; otherwise, he wouldn’t keep coming back here.

                  1. Either thanmt or he feels threatened that WiiU will knock him precious graphics whore ass out of the park.
                    If you see this Aeolus, bit a history lesson, N64 was 64-bit console. Ps1 was a 32-bit. Graphics mean nothing.

                2. Yup. He tries so hard, its funny. I really thought most people here would know better than to respond to anything that klan member types. The proud rascist THINKS that he speaks for the hardcore gamers (People who play all kinds of video games) when in fact he speaks for the so-called “Hardcore” gamers. (Angry graphic and violence whores) Should we care so much about what one little person says?

                        1. Look at his name idiot…. And you actually have the decency to check back and reply to him. You are an ugly fat pig…

                3. You know why? Because if you add the letter J and swap a few letters around you get the word “jealous”

              6. I love how Aeolus always come here with his stupid comments like this:

                Aeolus on June 8, 2012 at 2:06 am said:

                Sales are irrelevant to gamers, only fanboys care about sales since they worship their companies and feed them money. Just like Apple fanboys.

                Also how was any Playstation dead?

                PS1 sold 3x the amount of N64 and had far better third party support.
                PS2 same thing, in fact PS2 fucking murdered the Gamecube. 21 million units vs 154 million…Gee talk about a curb stomping.
                PS3, if Sony didn’t put so much effort into Cell and just do a normal multicore processor like a 360 and launched it at a better pricepoint, it would have probably raped the Wii as well. 65 million units vs 94 million…not even that huge of a gap as previous consoles did last generations.
                Lastly, the PSP which is only just under a double the sales gap against the DS, and in Nintendo’s best market….yeah…Playstation’s dead alright…not.

                Don’t even try to use the Vita as an example when it still retails at it’s pricepoint, 3 months old and is at 2 million+ atm.

                In short, you got curb stomped by facts.

                He first said
                “only fanboys care about sales”

                And then he said
                “PS1 sold 3x the amount of N64 and had far better third party support.
                PS2 same thing, in fact PS2 fucking murdered the Gamecube. 21 million units vs 154 million”

                He is a retard.

                1. I like how you tried to skew what I said into your own little assumption like a desperate bitch.

                  You knew very well what that reply was talking about. Nice try, though.

                2. He’s a Cock sucking Sonyfanboy, He Spends his Whole Life On The internet Trolling Nintendo Websites, Pages, Forums etc…

                  With his hypocritical Comments and bias opinions.

                  For Example: He Knows The Vita Is Selling Like Shit, He Also Knows it’s Library is Complete Shit at the moment, He knows the the 3DS is a better Handheld overall at the moment…. but you know what he Does? He Denys all of this. He already Got Banned From the Facebook page of this Website and he’s about to get banned from the website also.

                  one thing i find hilarious, he acts as if he’s in the PC master Race.


                3. It’s ridiculous how he holds on to his delusions and one has to cringe due to him trying to sustain his cognitive dissonance.

                  1. I’m willing to bet that you don’t have the slightest clue what the last words in your sentence even mean or when it’s appropriate to use them.

                      1. For god sake man, if you hate Nintendo so much, well stop following Nintendo-related website and trolling us, OK?!?

              7. The difference between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft is this….
                Sony and Microsoft are constantly in a competative state. Gotta have the best of the best and who gives a shit what the fans want. Our system will be better than yours and if our last gen buyers don’t like it then tough shit.
                Nintendo caters to the ones who have followed them for 25 years and also to their children. That is smart buisness.

                1. Nintendo caters to the ones who folloed them for 25 years.

                  Is that why none of you got what you wanted at this E3? Where was the HD HarDore Metroid™ experience? Where was the further Zelda info *I know it won’t come for years, but just saying*, Where was the Starfox revival? Where was the PROPER 3D Mario?

                  Why do you guys have to beg Nintendo for games to get localized?

                  Why does Nintendo tell you what you need and why you need it, rather than the other way around?

                  1. I got a lot of great games at E3 like Pikmin 3 and ZombiU and Rayman Legends and Project P-100 and NSMBU and AC3 etc not sure why you think we didnt get what we wanted… And the Metroid game is in development same with Zelda and all the other big franchises twentwent over thet

                    1. That is not nearly enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if ZombiU or Rayman are only timed exclusives either.

                      1. They were only showing us some of the launch titles and even said after that there are still more launch titles to be announced.. This E3 was not about the Future of big Franchises like Zelda and Metroid…

                        1. They need to start announcing them then, because as far as i’m concerned, the device has no visible system sellers. Pikmin 3 is okay, but I’m not forking over $300-350+ for that.

                          1. it need more games… very true… i would pay 350+ for pikmin 3 … just like you i think its okay… but believe me it will get games… at least 1st party… i hope it wont suck in 3rd party like the wii did

                  2. To be honest, this guy was a bit right there. We should not beg Nintendo to localize games like Xenoblade.

                    1. But, unfortunately, that wasn’t up to Nintendo of Japan. That was up to Nintendo of America and, as well all know, Nintendo of America is shit when it comes to localizing great games like Xenoblade Chronicles.

                    2. They KNEW Xenoblade was great, there is honestly no excuse for not localizing it from the start. Or did they not have confidence in whether or not it would take off?

                      The same goes for those other two games, this gen was starving of must-have JRPGs and they were spiraling in circles with those games temporarily trapped there, had it not have been for their FANS.

                      You know who could turn Nintendo around? THE FANS.

                      Stop gobbling up their rush job cash in titles, and START convincing them to put more effort into one of few great old IPs left in the industry.

                      1. They knew Xenoblade was great, it’s the American people that don’t. The JRPG has a long history of never doing too well in America, so NoA shouldn’t have expected anything different from Xenoblade.

                        1. I still don’t believe in not localizing games based on a gut check of how it would perform in the U.S. There is a market for those games, and I highly doubt they have much to lose in just trying to cater to that. The console is already region locked, so you have to either mod it, or deal with, because there’s just no feasible way to play without ponying up the cash.

                      2. I can truly say I agree with you on this part, but I can also honostly say I dont gobble up rush job cash in titles (other then Wii Play since it came with a free Wii Remote lol.)

                    3. Nice Try Amir, Stop Trying Agreeing to your Self.

                      You Sound fucking Retarded.

                      No one thinks your right.

                  3. Dumbass racist.
                    We know these titles are coming, because they always do, and we know they take time, and considering the quality, we’re fine with waiting.
                    Nintendo only needs 1 Smash Bros a system, why? Because they’re massive well made games, overseen by a perfectionist.
                    But in the end, your opinion doesnt matter, because you’re a fucking racist

                2. I’ll give you that Microsoft usually goes with industry trends – but Sony and Nintendo both are pretty good about listening to the consumers and giving them games they want to play.

                1. I heard bought this, duno if id buy existing titles i have on my Wii anyway, but id download GC titles, would be awesome playing it on the small screen and tv

              8. Whats more sad is that in just 2 days Pokemon B&W2 managed to outsell the ENTIRE Vita Library in Japan which has been out since December

                      1. People like you are the most useless things on the planet. Even shit has a purpose.
                        People like you are the reason society is so dumb, and ignorant, and how gay people can’t be married but some celebrity tv slut can, just to be divorced 2 weeks later.
                        People like you are made examples of all the time, in the present and the past, and everyone else looks back in embarressment that this is what humanity is partly made up of.
                        And from a gaming perspective, people like you, narrow simple minded creatures like you, have made gaming this pathetic arms race on who can have the better. NOBODY. GIVES. A. FUCK.
                        It’s just you and you’re little army of illiterate morons, who are so stupid, that game developers have gotten lazy because they know they can make this mindless 1 year production games, and people will buy them, and funnily enough, THATS THE DEFINITION OF SHOVELWARE. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT.

              9. Alright folks, perhaps it’s time to stop feeding the trolls. I did it and now I feel dirty. Let them go back to their XBOXs and their Playstations and their Mountain Dew and their CoD and their games that are virtually for racial slurs. So, please stop replying to Areola.

                  1. The ones on here do. Plus that Aeolus guy is a racist homophobe. Bet you feel silly for defending his opinion now.

                    1. I’m not defending anyone. Simply replying to a statement that was made which implied that only there are only trolls on systems other than Nintendo.


                      1. My statement is specific to this site and these trolls. I’ve said it before. Every genre of every medium is going to have it’s fanboys and in turn will have its trolls as this site does. I never said Nintendo was free of them, but the ones here are clearly not pro-Nintendo trolls.

                        1. Do you know what was bad? The ps1 controller without analog and rumble, which they stole from nintendo, along with the dpad, wireless, motion control and now xbox will 2 screen gaming.

              10. Persona 4 is a Xenoblade ripoff? You fucking moron, whilst I agree about what has been said about Aelous, you should brush up before saying shit like that. Persona 4 was released on the PS2.

              11. what the fuck is the wii u you fucking cunts? is it a mother fucking new controller with a screen for original fucking wii? how the fucking hell does it upscale the bastarding games into fucking hd? you crack whores.

                1. “what the fuck is the wii u you fucking cunts?” aww look guys hes mad that hes not popular anymore lol.

              12. Can there be some sort of reporting system for users/posts implemented here? Maybe like how youtube hides comments if they get enough thumbs down? I really like this site, but the comment sections are ridiculous. Hardly anything said on this page is about the actual article, it’s mostly haters and trolls exchanging insults :(

                I’m glad the pokemon franchise is doing so well. I want it to still be around for future generations (of people) so I can convince my children and grandchildren to play it and have an excuse to keep playing it myself when I’m old.

                1. ^
                  The ability to mark as spam or when a comment gets enough negative votes it just goes away would be VERY useful. The comments section is just filled with fanboy wars and trolls nowadays.

                  1. Dude he was just making a joke, people say this every time Nintendo has a little trouble with their systems, etc, while they are still very early in their lifetime.

                1. It makes me laugh whenever I see one of your comments.

                  BTW, It’s over, Microsoft Game Studios is finished.

                  1. Its not dead, not with nintendo anyway. Plus its more to do with these “hardcore pro (pfft seriously) gamers” being stupid

              13. It’s not surprising that a Pokemon game dominates the charts. Pokemon is one of the biggest guns in Nintendo’s arsenal. I would love to see a console version on the Wii U, though. The Wii U has the hardware to handle it, I also think the Nintendo Network would be able to handle that. Leave luck to heaven.

              14. lol aeolus can’t take that persona was a one-week wonder for the vita’s sales so now he’s just attacking people with fanboyism, racial slurs, and enough cussing to make a 12-year-old halo fan blush. how cute :3

              15. I play ps3. And traded my 3ds for a Vita. BUT I do like certain Nintendo exclusives and am always interested in the 3ds xl and Wii U. Wii U looks awesome, anyone who says otherwise is nuts.

                1. A rational Sony fan NOT bashing Nintendo but also calling the WiiU awesome? Pinch me if im dreaming
                  But you’re right, people have to be incredibly stupid not to see both the casual and core possibilities the WiiU achieve, just with the controller

              16. haev fun :D

                thats enuff fun :)

              17. i love how about 1/5 (~50 at time of posting) of the comments here are aeolus. and this article’s been up for what, a few hours? how much of a no-life is that guy to be a sony fanboy posting on a nintendo site THIS MUCH?

                  1. The One Who Wrote This

                    Well, you know how Amir (Aeolus) is able to make people angry on this page.

                    Just wondering….does Sickr get a benefit (like a rise in pay) if there are more comments in an article?

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              19. haha if you are really that sad even when they Ip ban you, you try to comeback and fanboy even more just shows what kind of people sony fanboys are.

              20. Wow this game looks like shit. Modern Warfare 3 has gotten so many more sales than this garbage. It’s the same fucking game. Over and over and over.

              21. Just wow. It seems some people find it so very painful that others don’t support their “gaming faction”. By which I mean some immature people – you know who you are – can’t accept the fact that there are Nintendo consumers – or fans (I’m not using that word derogatorily) like myself, who have enjoyed Nintendo’s service and enjoy playing Nintendo games. You spend time out of your “life” persistently trying to “convert” people to play Sony games or buy a Vita, for instance. You’re only reflecting an embarrassing depiction of your own Sony fan base You have convinced yourself that everything offered on a Nintendo platform is “crap”. Well, that is your narrow minded perception and you are the one missing out. Yet furthermore, you set out to make yourself look utterly stupid by coming to a Nintendo fan site and preaching of your “superior Sony this, superior Sony that Oh the PS3 has higher specs! The Vita is the greatest! Only buy Sony!.”
                Do Sony pay you for your PR?
                Got two words:
                Grow up.

              22. You’re a pussy ass coward Aeolus and hey everybody start getting ready I’m pretty sure Aeolus will be using a new username because he’s such a fucking coward and loser that he’s going to start getting scared to login as Aeolus.

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