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Vote For Your Favourite Epic Mickey Power Of Illusion 3D Box Art

Disney is asking fans to vote for their favourite Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion box art for the Nintendo 3DS. The Facebook page asks fans whether they would like Mickey to star with some of the other characters featured in the game, or if fans would prefer to see Mickey grace the cover alone. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion comes out on Nintendo 3DS November 18th.

33 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favourite Epic Mickey Power Of Illusion 3D Box Art”

    1. It should have the extra characters, if they’re available in the game. But anyway, they should kinda decide on this, cos it’s not like they’re two completely different designs to choose from.

  1. So….. Basically they’re exactly the same except some have 4 more Disney characters and the other doesn’t?

    Go with the one with the extra characters/villains.

  2. Why is this a choice? Seeing the left one already, the right side looks unfinished, or one of those lame obvious spot the difference puzzles

  3. how about a box art that more resembles what the game looks like? with this box art, people might be confused about the GBA-style game standing before them when they start playing rather than the style used in this box art and the first epic mickey

  4. my opinion is, mickey alone. my reason is, i don’t want them to ruin what forgotten disney games i will be playing in. i prefor to be suprised. and since i already have seen them, the surprise is out. so, i’m now conserned for those who have not seen this yet. i don’t want them to ruin it for others who are like me.

    but, if i wasn’t worried about ruining the surprise, i would choose the one with the extra characters. but, as it stands, i want the one with just mickey.

  5. Since the various characters you’ll meet are a big part of this game, I say go with #1 and have a few on the cover.

    Also, here’s hoping Disney gives Warren Spector the go-ahead to make a new Duck Tales game.

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