Nintendo DS: Nintendo Blocks Flash Carts Via DSi Firmware Update

Nintendo have taken further steps to reduce piracy on the Nintendo DSi by providing a firmware update that effectively blocks the majority of flash carts that are readily available for the popular handheld.

The 1.4.1U update provides a number of system related fixes but according to numerous gaming publications the firmware update goes one step further and prevents the use of unauthorised flash carts.



  1. Cool. I just wish I could use my DSi, lol. The L button is stuck big time, and it freezes my system up if I try using the touch screen, so I may or may not even be able to get to the update screen.

  2. So is the update forced or optional like the Wii? I don’t own a DSi but it’ll be a smart move for Nintendo.

  3. Oh look, 90% of Flashcarts working on new update already.

    Stop wasting your money and put it into making decent games and not this constant flow of shovel ware.

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