Nintendo: Apple More Of A Rival To Nintendo Than Microsoft Says Reggie

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Forbes that he personally considers Apple to be a bigger threat to Nintendo than Microsoft.

“Do I think that in the near term they can hurt us more than Microsoft? Absolutely.”

– Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime



        1. well i think, concerning computers and ipods/iphones apple and stuff like that apple is great … or better said: most things except video games
          concerning video games, nintendo is the best by far ;)

  1. Yes, if Apple makes video gaming systems in the future, they will pose a threat bigger than Sony and Microsoft combined.

    But Nintendo will still rise to the top.

    1. The video game system would probably be called “Apple”. Then the discs would be shaped like apples. Bleh

  2. wow.. what’s he smokin?
    Ms has taken the console sales lead for months now and will also continue to be the #1 online console for years to come. Sorry Reggie.
    Launch Wii HD to try and catch up…

    1. #1 online console for years?
      Nintendo doesn’t even try with the online so obviously MS will be first rofl..

    2. With the Kinect, no surprise that Microsoft’s in the lead now. 45% drop in sales of the Wii could have a ripple effect on Nintendo.

      1. I love my Wii but it’s Wow factor has ended. Reggie can’t say he has roughly 15 million UU’s logging into Infinity Wards servers to play COD night and day. (and dont forget Treyarch too) That’s the audience you want going forward.. Grandpa already tried Wii Sports 2 years ago.. what’s next Nintendo?

    3. What the hell are you talking about? The Wii’s sales are almost DOUBLE the 360’s. The 360 has gotten a lot of new sales from it’s Kinect shit, which will slow down when the initial hype is over.

  3. Seems that some of us had forgotten that the iPhone took away some game publishers from entering the Nintendo DS platform in years. (I mean, they even made Super Street Fighter IV for the iPhone. Who knew!) A friend of mine even told me that a company still didn’t think that the Nintendo 3DS would be able to support their game, so they too are considering the iPhone. But, we still both wanna get the 3DS nontheless.

    Now, if Microsoft would ever decide to make a handheld XBox, it’d be a problem to Nintendo for sure.

  4. ^ Gonna have to disagree with you there. There’s a reason Microsoft hasn’t bothered with a portable system yet- just look at how the DS overtook the portable market when it was released. The PSP has been completely overtaken by the DS market, and anything MS launched would share the same fate. Nintendo has always been the leader in handheld gaming.

    1. Don’t be so sure. PSP chose to be ordinary, and stick with the same type of gaming system. Then, the Nintendo DS comes with a touchscreen, and respective game titles to add up to it. Sure, the DS took over the lead here. But, there’s always the future possibility of a gaming company looking into the 3DS’s weakness, and profit over it. I pretty much fear this. And, moreover, there’s the iPhone, which I said earlier had beaten up the Nintendo DS for awhile, as I mentioned earlier. Even a site like Gamasutra predicted similar beatings on the 3DS, also because of what it said are its high price, and limited functionalities when compare to the iPhone.

      “Both the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch are cheaper than the 3DS’s expected launch price – and do a lot more than play games and take 3D pictures.”

      This may even be what Reggie meant.

    2. MS has entered the portable device with the windows 7 phone. But for the record, NO ONE will ever touch Nintendo in the handheld department. The own it.. Always have and always will…

  5. Apple’s iPad cost $500 at the least and isn’t more powerful than an iPod Touch. If Apple were to make a platform purely for gaming, it would be overpriced and only hipsters would buy it.

  6. He’s right, ’cause if “Apple” decides to make a video game system, they’ll sue Nintendo for “stealing” their idea for a handheld game system, motion sensing game system, and basically the whole concept of video games.

  7. Apple has no experience with gaming systems, they have no franchises like Mario or Halo, plus, only people with Apple Macs would buy a Apple console, and those peoples friends would stick with the proper brands, thus Apple fails

  8. The thing is, I think Apple themselves has already completed what they themselves call a “console”, which would be the iPortables (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch). The thing is, while they are most likely going to steal away the few casual gamers who used the DS, the iPortables aren’t very good consoles really. They made the newest iPortables with more precise tilt sensing, and changed the screen to HD, but even then the thing is, they aren’t truly designed to be game consoles. They don’t have the precision that the DS and PSP (I’m assuming, since I don’t own one) have, and all their games are downloadable which means they either have to be small or you need lots of memory.

    I like to look at it like this: when an iPortable is capable of playing a game like OOT and actually play it well, that’s when I’ll consider it a threat to Nintendo. There are going to be people out there who won’t be satisfied with what the iPortables have to offer and those people will likely go to Nintendo or Sony (if they release a new portable).

  9. I believe Apple will be competing to Nintendo but Nintendo will rise, especially with their unique game and systems. I really don’t think Xbox will ever be competition

  10. Wow! I was just thinking that if Nintendo and Apple teamed up, Bill Gates kingdom would fall. Weird.

  11. apple alreafymade a console it was called the pippin and it sucked
    it didnt have many good games and costed around 600 bucks
    didnt last a year on the market

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