Nintendo Wii: Pachter Predicts That The Wii Will Win This Christmas

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has confidently predicted that the Nintendo Wii will win over consumers at Christmas due to its continuing widespread appeal and its fantastic fall line-up.

“I don’t think that Nintendo’s holiday season is in trouble at all. The Wii has dropped from first to third, but the new models for Xbox 360 and the launch of PS3 Move had something to do with that, and it’s likely only temporary.

“I think that Mr. Iwata is right when he says that the Wii is more of a holiday purchase, as the core audience has long been satisfied, and the more casual audience comprises the much larger portion of the addressable market.”

“With effective marketing, a slew of great games, and some likely support at retail, I expect the Wii to once again become the best selling console in November and December.”

– Michael Patcher



  1. Even though, I don’t think the games affiliated with the XBox and PS3 are that great. Nintendo, on the other hand, already has good games like “Donkey Kong Country Returns”. So let’s wait and see. But, personally, I’m expecting to get my hands on the Nintendo 3DS. From all indications, it’s like the mini-Wii.

  2. Well considering the price of a PS3 and move is higher than the Wii, the price of Kinnect and a 360 is higher than the Wii, the Wii already has lots of games for motion controls, and Nintendo has the family friendly image completely nailed, it’s all pointing towards the Wii. Of course that’s only true if everybody doesn’t already own a Wii. Either way Kinnect and Move definitely won’t bomb, since there are lots of people who already own those consoles who will want them, they’ll probably do quite well, but they probably won’t fully measure up to the Wii.

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