Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has openly spoken out about Nintendo’s online efforts during a recent episode of his GameTrailers show, Pach Attack.

“I think everything Nintendo has done online has been bad. I think they have not managed their online presence well at all. I think you can chalk that to the company Nintendo doesn’t think that online is important.”

“I still don’t think they care. We’re in 2010, Microsoft set up Xbox Live in 2003 and Nintendo still isn’t copying them. I think Nintendo is going to have to wait until we get a new box with a hard drive and the ability to build a system and even then I don’t think they’d pull it off.”

“It makes the Wii into more of a mom and sister device except for the super hardcore games. I think people are going to get a second console those Wii households so I think it hurts Nintendo a lot.”

– Analyst, Michael Pachter





  1. I can attest to this, online for the Wii is horrid. Its such a disappoint on such a great system. Nintendo… Please. For the love of God, stop shoving this despicable online service in our faces.


    • We all got real friends but that doesn’t mean we’re going to invite them into our houses everyday “and vise versa” just to play video games or spend 24/7 with them in front of our Wii. How about when you both wake up at 3 AM and feel like gaming because you can’t go back to sleep? How about when you’re sick or having the flu? How about your friends who don’t live in your area “or city” anymore and you want to play with them? How about not feeling like going out nor inviting someone over? “REAL FRIENDS” is not the issue here although I’m quite sure you’ve just said it so you’d look like the cool kid who everyone wants to be friend with, well trust me it made you more of an ignorant :) !!

      Nintendo have great games to play online using them such as NSMB, Mario Party and Rayman Raving Rabbids, so how about the ones I haven’t mentioned ?!


      • All the games you just listed have NO online capabilities. Get your facts straight. And I’m pretty sure you didn’t have to tear the guy a new one with his preferences. People like playing locally. *cough*GoldenEye*cough*


  2. Well, I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Pachter. At least, somewhat. I don’t think the online is hurting them THAT much. It definitely wouldn’t hurt for them to fix it though.

    @RaveInTheGrave – I have a Wii and a PS3, and I can’t remember the last time I turned on my PS3. Here lately, I’ve been using my Wii pretty much everyday.


  3. Well at some point i have to agree at another point not. I think no one here has played Monster Hunter Tri on wii then or mario kart online. Pokémon Battle Revolution anyone? These are a few games that have online access and are great to play online. It’s not that they don’t have achievments/trophies that it’s all bad. And still there are people who rather play on their own than always online. I might add myself to that list once in a while and i must admit that i do not often play online with my other consoles either.


  4. going online with the WII & downloading games on there is a GREAT THING, I downloaded all the old Mario Brother games from the 70’s, & it’s totally cool BIG TIME


  5. It’s not all bad, in case you haven’t seen there are some games with better multiplayer and ones coming out. We have voice chat coming closer and closer to constant inclusion, more random people chat it that’s to your liking. It’s all still free as well, something people don’t mention enough. I still play online in the Wii just for variety. It’s not always fun to play FPS and sports games online. A few generations ago we didn’t complain about these things


  6. This is one of the reasons why I mostly play PC games now. I still play Monster Hunter Tri on my Wii, and the online works really well for that. But I hate how in almost every online Wii game you need a long friend code, and you need another one for a friend just for the console itself. It’s a ridiculous amount of long codes just to have friends.


  7. He’s right but Online isn’t much of a issue
    Like one person said they turned on their wii once in a while but turn their xbox on everyday
    But I turn my xbox 360 on all the time but only for 5 seconds just to check if any of my xbox live friends are on but
    I would turn on my wii and play for HOURS >.>
    It wouldn’t hurt nintendo to fix their online but right now their lineup is so great for games that don’t even have wifi or necessarily need online to be a full fun game
    Like Kirby Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong, Sonic Colors, Goldeneye, Other M
    and Hopefully Epic Mickey when it comes out
    Unlike Xbox 360 and PS3 (but more Xbox) which basically ONLY survives on it’s online services


  8. He’s totally right I have a Wii & an Xbox 360 and most people I know that own Wii’s also own a PS3 or 360 alongside it.

    Yeah I play Monster Hunter Tri/MK Wii and while I think there online efforts are good, they are good compared to OTHER WII games, not games on the 360/PS3. Nintendo do really need to catch up.

    …never did I think there would be a day where I’d agree with Pachter.


  9. 100% agreed. the online for wii could be better. but now since conduit 2 is comin out in february, thats a game thats online will be comparable to that of an ps3 or 360. but thats just me


    • When Nintendo came out with the N64 they added a joystick. They didn’t invent it, they weren’t being original, but videogames were evolving and they were going to need a joystick. Would the N64 have flopped without a joystick? No, but it probably would have damaged the gameplay and reception of the console.

      This is the same deal, videogames are evolving. Nintendo doesn’t need to have better online support, but it would be a million times better with it.

      Not doing something practical, just because somebody else thought of it, is just stupid. Sorry if that comes off as rude.


  10. That sounds very correct actually. I have been thinking about this thing a lot of times. I like the games on Wii, but they could be better if the online action would be better. That’s also the reason I got myself an Xbox 360.


  11. Pachter makes some good points, although there must be a less sexist way to describe what he calls a “mom and sister device.” My vagina doesn’t prevent me from being a gamer, jackass.


  12. I’m not that intusiactic about any of the online solutions gaming has brought in general. After being cussed at and called every racist, gender biased, homophobic slur with voice chat. It has become obvious that a channel separation system that only allows you to communicate with people on your friends list during multiply is in order. Also gaming system in general have virtually ignored the social aspect of networking properly. You don’t have your own page with your own identity to even aloe friends to communicate with you a la Facebook style. So while Patcher being an arm chair Xbox enthusiast whilst analyzing the entire console gaming market can throw stones at Nintendo fortress of Wii from his selective safe house. He has yet to indicate what exactly is positive about online gaming on any of the consoles, without pure speculation on why a system of online seems to works over another.


  13. I think he is spot on. Since ive been feeling the ‘missing out’ bug, I even bought a xbox 360. I still love the wii, but for the most part, besides 1st party games, wii games look soooooo outdated. I just got DCK Returns today & I love it, but I want way more Killer App games. Because of THIS I had to get a 360. I hope Nintendo (still my boys) make the next console vicious on EVERY level.


  14. I have to disagree, as I am not an online player. The only games I own that I want to play online are Mario Kart Wii (Which I do) and Super Smash Bros Brawl (Which I don’t, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has). (I wouldn’t even play ACCF online, since my game is one of the few that is free of HDLC and I’d like to keep it that way!)

    I also don’t like the voice chat. Online players tend to be quite rude.


  15. Why does everyone want online like the XBOX 360 or PS3? Why not something better? Every game I have played online on the XBOX 360 and PS3 have terrible lag. Do you really want Nintendo to follow suit? (I do realize that SSBB lags terribly if you have slow connections.)

    I’d rather have Nintendo improve on the online services Microsoft and Sony provide rather than straight up copy. Even still, I could care less about online; online shouldn’t be the main feature of a game.


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