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Nintendo 3DS: Keep The 3DS Still Whilst Playing Says Kid Icarus Designer

Kid Icarus director Masahiro Sakurai has been busy on Twitter talking about Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS console.

One handy piece of advice that he has tweeted is that users should keep the system still while playing the device as ‘the 3D visuals are achieved through the player’s eyes being in a set position’.

3D can make your eyes tired, said Sakurai, but because the effect varies depending on the person, he suggested that players make adjustments using the system’s 3D slider adjuster.

He also suggested that players keep the 3DS fixed. The reason for this is that the system’s 3D view is achieved through the player’s eyes being in a set position, so if the shake that results from control inputs is too harsh, there could be issues.




  1. If the 3DS didn’t have a 3D screen, it’d still be a must-have, what with all of the titles, and the new built-in features.

    I mean, Augmented Reality would still be cool, even in 2D.

  2. That will put a slight damper in the whole “portable” concept, but let’s hope the change in 3D quality isn’t too drastic. I’m counting on this thing to get me through my long, sometimes bumpy, subway rides!

  3. Who moves around a lot when playing their DS anyway? When I’m on mine, I barely move, whether it’s in my house or out my house.

    But then again, how will this affect 3DS games that use motion controls?

  4. Precision games are hell to play during a bumpy ride. Whenever that happens, I just wait until things get calm before attempting anything. It’ll be the same with the 3DS. Either the 3D will go off or I’ll just turn the system itself off until the situation allows it to be playable again.

  5. I wouldn’t buy the 3DS for the 3D anyway (3D so far has really hurt my eyes at time). The games are usually good enough to win me over (usually just the Nintendo stuff). And, I’d like to get street fighter on the go!

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