Nintendo Wii: 85 Year Old Man Gets Guinness World Record For Wii Bowling Score

An 85 year old man from Onalaska, Wisconsin has found himself in the Guinness World Record’s book after scoring numerous perfect games of bowling on Wii Sports.

John Bates who is 85 recorded 2,850 perfect games of bowling on Wii Sports through the month of April 2009 all the way through to October 2010 using both his left and his right hand.




  1. GOOD GRIEF! I’m still trying to get a perfect game myself, never mind 2850 off them! My Dad has got one perfect game so far!

    *Puts Wii Sports into Wii* :-)


  2. How does someone who has over 2,500 perfect games not constitute a hardcore gamer. I thought the tendency to play a lot was the definition of hardcore. If I have the biggest Farmville, I’m not the MOST CASUAL PLAYER.

    That said, he doesn’t fit into the usual demographics, and I don’t intend to lessen the impressiveness of his feat, however, I’m going to guess he doesn’t work and he doesn’t just play in his off hours. That sounds like a hardcore gamer to me.


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