Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo President Says 3G Nintendo 3DS Is Unlikely

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that it’s unlikely that Nintendo will release a 3G ready version of the Nintendo 3DS mainly because Nintendo doesn’t want to have to charge users for the service.

“As I have been constantly saying, the need to ask our consumers to shoulder monthly payments is not a great match for the entertainment that we are dealing with.”

“Of course, there are people who are willing to pay monthly fees in order to enjoy certain functions. However, Nintendo is a company who wants as many consumers as possible to enjoy our proposals.”

“Accordingly, as long as we need to ask our consumers to pay additional costs every month, it is unlikely to become one of our viable options.”

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata



  1. theres the RED 3DS again. i still wanna know why they’re not releasing it with the black and blue.

  2. Because Nintendo of America thinks “RED” means Violence. Or something… i guess. It’s nice the red 3DS, but i think i migth get used to the blue one.

    1. How would be for violence when they have released red consoles in the past? I don’t see it as for being for violence.

  3. The connectivity is still decent. Paying monthly fees to play online games is just stupid. Nintendo is smart and they know what they’re doing.

  4. Nintendo don´t have the know how inhouse to maintain a 3G service, they would need third party tech support, and that cost money, and Nintendo want their revenue.

  5. Your on the the right page once again with me Nintendo, I personally have zero interest in 3G when it comes to gaming. You can count me in as a guaranteed 3DS buyer, all-though I may have to hold off for one of the limited edition bundles which tend to be released a little later, plus I also want to view the reception and the new game release schedule before committing.

    1. I’m a guaranteed buyer as well…but I’ll also be holding out. I need more in the way of RPGs. I KNOW they’re coming to 3DS (the Nintendo handhelds tend to be much more plentiful in the RPG area than the Wii), it’s just a waiting game.

  6. thank god I can get a wifi signal out of my phone so I still get 3G anywhere…as long as I have my phone HaHa and signal

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