Nintendo: Nintendo Plan To Stick With Physical Media

Nintendo of Europe’s MD of marketing and PR, Laurent Fischer has told online gaming publication Edge that the firm is sticking with physical media for the foreseeable future.

“We have been very clearly communicating for a long time that the packaged software or retail market is the one that’s going to drive the mass market.”

“We have never seen any link between growth in the mobile gaming market and decrease in the normal software market. It’s two different markets, two different topics. We couldn’t find any evidence of those two markets being linked.”

– Laurent Fischer



  1. thank you nintendo. i hate digital. its a pain in the ass to work with, and its almost impossible to share, whereas with a disc, you can just pass it along, easy.

  2. Keep it simple, for all the 8 year olds who play one game constantly for years.
    But really I have no complaints.

  3. That’s fine, but I personally don’t care how they distribute. For handheld I would -love- pure digital, all in one place. No cycling, no rumbling through albums, just select & go.

    I love getting a new case at the store as much as the next gamer; but I like to have it all in one press.. So steam has been eating alot of purchases for me.

    To say the markets aren’t linked is just foolhardy- the mobile guys are growing fast. The hardware in its own is what is different and will continue to keep them apart.

    1. For handhelds I would be all for digital…even though I love booklets. I used to jump between two games or so when I had my DS with me and changing them were a pain. Not difficult, just annoying.

      For a console digital should be reserved for bonus content or Wiiware.

    2. Well yeah it’s true that they definitely are linked, but when it comes to digital media size is a major factor. Generally digital games are smaller than physical games, and you can’t have too many digital games or else you’ll simply run out of space to put them.

  4. They better stick to hard copies. If they must go digital, they must NOT repeat the same screw-up like Xbox LIVE did to 90+% of the whole world that may be using WP7… keeping us out of the action! Furthermore, the Nintendo 3DS seems able to do much more than a smartphone could.

    1. I honestly doubt that the 3DS can do more than a smart phone. Keep in mind that many smart phones are dedicated mp3 players as well. Plus there’s being able to check twitter/facebook on the go.

      The 3DS is a better gaming machine, that’s what it was designed for, so everything it can do is related to gaming. Smart phones are designed to simply do everything, so yes they can game but not with the dedication of a real game system.

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