Nintendo Wii 2: Rockstar Games Are Currently Developing Grand Theft Auto For The Nintendo Wii 2

French gaming site 01net, the website which previously leaked the specifications for Sony’s NGP, have revealed that RockStar Games are currently hard at work developing Grand Theft Auto V for the Nintendo Wii 2, which the company hopes to have ready for the systems launch in late 2012.



  1. This piece of news, suggests that the upcoming Nintendo console will have hardware power, which can rival the PS3 or Xbox360. It is not unlikely that the new Nintendo console will have much better hardware then these consoles.

  2. I think that should put to rest any concerns that Nintendo doesn’t care about the mature gamer.

    1. It would appear as though they’ve learned a lesson with Wii and fully realise that they need to entice third party developers on-board, much like they’ve been doing with the Nintendo 3DS. Hopefully we won’t see a rise in shoddy ports.

  3. Very smart idea on both sides. RockStar for pairing a huge IP with a (hopefully) huge system launch and Nintendo for being smart enough to green light the project. Time will tell if the new system will be third party friendly. Nintendo was never known to do so despite how many times they’ve claimed to be moving in that direction.

  4. I’m starting to sense Nintendo is starting to care for the M gamers. Although, this ‘Wii2’ & ‘GTA’, I gotta see it to believe it first. Been let down way to often with this game industry & the rumors

  5. Well, Nintendo’s LAST system to have incredible 3rd party support was SNES/SFC. As a fan, what they need to do is 1- do away with kiddie console names (Gamecube/Wii) 2- graphics graphics graphics. We know its not everything, but dont front like you wouldnt your wii games looking more like PS3 & 360, 3- strong support from 3rd parties, & 4- take a big page from xbox Live. Again, im a fan but I also have the other consoles & dont even play wii like I thought I would have been.

    1. I don’t think they need to DO AWAY with kiddie console games. Nintendo is practically the only major company with family friendly console games. Which is a MAJOR selling point in today’s technologically driven society. I agree with your other points, though. If they can KEEP the family friendly appeal AND get the M gamers/HD support in as well, Nintendo’s “wii2” will blow away the competition.
      I’m also hearing rumors on the web of 3D capability as well. Which would be pretty awesome.
      Yeah, i think Nintendo needs a better Network. I like the introduction of Mii’s and stuff, but xbox took it farther and put their avatars into xbox live, which was a BIG step up. If Nintendo could take more cues like that, or even BETTER, then we’re in for a hell of a new generation in Gaming.

      Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if there IS 3D capability, since apparently they were able to make 3Dgaming a reality in Japan 20 years ago… Those stingy Japanese….

    1. haha, that would be awesome, like the nintendo ent sys and super nes, we’d be playing the “Super Wii”!

  6. Stronger than PS3 kind of makes you wonder… how far can graphics go?
    I’m more of a gameplay guy, but it still makes me wonder.

  7. HOLY SHIT! GTA V ON SUPER Wii?! I’M SOLD! OMFG!!!!! maybe now we can possibly see the better versions of Call of Duty on Nintendo systems rather than gimpy versions!

  8. nintendo tiene que hacer una consola mucho más poderosa que la xbox 360 y ps3, ojalá el doble, porque la competencia de seguro lo hará, y si nintendo no, quedará atrás.
    abaratar costos? nintendo de hizo ricon con la wii que tiene un poder mayor que gamecube, pero lejos de la concola de sony, asi que tiene recursos suficientes para usar lo más avanzado en tecnologia. la gente comprará algo caro si o si. (por ej si es con blu-ray, este ya es má barato que cuando salió, al igual de los discos duros que antes uno de 20GB costaba lo mismo que cuesta uno ahora de 250)

  9. As much as I don’t like GTA as a series I would buy it just to support third parties on a Nintendo platform.

  10. Dudes I am certain that this future console will have much more power then ps3 and 360 those consoles came out five/six years ago. Its gotta have graphics similar to other consoles in the future, or big name games like grand theft auto wont be made for it. I’m guessing its graphics will be closeor even better then crysis 2.

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