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Nintendo 3DS: New Banjo Kazooie Game Coming To The Nintendo 3DS?

The latest rumour doing the rounds on the Internet is that Rare are currently in talks with Nintendo to bring across some of their beloved franchises to the Nintendo 3DS. Rare previously developed a couple of titles for the Nintendo DS but stopped once they were informed that they should solely focus their attention on Microsoft’s Kinect device.

Supposedly, the company is in talks with Nintendo to develop games for the 3DS platform, including a 3D continuation of the Banjo-Kazooie franchise. Pleased with the success of their previous handheld outings and seeing no conflict between the XBox market and the handheld gaming market, Microsoft supposedly sees this as a positive as it could boost sales of their titles developed for XBox 360. Sources also say that Nintendo and Rare discussed a 3DS continuation of the Star Fox Adventures series, but that nothing is currently in development on that front.


99 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: New Banjo Kazooie Game Coming To The Nintendo 3DS?”

      1. Except Nintendo owns the trademark on Donkey Kong, and can do with it what they wish. Rare owns Banjo-Kazooie; and is no longer affiliated with Nintendo. That’s why Nuts&Bolts was on 360.

            1. for all those people that never played banjo kazzoie or and think that it’s crap and prefer nuts and bolts. think of it this way if Nintendo bought the rights to make cod and turned it into an army wii fit simulation game where all you do is do star jumps and it doesn’t go int moving threw dangerous places and killing people and instead you attacke dummies and targets would you think it is better then the original? maybe the newer generations would and then thay would disagree with the people who loved the original which was by far better

              1. Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts was a good game but the original two were better. YOU CAN NEVER BEAT THE N64 IT WINS EVERY TIME.

              2. Nuts and Bolts was a pretty great game, but it wasn’t really a Banjo-Kazooie game. I would like to play another Banjo adventure game.

            2. I could not possibly have said it any better. Nuts and Bolts got NOTHING on the previous games. It’s not worthy of the name Banjo-Kazooie honestly.

            3. I actually kinda liked banjo n’ Kazooie nuts and bolts, I also played a demo of the first two games on Xbox 360 and loved the graphics and the gameplay of fighting using Kazooie to fight and fly through air. Though I hate the stupid flying and driving races to get jiggies but if your doing your on thing and not doing those stupid fucking quest it can be quite fun to play by yourself.

    1. From what i heard, Rare and Nintendo came to an agreement and are remaking kazooie and Tooie for the 3ds and in process of making Threeie (or Threedee) and is goin to take place 5 years aft N&B and is going to be the platform like the original, but with gamecube graphics. If you want to know more go to they have everything on it.

          1. Microsoft never made hand held games. So Rare had THQ export the game after Rare made the game because Microsoft owned Rare. By THQ releasing it, Rare wouldn’t be introuble

  1. i might buy it, after all Banjo had good games on N64, the 360 version was good, but not as good as the first 2, maybe also release an UNCENSORED version of Conker’s Bad Fur Day while your at it, Conker Live and Reloaded it was like the FCC took over Rareware

  2. For those of you thinking this can’t possibly happen because Microsoft owns Rare:

    Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge. Released in 2003 on the GBA. Rare was already owned by Microsoft.

    1. Correct, Nintendo sold Rare in 2002, but Rare has continued to develop games on GBA & DS because the handheld market does not conflict with the console market.
      Games from Rare for the 3DS are very likely.

    2. Rare can develop for Nintendo’s handhelds because Microsoft doesn’t have a handheld market. Therefore, there’s no competition between Microsoft and Nintendo when it comes to handhelds. Remember Grunty’s Revenge? Rare made that for the GBA AFTER the Microsoft purchase, as well as the Viva Pinata DS games and Diddy Kong Racing DS.

  3. If there is another Star Fox adventures game like dinosaur planet…………. I will kill everything.

    YAY for a new, GOOD Banjo Kazooie game though..

  4. Rare is not Rare anymore, Star Fox Adventure and Banjo Kazooie died when Rare was sold to Microsoft, I prefer that Retro studios produce a new sequel of Banjo Kazooie or Star Fox Adventures, they did a good job with Donkey Kong Country Returns and Metroid Prime.

    1. except one problem, NINTENDO DOESN’T OWN THE RIGHTS TO BANJO KAZOOIE AND CONKER Rare and Microsoft do, so unless Nintendo buys Rare back, we won’t be seeing any Rare games on Nintendo consoles aside from 3DS

      1. Star Fox Adventures is the only Star fox game developed by Rare on a other note i will love to see a new Banjo-Kazooie game on the 3DS

          1. Finally someone else sees N&B like i do, a spinoff. Its a good game but such a shitty sequel i dont even consider it a main game

  5. Agh, you can’t even mention ‘Rare’ without a shitstorm of hate going around. Personally, I liked Nuts & Bolts and certainly don’t mind if Rare continued along that path. As for Retro developing a future Banjo-Kazooie title, that impossible: Microsoft owns the IP.

    1. Microsoft ain’t gonna do shit with it, though. And when they do, it’ll just be a desperate attempt to whore out the franchise for money.

    2. Microsoft owns the console IP. Nintendo owns the handheld IP because Microsoft isn’t gonna make a handheld anytime soon.

  6. Rare should just work with Nintendo permanently again; that way we could have other great titles as well, such as Donkey Kong, Conker, and REAL Bond games. After all, they are half the reason why the N64 is legendary.

  7. I would rather prefer a bano kazooie remake since nuts and bolt didn’t have much of a warm reception and I’m scared of one of the sagas of my childhood getting a bad iteration….

      1. No more remakes, your an idiot look an zelda ocarina of the time that remake is fantastic for the 3DS they should bring out all the old games

  8. Hello there people of the internet and hopefully someone from Microsoft or Nintendo reading through forums. I am hoping that someone will listen and agree with me when I say, the sales and the enjoyment received from reworked Nintendo 64 games on the 3DS would be phenomenally higher than the Kinect games on xbox. I do admit I totally enjoyed playing Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie in 1080p on the xbox. It was in fact those games that I bought the xbox for. I am a 22 year old 90’s gamer and prefer 3D platformers over first person shooters any day. I’ve read so many forums and YouTube comments saying the same exact thing. Everybody wants n64 games!
    On the 19th of this month I bought Zelda: Ocarina of time for the 3DS. It is fantastic! I’ve found things in it I never saw before and was thinking right away… Okay guys, if you put Donkey Kong 64 on here or any other of Rare’s gems, I would probably have goosebumps for months.
    So in conclusion, I think packing a red feathery friend, or a coconut cannon around right in my pocket would be much better than jumping around in my living room pretending to be a fruit ninja ;) I would have also liked to see those games on the VC, but I’m not sure what Nintendo is going to do with the Wii U.


  9. agreed i would love that. [on a side note] retro studios has a couple of rares old employees and have definitely [in my opinion] expressed how much potential they truly have. yes ofcourse rare should hook back up with nintendo so we could get all its old pride and joys remade but lets face it, its a dream all us 90s gamers have and deeply hope for thats kinda out of reach. i doubt microsoft will let rare dish over such a great franchise to be remade 3d when they wont recieve the same. cause if they did i believe the fanbase for rares returning to nintendo will skyrocket [fingers crossed]. i got sidetracked, retro definitely has the potential to create a platforming action adventure equal-maybe better then banjo. did you see what they did with donkey kong country returns? playing that gave me rares old vibe.

  10. I didn’t know that Retro had old Rare employees but thats very interesting. I definitely think Retro has the potential to make very awesome games of practically any genre after playing the Metroid Prime games and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

    Also people keep saying Rare sucks now but I don’t even care. I want a new Banjo Kazooie game. There aren’t too many game like it and it seems Rare is out last hope D:
    (Unless Retro decides to make a game like it, perhaps a 3D Donkey Kong)

  11. YES! THAT WOULD BE A BETTER IDEA THAN OCARINA OF TIME 3DS!!!!….. And for those of you who think they shouldnt have any more remakes on 3DS…… Go Fuck yourself! Remakes of classic games like Ocarina of Time, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario 3, and games like those are fucking awesome! And whats wrong with remaking classic games from the N64 or Gamecube onto the 3DS anyways???

    1. im with mike. imagine a super mario sunshine or mario party for the 3ds. that would be awesome. especially banjo kazooie. i would totally buy them.

  12. I’ve been waiting for them to re-release Donkey Kong 64 for years. And when I saw the trailer for a new Banjo all those years ago, I saved up my money and got myself an Xbox 360. Yes, Banjo was the only reason I got an Xbox 360. Truth be told, I would get all the exploration and collecting done in the levels before attempting the missions because it didn’t have quite the same feel; though levels were 3 times as big making it fun to find secrets.

    Now to get to the matter at hand: Rare is currently doing a new Sports game (yay for physical activity) and it’s the only one to public’s knowledge. Two possibilitys come to mind: Rare is working on a 3DS title alongside, or just the sports title. In all honesty, as long as a single Rare title makes it to 3DS, I’ll be content; Rare having a single title is enough for any of their series to be released, or even ones that never got finished.

    People can hate, like, love or even despise that Rare works with Microsoft now because it doesn’t matter, it’s just what happened. In the end, their choices and decisions are what the fans and gamers get. Their old team is no longer together, but we will always have the memories; Ultimate 3DS looks like a good place to start.

  13. I would so buy this!! Rare has so many great IPs that they’re letting go to waste! Bring back Conker, Blast Corps, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark and Battletoads! Cut the shit and bring worthy sequels to these games, I don’t care on what platform!

  14. I like this but sort of don’t. Honestly the only thing I would love to see if Rare did make a Banjo-Kazooie game for the 3DS, is if it were a remake of the first two Banjo-Kazooie games. Because I don’t want them to make some kind of crappy spin off game for Banjo-Kazooie and save the GOOD Banjo-Kazooie game for something far away from now. Honestly in my opinion, I just hope they make a Banjo-Kazooie game for the 360 and have the gameplay like Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie. But at the same time I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake of a sort. Not a shitty spin off.

  15. I think we should start a petition to get those games onto the 3DS. Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie and Donkey Kong 64. Kinda like their doing for Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. If theirs enough fans I’m sure Nintendo might see this and be like… “Well damn… let’s talk to Rare and see if they would agree.” Y’know what I mean? Nintendo are money grabbing jews. (no offense for any Jewish people here on the forums) They will do anything to make a quick buck. I mean look at all the bullshit crap games they have. Also the extended DS shit. Like DS Lite DSi and DSi XL. I’m sure if the fans show enough love, I’m positive Nintendo will catch on. Any agreements?

  16. I really hope they bring out Kazooie and Tooie and make another one for 3DS. Not only are these one of my favorite adventure games but I loved the music that Grant Kirkhope did. But Grant left Rare bout three or four years ago. If they make a Banjo 3Dsi please bring back Allllllllllll the original Banjo-Kazooie designers so it will be just as good as a spin off like Tooie was. Sequels usually suck but Tooie was a perfect Sequel. Never played Nuts and Bolts but I hear it was not like Kazooie and Tooie.

  17. Rare also had great music. If Rare is making a remake or all new Banjo, I hope rare was smart enough to have Grant Kirkhope work on another project when it comes to songs. Also I want the original voices of Grunty and the others. I want 3Dsie to really feel like a sequel from Tooie. If Rare screws up 3Dsie for Nintendo than Banjo is history. I think it’s a great idea to revisit N64 games on a handheld game. I’m also thinking of getting the 3DS for Star Fox 64, OOT and others just to play them.

  18. lets be realistic, its impossible for nintendo to rebuy all the rare franchise back. But, microsoft is not planning to bring a new hand heald device in the market and we didnt receive a true banjo kazoui sequel true to its franchise. So its very likely to see a new banjo kazouie advanture on the 3ds

  19. As long as we don’t get Nuts ‘n’ Bolts 3D or anything Pinata related, I’d be happy for anything Rare-wise to be made for 3DS… especially Banjo/Conker!

  20. but but i thought rare was doing games for xbox 360,
    is there going to be a new Banjo Kazooie game for Xbox 360

  21. Banjo&KazooieMUSTCOMEBACK

    Banjo & kazooie are one of the most amazing games I played, I love Nintendo 64 games since it was a childhood thing & it was the first that started Zelda & Mario to move higher, I do understand the first releases for Zelda & Mario was on game boy, but it didn’t move far the only reason those games are here today & so popular is because of the N64 not because of GB. RARE may work with Nintendo if they like, there are a few old Rare workers in different companies helping them move up because of the rare workers. I am speaking this in 2012 and by the way, they just released OOT and SF [Star Fox & Ocarina Of Time] so I do believe it’s possible, I honestly think they will release all of the successful games in N64.

  22. I believe it is possible especially to return Rare to make games for Nintendo and Microsoft if their rights to games are sold to Nintendo also to be shared for Microsoft it would create many possibilities its a win win situation for both think of it as a partnership for two companies to both equally make money and have more options available to their roster in this case more titles of games to be made for both consoles!we just have to vote its the least we can try to do if we never try we wont get anywhere but us fans have what both companies want our loyalty as fans and customers as well as our money because thats whats needed in the real world and part of the reason they make games!

  23. I want banjo and kazooie SOOOOO bad!!! I love love loved the game still play it all the time on my 64 (:

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  25. I love how much commenting this is getting. This shows how much love there is for the banjo kazzoie series and how successful a new banjo kazooie game on the 3DS would be!

  26. I want it that way, Tell me why… BSB song : ) Anyway I dont know if Rare in back on nintendo cause I herd that they were switched to Xbox 360 and thats why N&B was on the Xbox and the other 2 games

  27. if we show nintendo how much we really want it then maybe well see it i loved banjo kazooie but hated nuts n bolts ( and yes i did give it a try it felt like i was playing a new game and it didnt have that banjo kazooie or tooie feeling)

  28. We never got a true sequel to banjo-tooie, idk what rare was thinking on nuts&bolts, but we the fans deserve a true sequel(or threequel) in this series. Hopefully Rareware has enough of its old self to create the game, if not, please save the company nintendo, microsoft destroyed the company using them for stupid things like kinect. I understand rareware’s staff are not who they use to be, but we all pray for the miracle of nintendos saving. PLEASE NINTENDO SAVE OUR BEAR AND BIRD, WE WANT BAJO-THREEIE.

  29. Yes, we’d all love to see another platformer of Banjo Kazooie. But look, Rare proved that they’re still alive by giving us N&B. Even if it’s based off cars doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. Look at it this way, Mario began as a platformer. Late on, Mario Kart was released. However, we’re still getting platforming Mario games in todays age, so who’s to say Banjo Kazooie’s original idea has been killed? At least we know the series isn’t over, and no matter what Rare decides to do with the bear and bird, I’ll be fine with; as long as we still get games with them.

  30. Oh. MY CHRIST. If this game ever came out!!!!! Goodbye world! I’ll be in my room forever!!! <3 I want one like BK1&2 not like nuts and bolts because those games were amazing and nuts and bolts wasn't as good. In my die hard opinion XD

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