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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Hasn’t Given Up On Wii Says Nintendo President

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has reiterated that Nintendo haven’t given up on the Wii and that the company still has a few surprises in store for consumers.

Despite the lack of quality first party titles announced for Wii Satoru Iwata has promised that there’s more unannounced games on the horizon for the Nintendo Wii which will presumably be shown off at this years E3 event in June.

“We have not released any new Nintendo software titles for Wii, except for The Last Story (Japanese Title) in January, partly because we have focused on the launch of Nintendo 3DS since the beginning of this year,” Iwata said during an earnings briefing yesterday.

“Therefore, some in Japan seem to have the misunderstanding that Nintendo has given up making efforts on Wii. We are actually ready to release new Wii software titles every month from May to the end of this year.”

“Other new titles currently unannounced will be ready to be launched within this year,” he said. “Before the launch of the Wii successor, we will be aiming at creating other excitement for Wii in Japan, which has a large installed base of Wii hardware.”

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata


20 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Hasn’t Given Up On Wii Says Nintendo President”

  1. Wow. They’re gonna release games. This is what Im talking about. What an innovative company with incredible ideas. Releasing games. Genius. I hope sony and microsoft don’t steal this idea.

    1. And you’re suggesting that after the Balance Board AND MotionPlus they unveil some other breakthrough piece of hardware? GAMES are what the Wii needs now. They’re not claiming that to be innovations. They’re simply stating they have a good library of exciting titles yet to be announced that’ll hopefully light another spark in the Wii. Obviously you’re to ignorant to see that.

      or troll.

      1. I think you missed the point in my sarcastic ramblings there, stranger on the internet. Im not suggesting more hardware, I just don’t think a company that makes games should be praised for doing so.

        1. They don’t just ‘make’ games. Would you seriously dismiss something like Super Mario Galaxy or Ocarina of Time as just some other game? What else is a GAME developer to be praised for other than MAKING games? Again, they’re not just making games. They’re making incredible games. Or so, let’s hope. That’s why the praise is due.

          You’re not suggesting hardware, and you’re criticising them for developing games. Really not seeing much strength in what you’re saying.

          1. Im saying they don’t deserve praise for simply releasing games. I also, don’t see a point in praising them for games i don’t know about yet. That’s like praising a toothbrush company for making toothbrushes.

            1. Again, no one’s praising them for something they’re yet to do. They’re praised because they’ve basically contributed more than any other company to the industry, with fantastic games AND hardware in the past.

              And no, it’s nothing like praising a toothbrush company for making toothbrushes. A toothbrush is a toothbrush. A game is either a terrible game, or an amazing game. I’m still shocked at how you’re too blind to see that.

              1. I love nintendo. Always have, always will. I haven’t once doubted the quality of nintendo games. Im just saying it’s probably more important to wait and see the games before actually falling in love with them,which I no doubt will. Also, I’ve had some pretty spectacular toothbrushes in my day. Im entitled to be excited about them.

                Nintendo, obviously, are responsible for making videogames mainstream. They still continue to do so. I couldn’t care less about most of the unnecessary hardware available. The last thing i want is more of it.

                I am looking forward to the likes of skyward sword and the majority of their big titles over the next year will make it into my collection.

                Im glad that you’re passionate enough to try and put me in my place. I’ll accept your opinion and maybe my first comment was a little rash and insensitive. Goodbye faceless stranger :-)

                1. Heh. We’re HOPEFUL that whatever it is they have planned will be great- but we’re in no way praising them for it. So don’t worry about that.

  2. Somehow those words aren’t comforting. Did I buy the wrong console? What are your top 5 reasons YOU will remain loyal to the original Wii?

  3. I’m a bit put off my those two key words: “In Japan.” Aside from Skyward Sword, how much do they intend to support the Wii in the US?

  4. “We have not released any new Nintendo software titles for Wii, except for The Last Story (Japanese Title) in January, partly because we have focused on the launch of Nintendo 3DS since the beginning of this year,” Iwata said during an earnings briefing yesterday.”

    Yeah I figured that was the case for that. I sincerely hope that Nintendo won’t give up on Motion Controls in general in the future because it wouldn’t be so much a fad or gimmick to the consumer if developers actually bothered to make an honest effort out of designing games for it instead of using it’s fad status and exploiting it for all it’s worth.

    1. Since the next console is supposedly backwards-compatible with the Wii, I don’t think so.

      Plus, they’d be incredibly stupid to abandon what has so far obviously been a very profitable market for them. Since they’ll be retiring the Wii when the next console comes out, they’ll have to put a healthy mix of both kinds of games on it.

      What would be particularly good about a two-controller system (upgraded Wiimote and traditional w/ a screen) is developers won’t be so tempted to use “waggle” as a go-to mechanic anymore when they already would have the buttons to work with. Then the people who really have good ideas for it can feel free to explore the possibilities.

  5. I’m eagerly (and impatiently) awaiting Pikmin 3. I expect we might see that at E3 this year. I would also love to see a Pokemon game for the Wii similar to Pokemon XD.

  6. If nintendo announced a game similar too Pokepark wii, just with trainers and you could catch and controll other pokes… That would be awesome. But everyone knows that its never gonna happen

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  8. Microsoft and sony Copied Nintendo. Nintendo would not dare of copying xbox. It would ruin Nintendo’s
    reputation of new and exiting ideas.

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