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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Are Going To Distribute Celebrity Mii’s In Japan

Nintendo have announced that its employees will be taking to the streets during  Japan’s Golden Week, to distribute special Mii characters that have golden pants via the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass feature.

Nintendo have teamed up with Japanese talent agency Yoshimoto for this promotion. Any celebrities who are currently employed by Yoshimoto will have their Mii character distributed during the campaign. Nintendo employees will be placed at numerous train stations scattered around Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo but won’t be wearing any clothing that will identify them.


10 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Are Going To Distribute Celebrity Mii’s In Japan”

  1. Golden pants? Think this will reach users if they do something special, like an achievement? And it’s in Japan, so I’m not going to be affected anyway.

  2. The 3DS itself may be region-locked, but it’s good to know we can just get the QR Codes when these are released.

    Still, I wish NoA would attempt something like this.

  3. So the Japanese public will unwittingly walk past Nintendo employees, and receive a special Mii. Think about how gutted they’ll be when they get home, and find that they’ve come within 30 metres of a Nintendo employee an not been able to talk etc.

    Still, it’s a great idea; although ovation haven’t passed anyone with StreetPass! D:

  4. I don’t care for the Miis…but I wouldn’t pass up on having a special Keiji Mutoh or Masahiro Chono Mii.

    …if I were in Japan.

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