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Nintendo Wii: Wii Play Motion With Red Wii Remote Coming To Europe

Nintendo UK have just announced that the forthcoming Wii Play Motion will be coming to Europe on the 24th June 2011 and will come bundled with a Red Wii Remote Plus Controller.

Wii Play Motion includes twelve innovative, fun mini-games that specifically show off the special capabilities of the Wii Remote Plus. The twelve games on offer include Wind Runner, Treasure Twirl, Cone Zone and Spooky Search amongst others.

Press Release

8 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Wii Play Motion With Red Wii Remote Coming To Europe”

  1. Nice bag :P Gonna need a WMP for Skyward Swords anyways might as well pick this up since it comes with a game too.

  2. I was surfing around for a free video game download and found a site giving away the Red Nintendo Wii for Free. Some sort of Consumer Rewards deal. Not sure how it works exactly or who is paying for the games, maybe the manufacturer, or advertisers. IT took about 3 weeks to come in, I had actually forgotten that I submitted my email and address with them. But it works, Now The site is even more updated with XBOX Consoles, A Red Nintendo Wii, and more. The site is Im going back to get more free stuff.

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