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Nintendo 3DS: Team Ninja Says More Compelling Games Needed For 3DS As PSP Gains Top Spot

Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi has blamed the lack of compelling software for the Nintendo 3DS as the reasoning behind the slow sales of the 3D console in Japan.

It’s been revealed that Sony’s PSP has regained the top spot in the Japanese hardware charts knocking the Nintendo 3DS into second place. Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi believes this is because there’s more variety of software available on the PlayStation Portable.

“I believe the 3DS is a powerful console and it’s only been a short amount of time since it has been released,” the Dead or Alive Dimensions producer told us during a recent interview.

“In Japan, I feel that there isn’t enough software that can drive up the sales of the console. There’s a flow where people are looking towards the PSP where there is much more variety.”

“We see the potential in the 3DS and believe that once there are more games that can satisfy customers more people will start to realise the full potential of the console, so it’s still early days and we’re not worried about the future at the moment.”

–  Yosuke Hayashi , Team Ninja


14 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Team Ninja Says More Compelling Games Needed For 3DS As PSP Gains Top Spot”

  1. PSP has been out what? 5 years.

    3DS has been out 3 months (if that.)

    Of course there is a lot more software out.

        1. And all the japanese stuff like Pro-Baseball-Gundam-Pro-Robot-myass.
          But, indeed, the 3DS is not doing well in EU and USA too so undoubtedly, Hayashi is right.

  2. The 3DS has been out just over a month now lol.

    Wait till the good games start coming out! The 3DS will shoot up. But Nintendo also need some decent bundles too.

  3. Let us hope that some nice solid titles will come out for the 3DS soon then.

    I have not been able to afford a 3DS yet, but I am not too bothered about it, since I am not too interested in any of the released games so far.

    However, when the remade zelda game comes out, I will be feeling an itch for a 3DS. I would also like the remade starfox and Kid Icarus.

    *sigh* I need to finish my studies and get a proper job.

  4. A few years ago everyone used to say 99 was the most a hand held should ever be.

    I still think price will keep the #’s down on this one for some time. Parents are just not gonna spend that much casually for little john and susy.

  5. The price off the games is a bit steep too, £40 in the UK. I’m happy with the 3DS, but some big titles are needed and the eShop can’t come sooner enough, when these happen the sales should start to rise.

  6. It’s good to see that Team Ninja are being sensible about all this. Meanwhile, Ubisoft and EA would make as big of a mess as they could and then blame Nintendo for the spilled milk. Granted, Nintendo their products take the majority of the launch day lineup, but still.

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  8. What is wrong with everybody? The 3DS has already sold nearly 4 million units while it’s only been out for a couple of months. How is that not a good start?

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