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Nintendo DS: New Kirby Game For Nintendo DS Dated For Japan

According to the recent issue of Japanese publication Coro Coro Comics the latest Kirby game which is titled Atsumete! Kirby (meaning Gather! Kirby) is due to be released July 7th in Japan.

The game, which is set to be the Nintendo DS’ swan song, enables you to take control of 10 little Kirby’s using the Nintendo DS stylus. Sadly there’s currently no word on whether the game is set to get a Western release. Anyone crying out for a new Kirby game?


9 thoughts on “Nintendo DS: New Kirby Game For Nintendo DS Dated For Japan”

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  2. This seems interesting, but I believe most people who are interested in Kirby are crying for the Wii game we saw in January. I enjoyed Epic Yarn, but the return to “traditional Kirby” is sure to please most.

  3. I’ve almost always preferred the spin-offs in Kirby, rather than the main games. This is one to look forward to, after I’ve 100%-ed Epic Yarn.

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