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Nintendo: Sega Talk New F-Zero

Fans have been yearning for a new addition to the classic F-Zero franchise ever since F-Zero GX arrived on the Nintendo Gamecube. The big question is: could we see Nintendo teaming up with Sega once again for a brand new F-Zero title for either the Wii, Project Cafe or the Nintendo 3DS? Here’s what F-Zero producer Osamu Ohashi had to say on the matter:

“It might happen, if someone comes up with a brilliant idea that would make both Nintendo and SEGA happy. If there’s a good idea, that will work for both of us, then we might do that. But as far as we know, we haven’t heard of any concrete plan or project that’s going on.”


34 thoughts on “Nintendo: Sega Talk New F-Zero”

  1. I believe it’ll happen. I hope someone will come up with a “brilliant idea” to make Square Enix and Nintendo happy…so we can get a new Super Mario RPG

  2. I’m a massive fan of both Nintendo and racing games, but surprisingly, I’ve never played an F-Zero game (the 2 minute demo on SSBB not included); but come on! From watching a few videos on YouTube, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that it would be stunning in 3D!

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  4. I knew F-zero would be brought back up at this time. I hope it happens. (even though I am not a fan of it, it is cool, though)

    1. Can’t be on any other Nintendo system, the entire F-ZERO franchise belongs to Nintendo, and any company found using it without their permission would get sued to utter bankruptcy.

  5. Please do make one! Would be amazing for Project Café. F-Zero in full HD… om nom nom. Or at least port GX to 3DS!

    1. Screw that, there needs to be a totally new F0 title on the Cafe using a fresh online service for an all out 30 human player race that would be orgasmic!

  6. Yes please. On 3DS if ya could as I don’t really know any details of Project Cafe. I remember seeing Sega and Nintendos name on the same screen when you start F-Zero GX up on Cube, never thought I’d see that all them years ago. In 3D it would be sweet as, make it guys.

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  10. there shud defo be another f-zero. either a new one or f-zero gx wid extra tracks,ships etc. I’ve been a fan since snes and would be a shame to stop the series now!!

  11. I was googling about this right now, if someone had spoken about a new F-Zero games, and I got very exited when I saw few entries popping up! But then I got very disappointed when I read this quote and realized no-one had actually spoken anything about it.

    “It might… if… if… we might… but…” no, ” we haven’t heard of any concrete plan”. That’s it. Why so much excitement?

    According to another website, the question was “Could there be a new F-Zero game coming in the future?”. What was expected from them to answer? “No, my daughter doesn’t like F-Zero, so it is not gonna happen”?

    I would love it too, but nah. Not too soon.

  12. Omg I love F-ZERO one of my favorite games of all time come on ppl do it! I havent played any nintendo games 4 a while ive been on my xbox playin bf3 and gears 3 (by the way awsome games) so if you guys make another F-ZERO, ill be back on my wii… And also starfox god damnit!!

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