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Nintendo 3DS: Sony Refuse To Believe That There’s A Competitor To The PlayStation Vita (NGP)

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios, has told online gaming publication Eurogamer that the company can’t see a clear competitor to the NGP or the PlayStation Vita as it’s rumoured to be called. In reality it’s rather apparent that the Nintendo 3DS is a direct competitor to the machine and both consoles will be battling it out to the death this Christmas. With Nintendo preparing an arsenal of gaming goodies including Super Mario 3D and Mario Kart for Christmas, do you think the PlayStation Vita will stand a chance?

“There’s no one clear competitor in terms of what NGP offers,”

“NGP’s going to establish itself as the unique thing that people want to have. NGP cannot be placed against smartphones. You can’t make phone calls on it and it’s too big to fit into your pocket.”

“Compared to 3DS, it was very interesting – when we were designing the NGP we had no idea what Nintendo was going to do.”

“Aside from the 3D stereoscopic display, they seem to be keeping the same theme that they had with the DS – it feels like an update of the DS to me.

“Lots of choices we made were so different from their choices. It’s kind of hard to compare the two, aside from the fact that both of them are dedicated gaming platforms.”

– Shuhei Yoshida, Sony





  1. “You can’t make phone calls on it and it’s too big to fit into your pocket.”

    Sounds like it’s at a disadvantage; especially if it’s too big to carry around easily 0_o


    1. Haha, I thought the same thing xD Sony never ceases to amaze me with stupid comments like this. They either have to look at the Nintendo 3DS as a competitor if you’re looking at the NGP as a gaming platform first or regard Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch and Google’s Android as a competitor due to being so versatile.


  2. Really? Really? Just because he THINKS there is no competitor doesn’t mean that it won’t be duking it out with the 3ds, its just sony refusing to believe that they might not win imo


  3. I’d say they’re not very competitive against each other. Especially if they keep the original specs. My 3DS is mainly for Nintendo games and when gaming makes more sense in 3D, which will likely be 3DS exclusives, anyway. I want an NGP for the raw power and gaming on a more in depth online network. Also, cross-platform gaming with the PS3 is a HUGE point for it IMO. If I can afford it, I plan on buying an NGP. If not, I may wait for a price drop, but I definitely plan on owning one at some point. After all, I LOVE my PS3.

    *Before anyone calls me a fanboy, please note that I’ve owned every Nintendo console, have an Xbox 360, and bought my PS3 last. I bought a PSP 2000 and sold it because I didn’t enjoy it, then bought a PSP Go on Black Friday 2010 and sold it this past week because I needed the money and didn’t play it enough. However, I believe in the NGP.


  4. Sun of a bitch I hate Sony, they are so fucking full of themselves. “It’s just an upgrade to the DS”. Look at the NGP, it looks exactly the same as the PSP, only the screen is HD & it’s probably about $500 dollars more. Fuck Sony, they should have never gone into the portable world, they don’t realize what makes a console good, FUCKING GAMES!!!!


  5. Haha, typically Sony…
    Nintendo 3DS price crash at the end of the year – mario kart bundle for 199$ and Nintendo definately will win this year market.


  6. So basically its the 3DS without 3D, combined with all the stuff that people ALREADY HAD FOR THE PS3? You see, gaming systems are for gaming. This is not a gaming system unless people use it for gaming. Also, if they’re calling it the PlayStation Vita, I can continue to make fun of their system naming. (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PSV)


  7. “NGP’s going to establish itself as the unique thing that people want to have”- wasn’t that said about the PSP?

    Too big to fit in your pocket= NOT PORTABLE

    Unless the NGP has a design overhaul between now and November ish, it will look just like the PSP/PSP Go.

    “Lots of choices we made were so different from their choices” – yeah like NGP having NO 3D (which Sony will be pushing more on PS3, but said wouldn’t work on a handheld).

    To sum up, SONY= DOUCHEBAGS



    they just say this cuz they know if they did acknowledge the 3DS as competition, they would lose horribly, which they still will. sony’s done after this generation, the signs are all there.


  9. “aside from the fact that both of them are dedicated gaming platforms.”

    Less of a troll than the American guys at Sony.

    That said, I think Nintendo has these guys squarely beat.


  10. Sony, your immaturity will not make Vita do better. If anything, it will do worse. Do you know why Nintendo is winning? They know who their competition is. They learn from the mistakes of others, not their own. They’re basically the underdog. They wait until someone else messes up and they make sure not to do what the competition did.

    Also how much do you want to bet Sony will be like, “Introducing Sony Vita 3D! No glasses are required! Can you believe it? Let it be known that we are the best for creating a 3D update for the Vita with no glasses required!”?


  11. This is building my anticipation for what Nintendo is going to unveil for the 3DS. Already they’ve had to combat phone companies that claim they could take over the handheld market and now Sony. C’mon Sony, Nintendo’s been in the handheld gaming market the longest. You’re not going to win so easily. It’s foolish to assume you’ll have the monopoly. This has been done quite a few times only to prove Nintendo to come out not just on top, but revolutionary as well.


  12. Well I can kind of see what they mean, but I can also see how it’s complete BS. Instead of trying to compete with Nintendo head-on like they did with the PSP, they’re trying to make the PSV/NGP (or whatever its called) offer a different experience.

    But at the same time it’s still clear they’re competing with Nintendo. Like everyone else said if they aren’t competing with Nintendo then why did they cut down the specs to make the price compete with the 3DS?

    Sony kinda sucks at this whole… thing….


  13. You have to remember that, although the market in North America and Europe is important, a lot of the competition of the portable market comes from Japan, with games like Monster Hunter, whose newest entry for the PSP rivals the sales of Pokemon Black/White. However, I know that I don’t own a 3DS because I don’t have $250 to spend on sheer entertainment right now, so the NGP is out of the question for me and others like me. 3rd party developers will play a big role in the success of either console, so I think it’s very silly for Sony to say that they KNOW the 3DS is not a competitor.


  14. The comment that really sends me into a facepalm is “Aside from the 3D stereoscopic display, they seem to be keeping the same theme that they had with the DS – it feels like an update of the DS to me.”

    Really? StreetPass and Spotpass, better graphics and the eShop, and it’s “just another DS?” That’s your answer? Sure, it’s a step relative to the GBA’s from the GBC, but don’t try and tell me that the 3DS (GBA) is automatically “not a competitor” because it’s part of the DS (Game Boy) brand.

    As I think about it, features and new name aside, Sony are essentially putting out “another PSP.” :P It does feel closer to its predecessor than the NGP is to the PSP, but maybe Shuhei Yoshida shouldn’t be so quick to talk.


    1. Oh, and the Circle Pad. As far as gameplay goes, that’s a pretty important step for the DS line. It came later than it should have, but we weren’t doing analog that effectively on portable gaming devices before March this year.


  15. I can’t really explain why I love Nintendo, but I know for a fact that I dislike Sony for their cocky attitude and pessimistic comments like this. Plus, I’ll never be able to trust them after that major network fail. Sony be jelly of what Ninty’s got going on.


  16. “Aside from the 3D stereoscopic display, they seem to be keeping the same theme that they had with the DS – it feels like an update of the DS to me.” yeah cause the NGP design is totally unique and doesn’t reminf me of anything I’ve seen before, if you know what I mean…

    maybe Sony should hire that dedicates itself to do comments that don’t sound as idiotic as these…


  17. Yawn. Classic Sony. Can you believe the intirer industry gave them a monopoly with the playstation and then they keep doing this crap? I mean how many over priced hypetech system do they have to make before people say enough?

    Apparently with out monster hunter they would be in the shit. Also they are obviously competitive against them selves because they will only have ps3 like games on it which makes no sense.

    It’s very simple why does this gear even exists? I don’t even like ps3 exclusives. I really wish Sony would learn how to make a fun game. Unfortunately it’s all about hype with them.


  18. Sony time to throw in the towel me thinks, after PS4 and PSV (PSP2) you should think about dropping out, I mean, you say the Wii was like a lolipop, that console was pretty much best selling of this generation, yeah the Wii wasn’t really meant to compete with 360 and PS3 but look what happened, as years went by the Wii outsold the 360 and PS3, the DS outsold the PSP, I think Nintendo’s pretty much got you in the corner there Sony, maybe you should stop being a DICK and maybe ya know, improve your online and shit, release some actual good games, and maybe your NGP and PS3 and PS4 will actually sell as well as your Playstation 2 did, more RPGs and less First Person Shooters as well, k thanks bye, unless you can actually bring something new to FPS (I’m looking at all the companies that developed a FPS game here) then maybe I’ll be happy to have a FPS game on Nintendo’s Project Cafe, until then, thanks but no thanks


  19. Sony hated on the Wii. Then a few years later desperately tried to cash in on the Wii’s popularity with the Move.

    The PSP pretty much died. Do Sony not realise that most places don’t even stock PSP games anymore? Funny. They’re still selling DS games. And lets not forget the PSP Go fiasco.

    The way I look at it. (Owning a 3DS, PS3 and Wii) the NGP offers NOTHING for me. All of the titles announced are ones that I can apparently play on the PS3. Which I own. So….why should I be buying it? Oh. Because it’s portable…..um….have you seen the size of it?

    I just hope by the time the NGP comes out Nintendo have done their promises and we have Mario, Kid Icarus and Star Fox out.


  20. Ohh Sony, what are you like ehh? Still in denial about just how exceedingly disgraceful of a company you really are, continually resorting to cheap school-yard tactics and foul-play, all jealous about Nintendo’s massive industry ‘dong’.
    I will never buy anything Sony and I intentionally go out of my way to talk anybody out of considering to purchase Sony also.
    Death to Sony and mad respect to the hackers, keep up the impressive work guys.


  21. as usual, sony continue to trash talk nintendo by dismissing the 3DS and believing their handheld will be better and sell more than the 3DS.

    it’s a good thing that nintendo have never went out of their way to badmouth sony and microsoft, because they choose not to be a pawn to that type of childish stuff.

    it’s ungrateful comments and attitudes of sony’s that’s making them the laughing stock of the gaming world, the fact they fail to acknowledge the success that the likes of nintendo have made in rescuing gaming from the likes of the atari debacle in the 80s says something about them as a company.

    nintendo have been in the gaming business for what almost 30 years, sony- less than that.

    so before they shoot their mouth, sony should choose their words wisely because nintendo fans WILL come down on them. hard.


    1. To be fair, though, roughly 12 years gives them more leverage than most. That doesn’t change your point, but it had to be said.


  22. Yeah this is true Sony is way below the 3DS. If the 3ds is in the sky sony is deep underground
    3DS Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and PSP is the opposite)


  23. Wow it’s statement like these that make me H8 sony. I have nothing against their systems, especially since I don’t have any sony systems since PS2 but.. wow, this is the exact reason why I don’t even bother with them. Nintendo will probably overlook this childish and seriously flawed comment but it would be nice to see them bring out the big games soon for spite :p


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