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Nintendo: Michael Pachter Believes The E3 Software Lineup Is Boring But Nintendo Keeps It Fresh

Controversial industry Analyst Michael Pachter isn’t too impressed by the variety of titles we will see at E3 next week. He believes that there’s going to be too many generic shooters and not enough originality coming from software developers. Thankfully he believes Nintendo will change all that and add some well needed innovation into video games. What do you think?

“You’re going to play [simulation] games and shooter games and that’s all the choice you’re going to get.”

“It’s sad. I think [developers] see 30 million Call of DutyMedal of Honor or Battlefield purchases every year and think, ‘My God, this genre’s really huge, I gotta have a piece of it.’ It’s too bad that Nintendo’s where they are, because they’re the guys that do keep it fresh. They always have creative non-shooter games that are fun.”

– Michael Pachter


32 thoughts on “Nintendo: Michael Pachter Believes The E3 Software Lineup Is Boring But Nintendo Keeps It Fresh”

    1. Then you couldn’t have listen to him that much. He has nothing against Nintendo and have praised there innovations many times.

    1. The prediction was off. It wasn’t on May 21st, it was on June 4th! 8>O

      Glad to know I’m not crazy for looking forward to the Nintendo conference. We need something sweet to wash this bitter launch-window taste out of our mouths.

  1. I’m a fan of shooters, and even I am sick of the genre. I agree, we need really good RPGs and high quality platformers. De Blob and Super Mario Galaxy proved that platformers have an important place in the modern world of gaming.

  2. Nintendo saved the video game industry in the ’80s, and all anyone ever does is rip on them. Well, at least THIS guy is getting something right. Shooters are so generic nowadays, they all seem to run together. That’s exactly why I stopped playing my PSP and 360. No originality.

  3. Patcher and other gaming names always kiss Nintendo’s ass when they’re up, but even before main events, they trash talk Nintendo most of the time and return to ass-kissing after a main announcement. They were skeptical about the 3DS, then they were all over Nintendo and the 3DS and Wii, then they said the 3DS had no chance of beating smartphones before release, then the 3DS becomes the favorite system, and then all of a sudden, Nintendo is place in “its last legs.” I do accept that there’s a 3DS and Wii drought, but remember last year it was similar with only Galaxy 2, but then they announced a bunch of games even after the conference. Now they want to act as if they’re the good guys saying that Nintendo “keeps it fresh” even though they’ve been criticizing Nintendo in the last years for not having HD for games like CoD and such. Not to mention, they’ve been backstabbing Nintendo by saying they keep on “remaking” and “rehashing” old games and they’re not original. I just want Nintendo to respond to fans with the games they want and that’s it. Patcher is just happy that his “prediction” of “Wii HD” is finally happening.

  4. Am I going mad? Pachter seems to be actually praising Nintendo, and showing some sort of common sense for a change!

    Really though, this has to be the second time I’ve ever said Pachter is right, and the last one was also this E3.

  5. I agree.. Where’s all the user generated content games at? Little big planet is the future, not going around shooting people

  6. I bet the Dude saw Project cafe and was like ” this thing is awesome’ and now loves Nintendo. lol

  7. Wait, did Pachter make a believable prediction and praise Nintendo in the same statement?

    What is happening?

  8. While I do agree the industry is killing itself with constant shooting games. I find it hard to believ this is the same guy who we all know and loathe

  9. Finally someone gets me. I agree, we need less FPSs that use HALO or CoD as their inspiration and more that use Bulletstorm, Painkiller, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath or Half-Life 2 as their inspiration.

    Just how did Call of Duty become popular again? I mean besides the fact that everyone I know who plays those games are either college jocks, neanderthals or inbred backwoods hillbilly rednecks.

    1. Don’t forget pre-teen/early-teen guys. That’s who I often see eying CoD at Best Buy and the like.

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  11. Patcher… praised Nintendo?

    What the hell? Are you sure that you just didn’t get the name wrong?

    This isn’t even possible.

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