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Nintendo: The Nintendo 3DS System Update Could Cause Ridge Racer To Freeze

Nintendo of Japan has announced that the Nintendo 3DS system update could cause a freezing bug within Ridge Racer 3D. Apparently the bug occurs on the Race Select or Machine Select screens, prior to starting a Single play or Grand Prix race, if you press B. Doing this could cause your game to freeze. If it does then Nintendo of Japan suggests that you hold down the Nintendo 3DS power button and reset the game. Apparently Nintendo will provide a second firmware update in mid-June that fixes the problem.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo: The Nintendo 3DS System Update Could Cause Ridge Racer To Freeze”

  1. Um… I was looking for the update to FIX some bugs… Not create more. Seems like as soon as Nintendo had hardware that could project 3D, they released it.- with shoddy software.

    Come on Nintendo, don’t let me down.

      1. I got the same thing with Splinter Cell 3D. No less than 5 Black Screens through the entire play-through. I didn’t get that with Street Fighter 4 or Ridge Racer. It’s something with the way Ubisoft coded the game?

  2. My nintendo 3ds got the black screen that everybody complained about yesterday for the first time. I hope mine won’t mess up completely. I love nintendo and I don’t them to be the next Microsoft


      I’ve had problems with the music player. It won’t play certain songs when I click on them. Then it will freeze up and go black. But no error message. Paranoid that my 3DS is soon to get the black screen of death or something

    1. It’s tonight the update launches.
      And yes, I made the mistake thinking that it was up this morning, but no it was just a stupid reminder. >:(

      Anybody got a problem on the 3DS freezing on the Friends List? I do. >:(

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        1. apparently there is no glitch I tried it out and it seemed to me that it in fact ran smoother than b4

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