Nintendo Wii U: Epic New Zelda Wii U Screens From Trailer



  1. If I remember correctly, these were actually from a little teaser clip of something different, and not actually from Skyward Sword.

    1. Ignore me. I read “Skyward Sword” in the title somehow. I know it’s from the tech demo.


  2. I’m pretty sure it’s just a tech demo, but it definitely shows the graphics potential on the Wii U. I still wonder, though, what would the Mario franchise look like?

  3. It’s only a tech demo. Maybe in four years we will se something like this on the Wii U. Stop spreading news like this. People get confused.

  4. Reggie said “Please don’t think that those are actual games. They are only a few videos that show the graphical capacities of the Wii U” or something similar. This is not a game in development. Sorry to bring you down =/

  5. Next year, the new Zelda for the Wii U throws away those beautiful HD graphics in favor of…Pixar-esque 3D models. Calling it…

    1. Ahaha I was totally thinking the same thing! It’s gonna be SpaceWorld/Wind Waker all over again, mark my words people…

  6. Hmm, Link in this one looks like his Twilight Princess incarnation… Interesting..

  7. it looks amazing, but I’m a little annoyed that they’re already displaying a new Zelda while barely revealing anything new about Skyward Sword

  8. The graphics are gorgeous. Loving the “darker” look similar to Twilight Princess, maybe the story will take place after TP in the timeline? Can’t wait!

  9. I wonder if this is part of the hazy “Zelda Universe” rumor going around. If so, the suspiciously Twilight Princess looking graphics makes me wonder if this could mark a reappearance of Midna…

  10. Whoa, that looks AWESOME. Still, I wish these games had the option to be left-handed, like the Link in the original Legend of Zelda games.

  11. Yeah, these graphics look terrible. Just look closely. Plus, the new xbox and playstation are going to destroy this thing. Its just a wii and an iPad.

    1. New XBOX and PlayStation? Dude, they JUST released the Kinect & Move, and the Kinect is doing well. You’re not going to see a new console from either of those two companies until 2014 at the EARLIEST. Think about it: they haven’t even announced one yet, and 2011 is half over. If they announce it in 2012, then it won’t be out until late 2013 / mid 2014.

      Besides, the graphics on this aren’t horrible. They’re just as good as 99% of the 360 games you see out there. And you know what’s really sad about that? This is just a very, very early tech demo (system is almost a year away from coming out, so yes, very early) based on an existing game… and it looks as good as many current-gen 360 games, games which have had 6+ years of time with the XBOX360 to practice for. That’s saying quite a lot, especially since this Zelda demo is the least graphically impressive demo that Nintendo showed (the “virtual city” demo is far, FAR more impressive).

      Stop being such a blind fanboy. I have a Wii, AND an XBOX360, and I still plan on getting this. Because at the end of the day, I’m not just loyal to one company and ignore the rest: I love games. Good games. And if a system has them, I’ll play them. Period. And this system has the potential to have a ton of great games.

      “Wii and an iPad”? You couldn’t possibly have made a dumber statement if you tried. First of all: Wii = 90+ million units sold, a huge success. iPad = also HUGELY successul, and full of potential (just ask the millions of developers who are making apps for it, and the dozens of iPad clones that other companies are putting out now that they realize it’s a great product). So… having those two combined is… a bad thing? Are you insane?

      And it’s not “just a Wii and an iPad,” It’s a Wii on steroids, with HD graphics, larger media storage, better online setup (from what we hear), more third party support, and a more classic controller button layout… and an iPad like OPTIONAL controller functionality. And that concept alone is great. No more having to pause a game to bring up an item menu, or look at a map: just quickly glance down, swipe your finger over to switch menus, or touch to pick an item really quickly, etc. No more having to press a button mid-race to see a rear-view mirror, just glance down for a persistent rear-view video playing right there in your hands. There are TONS of possibilities.

      And just watch: Sony and MS will do something VERY similar, and then you’ll be singing it’s praises when you can play Halo or Modern Warfare with it. So for the time being, stop being such a blind, ignorant fanboy (who trolls a Nintendo site, by the way… good job), and just be happy that new gaming opportunities are on the horizon.

    2. Xbox and Playstation came out with motion control years after Nintendo, Kinect is finally being used in the way it should have been when it first came out and Sony have got a 3DTV but you still need glasses! Nintendo are years ahead of these guys!

  12. sorry, but that’s not a new game. sadly, it’s been confirmed to have been just a demo to show Wii U’s graphical power. but i’m sure the actual Zelda for Wii U will look that beautiful.

  13. It better look like this…and it better be a sequel to twilight princess. well really as long as the game looks like this or even better than this, then i’ll be happy :)

  14. Oh and people…I don’t know if it’s just me but the pictures look a little different than the tech demo :/
    Here’s a link to the tech demo now pause the video somewhere at 0:29, now match the frame of the video to the picture at the top of this page…there slightly different.
    Really the difference is that the picture up at the top of this page, Link isn’t as glossy or shiny as he is in the tech demo. And the lighting is a bit more realistic in the photo at the top of the page. And yes the video is in the day time, same as the picture.
    So I think the pictures on this page are what the actual game will look like, I sort of proved it soo…how can I be wrong about this?

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