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Nintendo Wii U: Square Enix Want To Bring Final Fantasy To Wii U

Square Enix has expressed their interest in bring their most loved Final Fantasy series to Nintendo’s recently announced Wii U console. Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that “after seeing Wii U revealed at Nintendo’s conference, we are now considering the possibilities of bringing the Final Fantasy series to the format.” Anyone looking forward to seeing Final Fantasy arrive on Wii U?


41 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Square Enix Want To Bring Final Fantasy To Wii U”

    1. I’d rather Square just sell the rights to Mallow, Geno, Smithy and every other character they own from Mario RPG that Nintendo doesn’t claim ownership to and just make a brand new franchise with those characters. It’s not like they’re using those characters for anything any time soon and with enough thought, it could work. Plus it guarantees Geno in Smash Bros.

    2. So what would Geno’s moves be?

      B: Geno Beam
      Side B: Geno Flash
      Up B: Something to go higher
      Down B: Geno Blast
      Final Smash: Geno Whirl

      Not very interesting.

  1. Noo. The Wii U, I’m only assuming, couldn’t handle PS3 graphics. I know it’s not so important, but it wouldn’t be the same. Let’s say if its older FF(1-5, or something) then sure. But I think it’s a not-so-good-idea. /:

        1. Nah, I think Naxedra is right. I personally would even say FF 1 & 2 could work, the rest would brick your framerate. Clouds hair would burst the display revolution any Wii is capable of.

          1. The Wii U actually supposed to be at least 50% more powerful than the ps3, so I guess the Wii U should be able to run final fantasy XIII and XIII-2 smoothly. Case in point, it’s an excellent idea to develop it for the Wii U, that means giving Square Enix more money

      1. Wow, look at FF5, you all are obvious not getting what he ment. Didnt anybody sense some sort of sarcasm? -.-‘

    1. Let’s see a 5-year or so old console vs. a console not even on the market yet? Have you forgotten Moore’s Law? The Wii U will definitely be better than the PS3 in terms of power and graphic output.

    2. Couldn’t handle PS3 graphics? Dude, the XBOX360 had FF13, and it looked amazing. Not to mention the Wii U is reportedly more powerful than XBOX360 and the original Wii combined, and then some. In other words: it’s the most powerful console (or will be, when it is released next year). That is, until Sony and Microsoft release their next consoles. But that won’t be until late 2013 or 2014 at the EARLIEST, being that it’s halfway through 2011 and neither has even ANNOUNCED a console yet.

      So in conclusion: you’re talkin’ straight out of your arse, lad.

    3. Dude it uses a ibm power 7 cord and a 25 gb disk format. It will be able to have ps3 graphics or better with ease.

  2. How about they add those Nintendo games to the virtual console! Same with dragon warrier (aka quest).

    Not sure if I’d get the newest ones. I loved FF2 (aka 4) and FF3 (aka 6) on the SNES and still wondering why those are not on the VC. DQ however, I’ll gladly get the new ones. Loved 1-6 and 9 (they need to move 7 & 8 to DS).

  3. Having played FF 13, I can say the dialog was bad, the game was too linear, and most of the characters were uninteresting. HOWEVER, I also know there are many variations to the gameplay that can be used with the new controller. Also, that Killer Freaks from Outer Space game from Ubisoft, they seem to have done so much with it, and they have confirmed it’s only been in development for 3 months. THQ has also said that whatever they have of Darksiders 2, it’s already running on Wii U with the early dev kits.

    Back to topic, FF13 has an interesting fiting system, and there are ways to incorporate the new controller without using gimmicks. I would love to see lady Lighting in the next Smash Bros.

  4. i’d rather have a new Tales Of… game for wii U but i guess i have to deal with the 2 i have and tales of the abyss when that comes out for the 3DS

  5. This sounds pretty cool. The only Final Fantasy I have personally played was 4 (and still working on it, occasionally…). I can easily imagine how useful the New Controller will be in this situation.

    Streaming the menu to the New Controller will give the TV more room for epic battle graphics, much like what happened to Pokémon from Diamond & Pearl on up.

  6. It would be really cool to see the Final Fantasy series on a Nintendo home console again, and such a thing could help the Wii U gain some clout with RPG fans. Plus, Square Enix working on a FF game for the Wii U could lead to a few other things: they could be a developer on the new Smash Bros., meaning Geno.

  7. I think that the Wii U would be the perfect console for Square to reunite it’s relationship with Nintendo. In fact, I think that they should take off from where they left off: with Wii U remake of Final Fantasy VII. That’ll blow some major heads and the Wii U is MORE than capable of handling a hi-def title of that caliber.

    Boom. Nintendo’s Back.

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  9. I REALLY hope they mean actual Final Fantasy. Not the shit they’ve been pumping out on the Wii the past few years (Although XIII isn’t much better.)

    Get us Dragon Quest (I wonder if X is now a Wii-U title?), Just Cause, Tomb Raider and Nier franchises onto the console too while you’re at it. Would prefer them over Final Fantasy anyday. (Oh and Kingdom Hearts too)

  10. YES! I would like to see FFXII-2 on the Wii U cuz both the system and the game will be released in 2012 =D

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  13. It’s been a while since Square and Enix betrayed Nintendo 64 for their storage limitations and high ROM cart manufacturing cost and time.

    Let’s savour this moment and see Square Enix support Nintendo again.

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