Nintendo 3DS: Shigeru Miyamoto Wants StarFox To Return To Its Roots

Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed to Gamespot that he wishes to return the StarFox franchise back to its roots. Miyamoto told the gaming publication that he feels the StarFox franchise managed to lose its way with games such as Rare’s Gamecube title StarFox Adventures. Now, Shigeru Miyamoto wants StarFox returning back to its Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 roots. Is this something you would like to see, or are you after some more StarFox Adventure style titles?

“Well, for me personally, I have an idea that I wanted to kind of bring Star Fox back to its origins,” said Miyamoto.

“So obviously over the years we’ve done different things with the Star Fox franchise, things like Star Fox Adventures and whatnot.

“But one thing that I really wanted to do was to bring it back to where it originally came from, which was that kind of romantic idea that guys have of flying a kind of fighter jet or a spaceship and doing battles in air, like Top Gun.”

“So I think there are a couple of things, and one is that the original Star Fox 64 came out now 14 years ago. So obviously kids nowadays haven’t experienced that game, and the same I think could be said for Ocarina of Time. It’s a tough balance. You can’t make everything at once.

“We felt that it would be better to take the original game and revamp it in 3D with some new features so that people can experience that again, if they’ve already played it. Or they can experience it for the first time and we would be able to get the games out more quickly, rather than necessarily trying to create a whole new game from scratch, from the ground up.”



  1. Starfox Adventures was still a cool game, once you see through the fetch-quests. The graphics, at the time, were absolutely incredible as well. Easily the best part of the game though was when you got in your ship and flew through space, so I can see why Miyamoto-san would think this x]

    1. It’s a good game in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a travesty of a Star Fox game.

  2. Oddly, it was Miyamoto’s idea in the first place to have Fox out of the cockpit and focus on other things rather than space combat.

    1. If your very successful in what u do, u have the right to experiment.

      If i made a character and he became an epic pirate and it was a great story/game,whatever and I made loads of money, I wouldn’t see any problem in the future to make that pirate go home and start a banana smoothy joint. Every one would hate him for it, but it was worth the try, so now he is back in a pirate ship looting and plundering like always.

      Again, very few people have that right to try making age old characters do things that the fan base was never expecting or liked. Miyamoto is one of those people who has earned the rep to try stunts like this, and I see him doing it again sometime.

  3. Star fox adventures main problem was that it made the characters look garbage. A really old peppy, the ship all ugly. Star fox assault brought back the franchise to its roots but with added on foot missions which I thought were fine. Of course star fox 64 is my favorite game of all time but for a sequel to it they must do something fresh as well.

  4. Talking about rare, i would love a banjo game inc3ds, and im still waiting for a wi-fi multiplayer in star fox 3ds :)

  5. lol, well that’s sort of a silly argument. Star Fox Adventures was initially a completely new IP by rare (called dinosaur planet it something), before nintendo was concerned it wouldn’t sell well and slapped the star fox logo on the box.

    And didn’t star fox assault have a bit of what he was talking about? I understand that game wasn’t spectacular, but I don’t know why people write it off completely.

  6. One of my favorites was Star Fox: Assult. It had the best of both worlds, and I loved the original Star Fox. The writing I think, also helped with the story of Assult. It was very epic. Assult is my favorite Star Fox game for that reason. It was epic, there was ground play, starbattle play, and introduced new characters who’s stories were very detailed. And it didn’t feature Andross as the bad guy for once. Andross annoyed me lol.

  7. Can I say it’s weird that this article comes up a day after I played Star Fox on my SNES?

    Of course I agree for Star Fox to go back to it’s roots!

  8. The idea of on-foot run gunning was neat, but in my opinion, very poorly executed.

    They should have a game that’s 95% in air, classic starfox, with the other 5% being on foot missions. I’m thinking gameplay similar to Uncharted, but with a main goal, like find slippy’s crashed ship, or sneak into wolf’s lair.

    That would be great. The problem with all other on-foot starfox games is that all movements seem to be really really bulky. It’s a pain.

  9. i liked the foot missions but i prefer sword fighting a fps games. like the metroid games (some of them like hunters) and i like the legend of zelda… do i need to say which one for two resons
    they are all awesome and…
    what is the best one? answer that easily.

  10. We want a starfox like the snes one. A tron like design with cartoony characters in a cool spacy tron like high end r-type like design.

    Foot missions should be a free add-on or DLC so that nintendo can experiment with making a halo multiplayer type of game with local air combat.

    1. that’s a sweet idea, foot missions for spot pass data. They can do this for mission based mode and multiplayer kinda like call of duty map packs

  11. Ok, Miyamoto talks about Star Fox battles in the air, but he doesn’t really mentioned the Landmaster missions. I hope he doesn’t plan on exclusing those. Just having air battles is kind of boring (like Star Fox Command) in my humble opinion. A combination of the Arwing and Landmaster missions like Star Fox 64 would be great.

    I would welcome more foot missions like Assault, maybe tweat the controls a bit.

  12. Just a comment out there, I think I’m the only person that thinks Star Fox Assault is the best game in the series. My favorite to least favorite order (not counting original SNES version because I never played it and it is not canon)

    1. Star Fox Assault
    2. Star Fox 64
    3. Star Fox Command
    4. Star Fox Adventures

    Star Fox Adventures I just didn’t like, because the characters looked horrible. Star Fox Command was a little dramatic for a video game storyline, and made me sad at times. 64 came at a close second where flight in video games was mastered and considered by many to be best Star Fox. Assault just did it for me; great looking characters, excellent soundtrack, wonderful plot, fantastic levels… I love having on-foot, landmaster, and arwing all being used. If I got another game like Assault, but a brand new Star Fox entry, I would be extremely happy. I wouldn’t mind another 64 esque one I suppose either.

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