Nintendo 3DS: Sakurai Talks Kid Icarus Uprising Online

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator behind Kirby and Super Smash Bros recently took the opportunity to answer some fan based questions on IGN.

One of the questions that Sakurai was asked was whether or not Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS will feature an online multiplayer mode to compliment the confirmed local play. Sakurai wouldn’t give a direct answer, but did state that it’s something the team may consider adding. Would you like to see a online multiplayer mode for Kid Icarus: Uprising?

“Will the multiplayer mode be online as well as local?”

We’re still in the middle of looking at the options for the wireless multiplayer mode, and I would say it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility that we might end up not being able to implement the Wi-Fi online mode, but we’re moving forward in development with the understanding and intention of making that a feature”.



  1. The game looks rather solid, but it would always be no higher than a 4/5 if it didn’t have Wifi play. In todays gaming world not having that feature is just a letdown and will actually stop a lot of people from buying the game. Without Wifi, once you beat the game you can either play the game again or just set it down forever. Wifi gives people who don’t live close to friends a chance to spend time playing a game they love with people they don’t know.

  2. He better. Not putting online in Star Fox 64 3D killed the multiplayer in my eyes. 3DS is still not very popular and it’s hard to find anyone who has one around me.

  3. I think he could have worded his answer better. I’m sure what he meant was that online should be happening unless something goes horribly wrong with it in development, but the way he phrased it made online multiplayer sound much more unlikely than it actually is.

  4. HELL YA IT SHOULD THAT WOULD MAKE THE GAME A MILLION TIMES BETTER, it would be fun to test your skills against others but i always finish campaign atleast once before i touch multiplayer… in gets me the hang and makes me better

  5. I have to agree that online play makes a game last longer. Even if you don’t care for online, I prefer that most games feature online, because once you beat it, chances of replaying it again and again are slim. (depending on the game, of course)

    I hope this has online.

  6. F the online and F the multiplayer. Kid icarus is about solo player and eggplant wizards, no need for lame angel missions for me.

    1. lmao, eggplant wizards. They did’nt mention they were in the game but that would be too funny

      1. Actually, they did. They even showed a screen shot of him. Everyone was laughing about it at E3 last year…

  7. If there’s no online for kid icarus or star fox, I’ma be mad as hell. There’s gonna be no replay value. You know how hard it’s gonna be to find a group of ppl with the same game just to play locally. Your talking 5 other ppl with a 50/50 chance that they have kid icarus or star fox

    1. *sigh* Starfox is confirmed, no online capabilities and Kid Icarus is still… well… you know. They wanted Starfox 3D to be exactly like the 64 version.

  8. But then why did they put wi-fi capabilities in my sweet 3d device if they keep leaving it out of their own games? This confuses me greatly.

  9. They better put online because Nintendo said that the 3ds is more connected to online than any other console before it, so they might as well make all the multiplayer games wifi.

  10. i really want the game and i love online games you know if they put it online more ppl would buy the game just so they can play online with ppl they don’t know

  11. So far the only good game with online is Mario Kart… I might end up selling my 3ds soon…

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