Nintendo Wii U: Miyamoto Says Wii U Won’t Be Much More Powerful Than Rival Consoles

Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console won’t be that much more powerful than existing consoles on the market, such as Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The reasoning behind this is due to cost, as Nintendo want to make a machine that powerful, yet affordable to consumers. Has Nintendo made a mistake doing this, or is this the logical thing to do?

“When you look at what we’re trying to do this time, which is I think maybe to a certain degree somewhat reckless, because we’re trying to include this somewhat kind of tablet-like device – this controller with the screen,” said the producer.

“We’re trying to do that by finding the right balance between the CPU and the GPU, the graphics processor, and bringing all of that together with the ability to take advantage of the HD capabilities of the system, and wanting to do the most that we can on that front as well.

“We’re very sensitive, of course, to trying to do all of this at an appropriate price. So I don’t know that we would be able to sit here and say that it’s going to necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now. It’s part of the balance that we strike in terms of trying to find entertainment that is new and unique.”



    1. the Wii U won’t be cheap the Gpu and Cpu are to powerful an openGL only comparabl to DX11 and a power7 dased cor prosessor

  1. I like this. :D Nintendo remembers that a gaming console is more than the pretty picture it can produce. Some type of technological advancement needs to be considered, innovation needs to be tried for, and the most important thing is to shoot for affordable fun. :) I’m not looking for or expecting all of the pricey bells and whistles found in other hardware. Link can save the princess without a Blu-ray player in his inventory. XD

  2. It’s kind of disappointing, but understandable, ’cause I know Miyamoto doesn’t want to pull a 599 US dollars stunt on everyone.

  3. Not suprising. Nintendo really don’t have to try and compete with Sony and Microsoft for the best graphics. It didn’t stop the Wii selling

    1. thay have the most expensive shit thay can i mean if Zellda is going to use more power and look better than the demo that thay showed at E3 and the demo was all redy more powerful than PS3 and Xbox360 by a good margin then we are only getting 10% of the story this is a monster system thought their was more to the story way more than 50% more powerful than PS3 more like 100% at least all so look at what thay said at ninteengen at a shear holders metting president fo Nintendo said the openGL is comparable to DX11 him self we are looking at atleast 350$ if not 400$

      1. I love Nintendo games and Wii games. In the first years Wii graphics were OK, but nowadays with HDTVs for example, Wii graphics hurt our eyes..

        And worse… with bad graphics and bad power processing we can’t have all of Zelda, Mario or Metroid can bring to us.

        I hope Nintendo doesnt dissapoint me and third parties… as well Sony dowsnt release ps4 and ms realeases 720 in the next 4 years at least.

  4. Well I think maybe you miss interpreted the quote.

    Although he says it won’t dramatically outperform the current consoles it doesn’t say it won’t be at least 50% more powerful which has already been quoted by Satoru Iwata.

    At 50% more processing capabilities it will not be dramatically more powerful but will be enough for it to be very noticeable and therefore more then enough to pull in the consumers.

  5. …well as a fan since the nes i will buy this out of loyalty

    but i wont be happy about it

    1. what a stupid thing to do, if you won’t be happy don’t buy it, I actually prefer an affordable console.

    2. how can you not like it, it will be 50% more powerful than any other console, and it will still be affordable!

    1. Power is everything, ask anyone who has it.
      Titles are just as important, however, and that is why I’m iffy about this new, (and frankly any) console from Nintendo. I apologize for any offence, but there were only 3 good games that were exclusively for the Wii. SSB:B, MarioKart, and Twilight Princess. I will suck it up and buy this new console for the “new-stalgia” of taking Link and Mario on new adventures, but until I see a title of “Call of Duty” proportions from Nintendo, I’m not going to be happy about it. Remember, Miyamoto, its called “gaming.” SO DON’T NEGLECT THE POWERGAMERS.

      1. “Call of Duty” “Powergamers”
        I don’t think a bunch of drunken frat boys count as “powergamers”

        So far I have yet to see fun games designed for core gamers such as Cave Story reach the 360 PS3 audience. Nintendo seems more willing to work with indie games than the other two are.

      2. Only 3 good games for the Wii? What about Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid: Other M, Monster Hunter Tri, Super Mario Bros Wii, Okami, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2.

        Clearly your not a Wii owner, neither a Game Cube owner, or you’d know that Twilight Princess is not an exclusive.

        1. Get No more heroes out of your argument and your fine. Well the new Metroud wasn’t amazing too. The other games are great.

          1. You know Metroid: Other M was supposedly “bad” because of Samus with annoying voice.. that wasn’t a problem at all. That doesn’t affect gameplay or graphics, that were 360-like.. And everyone forgotted Red Steel 2 or MadWorld..

      3. I will disagree with u , the power gamer community is just the loudest community, but by far not the biggest community, market shows the casual gamer is the biggest community.

        that being said the Wii-U does not need to be allot more powerful than the ps3, the Xbox its a given, since its the oldest, it will be the easiest to out maneuver. The Reason it does not need to be way more powerful is for 2 reasons.

        1) PS3 games do not even use the full power of its 8 cores and other hardware, hardware tech is accelerating way faster than software technology. Meaning that Nintendo can put awesome hardware in there and not use it for 3-4 years.

        2)Have u seen what Devs over at Nintendo can do with the Wii? Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy 2, look amazing, and the Wii hardware is TOTAL garbage, max output is ONLY 480p. So we can imagine what the master Devs at Nintendo can do with even just a slight increase in power.

  6. The title of the article is misleading, as Miyamoto-san said it wouldn’t “dramatically outperform” the other consoles. He never said that it “isn’t much more powerful than” they are. It can be significantly (noticeably) more powerful without being “dramatically” so.

  7. As long as the have a fun, sophisticated, useable interface, something that can’t be said about the Wii and 3DS.

    It’s because of the Wii I jumped ship to another platform. I hope they can reel me back in in 2012!

    1. Oh, you did not just say that. I’ll go ahead and say 3D Dot Game Heroes before anyone else has the chance to.

      I’m also with the people who say the title of this article is a misinterpretation.

  8. I understand completely about price, the wii was only 250 which was a good price for alot of consumers even in this recession. So if you skyrocket the price, the only ppl who buy most likely is the hardcore. But don’t get down cuz the system is still quite more powerful than the others. and if you READ VERY CAREFULLY, Nintendo mentions they CAN make an EXTREMELY more powerful system.

    1. where did they say that they can’t? Nintendo always checks the price of the console before it’s launch, always, it’s not that they can’t, they are the most experienced franchise at videogames, and may be the gratest of all too, I’m happy with wii’s price, games, nobody has my credit card information (like PS3) and I play on internet freely, and yet I payed like half of the price of PS3… so.

  9. I think the blueray player should be installed, but not activated (to save licensing fees) and offer Blueray as an optional purchase from the Nintendo store to enable it (So the consumer that use it pay the royalties and the ones who don’t won’t have to)

  10. The difference between this and the Wii, though…. is the HD. What made everyone think there was such a huge difference between the Wii and the PS360 was the HD. It won’t be that much of a noticeable gap this time.

  11. Omg people read It is more powerful but not to the extreme!!! No wonder obama said read instead of playing games because some of you truly don’t read. While I admit the wii is not my favorite console, the reason is not because of the visuals but because of the lack of star fox, viewtiful joe, and truly good sonic games. I still have more wii games than the xbox 360.

  12. Very well done Nintendo! I have to agree, i don’t want to buy a console which is too much and I don’t care about power, it’s about the games!

  13. I think the keyword here is “dramatically.”

    It’s not going to be SNES to N64.

    But it will be significantly more powerful than PS3. If the 50% more powerful quote is to be believed, then the Wii U is quite a beast. At a reasonable price considering its features.

    We’re getting to diminishing returns on GPU power, folks. Not the processing capabilities, but the actual display and immediate consumer appreciation. Your mainstream and even some of your more hardcore gamers can’t really tell the difference between the PC, 360 and PS3 versions of any given game at a glance. If it requires research to tell the difference, then there IS no difference.

    For MS and Sony to have an appreciable jump from PS360 to PS4/720 AND copycat the Wii U controller, they will be forced to make their consoles $600 or more. Which means they’ll either do that and price themselves out of the market, or they’ll hold off on a “generation jump” and try to fend off Wii U with a screen controller of their own, or they’ll go for processing power only and hope consumers can tell the difference between this 1080p screenshot or this 1080p screenshot. The last method is the riskiest, because if the Wii U’s expanded game functionality takes off, then MS and Sony will be holding the bag with dated controls yet again. Remember, they both have really expensive motion controllers to support as well, as opposed to Nintendo having called it a day with Wii Remote Plus. To have to play catch up with more screen controllers would be maddening.

    1. Given Jack Tretton’s latest quote saying, “nothing about the Wii U makes us want to rush out a new console”, I think Sony’s going to try to make the PS3 last for a little while longer.

      1. Like Adrian said, remember when Reggie said the Wii had a long, healthy life ahead of it last year? How about when Smash Bros. was going to come out on December 3rd, 2007? We’re talking about Sony, but it’s something to consider about the entire industry.

        I am of the opinion, though, that Sony are sticking to their guns with this “10-year plan” thing. The mention of it at their conference this month only validated this view, and they don’t have any urgent prod like the Wii had. I was willing to believe they’d put one out in 2014, but now I’d buy Sony sticking to the PS3 until 2016.

        I could still go with the prediction of the next Xbox coming in 2014. We don’t know if any work is being done currently as the Crytek rumor was debunked by Crytek themselves, but at the same time it wouldn’t be insane to think 720 could hit in 2014.

  14. You people need to invest time in reading the article. Again, Miyamoto is saying he doesn’t need to dramatically outperform current gen.

    Translation: It will outperform, but not by a HUGE MARGIN that will make everything cost big bucks.

    Critical reading skills please.

  15. I interpret this as good news. While the console will be more powerful than the current gen, perhaps %50 more – and this will give developers much freedom, it won’t be pixar-quality thereby spiking the price to something that isn’t marketable. Nintendo always thinks about us. P.S., the Wii is my favorite console so far, and I’m proud of it.

  16. I see this as nintendo coming into this generation of consoles too late and with sony and microsoft very likely to come out with their new consoles at next years E3 this console will work find for nintendo fans who just want an HD mario and smash brothers but will not offer anything to appeal to current owners of both a PS3 and a 360. I buy everything gaming is my addiction but for the average one console a generation consumer I do not see them buying a Wii U if the new 360 or ps4 are announced and known about when its launched.

    1. Neither the Microsoft nor Sony would have anything to gain by releasing a new console. With current technology, there isn’t much they can do other than increase the price for a marginal increase in performance. The 360 and PS3 both still have plenty of life left in them, and releasing a new console would do more harm than good.

  17. it would be great if the wii U was as powerful or more powerful than the 360 and PS3. but really, it’s about the games themselves. if we get lots of amazing titles and less shovelware, then that’ll be fab.

    1. seriously, does ANYONE read the article, or do they just start commenting without knowing what’s happening?

  18. Well, it says it won’t be ridiculous mroe powerful, but it’ll definitely be an 8th gen system in terms of performance. I’m guessing the tablet controller is holding them back. Plus, more power means more heat generated. In PC’s, when you add that much power, you are required to have a really good cooling system to dissipate heat, otherwise, it’s going to fry your system after continuous use. In a console, a really good cooling system would be needed since players play for hours and hours.

    Plus, IBM has said that the Wii U uses the same CPU they have in their Watson super computer, which is a Power7 CPU, not to be mistaken by PowerPC. That alone easily beats the ps3 and 360 in terms of power. Couple that with an old, but really good Vcard, and you have a system with a lot of power.

  19. I’m a bit tired of hearing the so called “gamers” that core and “power” gaming is about COD or similar titles. I’ve never had to repeat a mission in FARCRY for example more than two times, while playing SMGalaxy or Sunshine, I’ve replayed many levels until getting it. So, maybe you, “core” gamers, should try something different instead of thinking that “gaming” is only what you play (titles which are most of them the same, with boring missions and a total lack of originality in HD). Personally I find all those titles plain boring. For me the fun is the most important thing and I’m sure WiiU will have plenty of it in HD and with very good quality standards as always.

    1. Lol, agreed, “hardcore” games aren’t as hard as people say, galaxy and super smash bros wii gives me harder times :P

  20. Why is this a bad thing? Game developers aren’t going to spend the time and money making games that exceed what they are already doing, just for one console. The 360 and PS3 are still going strong, and there’s not much of an improvement that can be added to them with current technology. So keeping the WiiU at or slightly above the current hardware is completely logical, especially since it’s at an affordable, reasonable price range of about $300.

  21. Graphics are good but what’s the use of graphics if the game isn’t fun, and a little bit cheap. I remember when games use to cost $30-40 and they were new. I hope the console cost from
    $200-400 because if it’s over that I am not going to buy it, i’ll wait for some sucker to buy it and go to their house and play it there.

  22. Am I the only one who thinks that Xbox 360 and PS3 games already look AMAZING? If the WiiU was just as powerful as either of those I’d be over the moon.

    1. the wii u is going to be significantly more powerful than the 360/ps3, but not dramaticly, to keep a good price.

  23. I think this is a good idea. The PS3 and Xbox graphics are amazing enough already, and the Wii U is just higher than that. I think in my own opinion that Nintendo is making the right choice.

  24. People love Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics. He said they will be better than those but probably not MUCH better. We’re not going to get some pretty looking system with games that look like shit. We’re getting a pretty system with games that will look a but better than what we already have. Graphics can only get so much better until it’s scary. Do we really want a GTA with graphics so great it looks real?

  25. This just makes me think of the PS3 and 360 fanboy reactions to the 3rd-Party sizzle reel. It’s proof that most people can’t really detect graphical advancement these days. We’re far enough along for there to not be NES-SNES sized leaps, let along a SNES-N64 leap.

  26. uhm…nintendo owns one player and offline multiplayer games… xbox owns online multiplayer..and ps3 has blue ray and web browser ( wii ) and god of war ( the only great title )….so the way I see it, is that nintendo has the best…….always has been what did sega genisis had ??? sonic dreamcast had ????? playstation had tombraider. crash bandicoot ( suxxx ) xbox had halo 1/2 thats it wow…now nintendo has mario, zelda, donkeykong, kirby, smash bros, 007, metriod, yoshi, tmnt 1234, banjo kazooie, ninja gaiden orignal 123, wario lands ( which should be remade) pokemon ( world craze ) and nintendo put out the first and best accsessories ( gun- wheel- wii remote plus- super scope- I CAN KEEP GOING TOOOOOOOOOO

  27. I really don’t mind if it is more powerful or not. I care about the great games and applications more.

  28. From what i’ve been reading its well ahead of the ps3 and xbox360, 50% is quite a bit imagine if your body was 50% burned or missing… thats a lot in that example.

  29. I never did believe in power until I played Uncharted 2. The gameplay was good, the story was good, but the graphics was ridiculously beautiful. The best I’ve seen in a video game. Can’t wait to see what Metroid, Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Fzero, Starfox & so on will look like with HD power.

  30. I think people are making more out of this than it really is.

    Everyone, because of the jump from PS2 to PS3, expects that similar power jump. You’re forgetting that this is a HUGE leap from the Wii to the Wii U. You’re also forgetting that the graphics we have right now are amazing. Sure, when characters looked like boxy clumps of rubbish with flat faces and animated like a stop-motion movie, graphical enhancement from console-to-console was kind of expected.

    But with the graphics we have now, there’s not as big of a leap to take from here. Sure, if you look at PC games, the graphics are intense and amazing, but PCs will ALWAYS be ahead of consoles. So to spend that much money on making a console that good, only to have people complain that the graphics are out of date about 3 months later? Not worth it.

    Nintendo would rather make a console a bit more affordable, a bit more familiar to developers, and just a bit more powerful than current gen, so that they stay in the “butter-zone” for developers and cosumers’ price range. This is an even smart choice especially considering the already expensive controller.

    Am I bummed that this console won’t blow the current consoles out of the graphical waters? Maybe a little bit, but all I really wanted from Nintendo for the past few years, was a 1080p-output console that can do graphics at least AS GOOD as XBOX360, so that I could see my favorite Nintendo IPs in that fashion, and play 3rd party games on it so as not to have to switch over to the XBOX360 to do that (although, I’d still have an XBOX360 for Halo and such).

    And that’s exactly what Nintendo is delivering, only it’s not AS good as XBOX360, it’s even more powerful (more so than PS3 even). So they’re actually exceeding my expectations with graphics, and more than exceeding them by including a more standard controller button layout, and then going even MORE beyond with the inclusion of the touch-screen (not to mention that the touch-screen is less of a gimmick than the Wii-mote was, and is also more of an optional thing rather than the heart and soul of the control scheme).

    This console will be excellent, provided the games are there. For now, it looks like they are. Let’s see if promises turn to deliveries!

  31. how can people not like this, if the wii u is still going to be more powerful than the PS3 and xbox360? graphics can’t go much farter than they are right now, and the wii u being 50% more powerful is already enough for me.

    you’ve all seen that zelda demo. how can anyone not be happy about that?

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