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Nintendo 3DS: No 3D Movies For Netflix On Nintendo 3DS

Numerous gaming websites were reporting earlier this week that 3D movies will eventually be coming to Netflix. Well, it appears that this isn’t the case. The websites that reported the news simply misread the press release Nintendo of America issued regarding Netflix coming to Nintendo 3DS. The 3D part of the press release was actually referring to Nintendo Video which will come to the States later this summer.



46 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: No 3D Movies For Netflix On Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Because they will not use Netflix for that, but a service that is worldwide available. Nintendo said at E3 they will meet up with big companies such as Dreamworks.

      1. I didn’t know that, it would be a lot easier if netflix already provided it though. No rush, I enjoy it

    2. I knew this wouldn’t be the case right off the bat. This would basically be the ONLY portal Netflix would have to distribute 3D streaming movies. Owners of the 3DS are still a minority, as I would also assume of the 3D TV audience.

      If they deal directly with the movie companies themselves, they have a better shot at making 3D movies available on the system.

    3. Who really cares about Netflix anyways? I can get the same stuff OnDemand as Netflix does more or less.

      1. No you don’t. Netflix streaming library is massive. Additionally, unless you run your cable through your 3DS, your statement about what your cable service does or does not do is completely irrelevant.

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    5. Well, Nintendo never said they would offer 3Dmovie through Netflix. Plus, whether 3D movies come to Netflix or not is beyond Nintendo’s hands. To top it off, Netflix is not available everywhere. They simply said they would team up with different companies for movies and stuff.

    6. The PS3 has 3D suppport (provided that you have a 3Dtexting TV), so the Nintendo 3DS would not be the only system to get 3D movies.

    7. I downloaded it and it managed to crash my 3ds. :( After I power cycled it its working fine now..but I was kinda worried for a bit.

    8. I dont mind. since NETFLIX IS ONLY USEFUL IN THE US. I wouldn’t want 3D movies only available to US consumers. They should get a world wide deal. BTW didn’t they say they were doing something with Dreamworks (or Pixar, I forgot ) to make 3D movies available worldwide.

    9. Well, Netflix 3D would be usable on 3D BD players on 3DTVs, the 3DS, the 3D HTC (if Android ever picks up Netflix), the Playbook by Blackberry (if they ever pick up Netflix), and possible future 3D devices. As I agree that this is not Nintendo’s problem, Nintendo did promise us 3D movies at release. They said “How to Train You Dragon” would be release on 3DS launch day, in 3D… My 2 cents.

    10. Netflix needs to get off their asses and give us some 3D content. They raised their DVD prices, so now more people are paying more for that streaming option. I have my Sony 3D TV/PS3 and my Evo 3D, each with Netflix installed, and I plan on getting a 3DS around the holidays so that would give me three platforms to watch 3D movies on.

      1. netflix has streaming 3d content i had netflix on 3ds and 3ds xl and they had 4 too 8 3d movies some one says they noticed 13 3d movies on there 3ds

    11. whiners u want three dee go and get a three dee television set. u sprites using miniature computers make me feel like humphering over the john! what happened to the old days when a chap could smoke a fag and watch the moon walk all in black and white on the old general electric tube! come on kids is it really worth losing your eye sight over just to see three dees?

    12. hi there i have heard 2 reports on 3d movies on netflix for nintendo 3ds first $0.99 extra over $7.99 makes it $8.98 or second is pay $9.99 extra over $7.99 lets say $8 plus $10 per month thats $18 per month and dvd extra $8 thats $26 per month i have heard that hulu will have streaming 3d movies fir the $0.99 per movie

    13. hi there just e-mailed nintendo there resposne was nintendo video service becuase they dont have a clue too 3d movies for 3ds at least a 3d cellphone has a indapendant 3d movie shop and has a didacated 3d mobile tv service soo 3d tv chanels over cell networks

    14. hi there 3D movies are comming nintendo has confirmed new years eve live stream from nintendo video app starts tomarow night december 31 at 6:00 pm too january 2 thats 3 days if streaming 3D or 72 hours of 3D streaming video soo 3D movies starting out slow but will increase with more 3DS owners

    15. hi there yeah htc evo 3d and lg thrill 3d or sony arc s 3d phones you can buy or rent 3d movies on lg thrill its through mspot and htc evo 3d is from block buster app soo you can just buy a 3d phone too watch 3d movies

    16. if movie companies are serious about pushing 3D they should get Netflix to show 3D movies. That’s 16 million users and growing who might be intrigued enough to try it out.

      1. hi there nintendo 3ds and 3ds xl has 51 million units and 2 million new nintendo 3ds xl thats 53 million 3d costermers for the taking at say $7 per month thats a whopping $350,000,000 worth a look netflix

      1. hi there you find 3d movies under search in netflix with y button on consoles or type 3d in search bar here are true streaming 3d movies 3d dive 3d sarfari oscar’s oasis 3d angelo rules 3d and planton invasion 3d

      2. hi there push y button too bring search then search box comes up you put in 3d then all 3d movies come up invasion of planton 3d oscears oasis 3d angelo rules 3d sarfari 3d ocan more 3d movies on the way

      3. hi there mack you open netflix app thers a search bar type 3d movies only 3d movies shop up like with youtube 3d video just say 3d in the movie search bar

    17. hi there you find 3d movies under search in netflix with y button on consoles or type 3d in search bar here are true streaming 3d movies 3d dive 3d sarfari oscar’s oasis 3d angelo rules 3d and planton invasion 3d

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