Nintendo Wii U: Gamestop Believe That If Wii U Is Successful PlayStation 4 And Xbox 720 Will Launch Soon

Executives over at US retail emporium Gamestop believe that if the Wii U becomes a commercial success than this will force Microsoft and Sony to launch their next generation consoles sooner rather than later. Gamestop are currently under the impression that the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles will most likely launch in 2014, but this all dependent on how well the Wii U does.

Management does not expect new hardware consoles from Microsoft and Sony until 2014; however, a successful launch of Nintendo’s Wii U in 2012 could add pressure to accelerate a hardware refresh.



  1. I feel that what Sony and Microsoft do is irrelevant to the gamer landscape. They’re always just copying Nintendo (and insulting them both before and after the fact), so I always feel that their products are just expensive “Chintendo Viis”.

    1. Agreed. If it weren’t for either company occasionally getting games that pique my interest, I wouldn’t even consider giving them my money.

      1. I have had enuf paying for Xbox live or playing average games on my PS3 and bad online on Nintendo but with Xbox getting redy to charg more for Xbox live on next system Wii U changing there online Nintendo and PS will be my system of choice for next gen

  2. And yet somehow the game developers still give them more respect. Why? Is Nintendo it’s biggest enemy?

    1. I honestly want to know what else Sony and micro can offer in they’re next consoles unless they copy as always. I guarantee if they do copy, ppl will still say its next gen and ours is behind. There’s no win win for Nintendo, it all comes down to us loyal fans. Nintendo FTW!!!

      1. Yes exactly I’ve been saying the same thing on IGN and other sites since last month, Sony and MS can only bump up their graphics or copy, simple as that since they aren’t the most innovative

    2. No I think it has more to do with conspiracy or the fact that today’s gamers are a bunch of FPSs crazed elitists who think you only matter if you make games with guns. Ironically, these are the people that will drive to insanity and go on a shooting spree if they don’t get their heads out of their asses by the time the next generation starts up.

  3. Grammar FAIL: (should be read) GameStop BELIEVES that if Wii U is successful PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will launch soon.

    also, who cares about the PS4? its probably gonna be the last Shitty Sony system made due to their mistakes. they lost $3 billion at launch. and much more due to the PSN hack. DEATH TO SONY.

    1. dude, playstation gets the better end of the bargain on it’s console releases for games than xbox, so if death to anything, death to xbox XD. Seriously, i’m sorry, but I find the only redeeming quality in xbox is that it’s online network is the best, other than that, i could care less about it, because i can get plenty of good games on Playstation that are also on xbox, and plenty of phenomenal games that’re only on playstation. Seriously, you can’t beat uncharted, god of war and all the other kickass titles!

      Still, nintendo is also kickass as well, just had to do a little rant even though i love nintendo more.

      1. yeah those ps3 games rock! god of war 3 blew me away! but jack tretton has said the ps4 isn’t going to be as big of a jump like ps2 to ps3 was because they don’t want to lose an ass load of money again, and i don’t blame them. Hopefully the wii u will be successful, sony may copy them because they’re is literally no where else to go. I’ve heard sony may go hands free motion controls like kinect which is a fail because the kinect blows monkey penis. Sony isn’t a bad company but they are quick to talk smack about another companies product then turn right back around and do basically the same thing *cough**cough* the move i wouldn’t be surprized if they’re next-gen console barrows from both nintendo and microsoft.

    2. When referring to a company either form of the word is actually correct. I do usually use the same version of the sentence you do there, though.

      I love Nintendo, but Sony’s definitely my second. At least their online is free. Plus I have to buy a PS4 to play Kingdom Hearts 3 unless S. Enix realizes that Wii U is perfect for it.

    3. @Raymond!
      Grammar FAIL:

      1) You’re supposed to capitalise ‘also’.
      2) It’s not its.
      3) You missplaced periods.
      4) Lack of proper comma usage.

      If you’re going to correct peoples’ grammar, at least make sure you’re educated on the subject.

      Now go away.

  4. Why would they? Wii U is finally just trying to catch up to both of them in terms of graphics and online capabilities.

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking. Why would Sony and Microsoft need to create new consoles when Nintendo is finally playing catch up? Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo. But to boast that the Wii U is more powerful than a PS3 is saying a lot, and not that much at the same time. Yeah it may be more powerful, but keep in mind that the PS3 was released five years ago too, and was in development before that.

      1. Let’s look at the maximum theoretical numbers for the Xbox 360 and PS3 GPUs.

        Triangle Setup
        Xbox 360 – 500 Million Triangles/sec
        PS3 – 250 Million Triangles/sec

        Vertex Shader Processing
        Xbox 360 – 6.0 Billion Vertices/sec (using all 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 2.0 Billion Vertices/sec (using only 16 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 1.5 Billion Vertices/sec (using only 12 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 1.0 Billion Vertices/sec (using only 8 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        PS3 – 1.0 Billion Vertices/sec

        Filtered Texture Fetch
        Xbox 360 – 8.0 Billion Texels/sec
        PS3 – 12.0 Billion Texels/sec

        Vertex Texture Fetch
        Xbox 360 – 8.0 Billion Texels/sec
        PS3 – 4.0 Billion Texels/sec

        Pixel Shader Processing with 16 Filtered Texels Per Cycle (Pixel ALU x Clock)
        Xbox 360 – 24.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using all 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 20.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using 40 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 18.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using 36 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 16.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using 32 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        PS3 – 16.0 Billion Pixels/sec

        Pixel Shader Processing without Textures (Pixel ALU x Clock)
        Xbox 360 – 24.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using all 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 20.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using 40 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 18.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using 36 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        Xbox 360 – 16.0 Billion Pixels/sec (using 32 of the 48 Unified Pipelines)
        PS3 – 24.0 Billion Pixels/sec

        Multisampled Fill Rate
        Xbox 360 – 16.0 Billion Samples/sec (8 ROPS x 4 Samples x 500MHz)
        PS3 – 8.0 Billion Samples/sec (8 ROPS x 2 Samples x 500MHz)

        Pixel Fill Rate with 4x Multisampled Anti-Aliasing
        Xbox 360 – 4.0 Billion Pixels/sec (8 ROPS x 4 Samples x 500MHz / 4)
        PS3 – 2.0 Billion Pixels/sec (8 ROPS x 2 Samples x 500MHz / 4)

        Pixel Fill Rate without Anti-Aliasing
        Xbox 360 – 4.0 Billion Pixels/sec (8 ROPS x 500MHz)
        PS3 – 4.0 Billion Pixels/sec (8 ROPS x 500MHz)

        Frame Buffer Bandwidth
        Xbox 360 – 256.0 GB/sec (dedicated for frame buffer rendering)
        PS3 – 20.8 GB/sec (shared with other graphics data: textures and vertices)
        PS3 – 10.8 GB/sec (with 10.0 GB/sec subtracted for textures and vertices)
        PS3 – 8.4 GB/sec (with 12.4 GB/sec subtracted for textures and vertices)

        Texture/Vertex Memory Bandwidth
        Xbox 360 – 22.4 GB/sec (shared with CPU)
        Xbox 360 – 14.4 GB/sec (with 8.0 GB/sec subtracted for CPU)
        Xbox 360 – 12.4 GB/sec (with 10.0 GB/sec subtracted for CPU)
        PS3 – 20.8 GB/sec (shared with frame buffer)
        PS3 – 10.8 GB/sec (with 10.0 GB/sec subtracted for frame buffer)
        PS3 – 8.4 GB/sec (with 12.4 GB/sec subtracted for frame buffer)

        Shader Model
        Xbox 360 – Shader Model 3.0 / Unified Shader Architecture
        PS3 – Shader Model 3.0 / Discrete Shader Architecture

        Xbox 360 has the advantage in most cases.

        Some PS3 GPU (RSX) specs are still not confirmed as final. It’s assumed to have 24 pixel pipelines, 8 vertex pipelines, 8 ROPS (raster), and 550MHz clock speed. But any of those could change, especially the clock speed.

        Are there any other GPU spec categories worth adding?

        UPDATE: RSX figures were updated to represent GeForce 7 based architecture with 24 pixel pipelines, 8 vertex pipelines, 8 ROPS, 500MHz core, and 650MHz memory. In other words, it dropped from 550MHz/700MHz to 500MHz/650MHz.


        GPU HD 4870
        GPU Frequency 750 MHz  
        ALU Frequency 750 MHz  
        Memory Frequency 900 MHz  
        Width of the Bus Memory256bits
        Memory Type GDDR5
        Memory Quantity 512 MB
        Number of ALUs 800  
        Number of texturing units 40
        Number of ROP 16
        Shading Power 1.2 TFlops  
        Memory Bandwidth 115.2 GB/s  

        Process Technology 55 nm  
        Generation 2008  

        Ok so the big things that stand out are bandwidth. The current hd system have around 10-20gb the wiiu will have 115gbs do you see that difference it’s like 10-5x more. The possible top is very near. The hd5000 series is 150gbs yet it requires a two pci spaces and way more power this more heat even if it is shrunk to 22nm. 

        Plus we are talking about 800-400 shader processors not 30avg in the current hd console. This is also the card that made crysis 1 playable. This is huge. 

        The wiiu is right at the ceiling of pc gpus that will work in a console. Any thing more and you would be paying $300-400 just for the gpu along, we are talking highend size and heat reduction version so the price goes way up. The is not way console could support the hd5000-hd6000 pc cards that are almost bigger than the wii it self and even longer. Even if this happen the only real difference would be a 20 frame per second difference in most games. Even those highend cards struggle with full screen tessellation. 

        Plus the ps3s cell was a failure and needed the rsx because Sony and IBM don’t understand gpus yet or enough to compete with ati/amd or nvidia. 

    2. In terms of power we have no idea if its that much. I heard 50% which is crazy to think and i doubt it but if it was 50% more it would be enough to force reactions from both companies. With that much juice it would give nintendo A MAJOR lead over the competition, and even if the ps4 and neXbox come out they will not be that much more powerful, even if the wii u is behind it couldn’t possibly be another wii situation nintendo should try to make the system a little more powerful before its 2012 release. And they need to give the controllers touchscreen multi-touch functionality! how could they not do it play a real multiplayer game on the controller alone like fruit ninja or something!

      1. “In terms of power we have no idea if its that much. I heard 50% which is crazy to think and i doubt it but if it was 50% more it would be enough to force reactions from both companies. ”

        Iwata is just speaking from specs but the gap is way more when you consider way this gpu can do along with the new CPU which has brand new edram on the chip in huge amounts. The jump in CPU and gpu is more like an early core duo verse a penitum. 

        “With that much juice it would give nintendo A MAJOR lead over the competition, and even if the ps4 and neXbox come out they will not be that much more powerful, even if the wii u is behind it couldn’t possibly be another wii situation”

        No you are wrong. The only difference will be in frame rate which the wiiu already will be sitting at 60fps. You simply don’t need more. This is hd at a responsible spec not on a meager spec that gets you 15-20 fps games. 

        “nintendo should try to make the system a little more powerful before its 2012 release. ”

        Which is what they did. The hd4000 fits the thremal for a console yet it has feature of the current hd6000 minus the brute force because console don’t needs stuff like that. Plus support for the new open gl is in there. So there is not much improvement to be made unless you want over heating consoles. It’s 5 years from getting a hd6000 in a console. 

        “And they need to give the controllers touchscreen multi-touch functionality! how could they not do it play a real multiplayer game on the controller alone like fruit ninja or something!”

        You don’t need multi touch on the screen you have wiimoteplus support which can let you play 4 people on that little screen if you want. Plus you can use the sticks to do multi touch gimmicks because they are only there to replace buttons. On top of every thing nintendo got it right, yet support a pen. That is a major design fix over having a big inaccurate finger covering the action or messing up precision touch controls. Try drawing on an iPad or phone and it’s a glitchy mess. 

        Just because these are stated problems do not mean they are problems because the competition is assuming nintendo fails at design which they don’t. If fact they just got better. 

    3. Nooooooooo wii sold hella more then ps3 and the xbox 360 no need to play catch up.. smh plus all wii u game will output 1080p.. that’s not catching up dummys

    4. I don’t like fan boys thay suck the bick of what ever company thay like even when thay know there are better games thay cannot get on their system makes them look stupid but to those hoow think the Wii U don’t have more power than the Xbox360 or PS3 thay are wrong should look at what Cryteck said about the new dev kits and by the way at E3 thay had under clocked devs that are said to be 50% stronger likely its at least 50% stronger than that

  5. Awesome! I can’t wait to play with a console that’s slightly more powerful than the 5 year old PS3 and attached to an iPa… I mean, a touch screen apparatus thats incapable of multi-touch! So awesome! Can’t wait!!!

    1. Why do so many people find it odd that the controller won’t be touch screen? It plays the game that was on your TV, so unless your TV was touch screen usable, the controller won’t need to be.

  6. What more can Sony and Microsoft do to their systems without copying the Wii U’s controller?

    1. Continue to own nintendo despite the “innovation” of nintendo’s brand new gimmick…er I mean system

        1. Quality. Third party support. Multimedia. Graphics. Exclusives. Online multiplayer. Downloadable content. More original ideas. I could go on.

          1. Then go on…

            They lack everything besides online which isn’t hard to think up… And original ideas… Please… They lack everything in the name of original. Ohh my GOD new call of duty.. Bam.. Not original not a step up to anything and the franchise just keeps getting worse and worse if you played and compared it to the earlier titles.. The only thing keeping xbox and playstation alive is a bunch of 13 year thinking that they are “beast” on call of duty. Pshh

  7. Idk. They said wii was gonna fail and what happened. Now they saying that wii u will prevail and I wonder what’ll happen

    1. Actually they are saying if will fail. First they said it would not be powerful or less than the current systems. Now they are accepting 50% now I guess they truely believe the other systems will be 100-200% more powerful? LoL. All they do is down play any thing about this system.

      Lots of fans want it to fail simple because they think nintendo isn’t the right direction when actually nintendo accepts any direction as long as it bring value to gaming which is what they need. Not value to movies, tvs, social apps etc.

      The simple fact is this is the first true hd console and now you will see why pc gamers complained so much this console gen. It really is night and day. The other systems will be similar to the snes vs a neo geo it will not matter because the games will play the same.

  8. I will buy the wii u and ps4. I have a 360 and I get bored. Not many good games. I’m tired of halo and cod (which to be fair is on both systems). Again sony and ms will diss nintendo and copy them. They can’t be original. Ms has online but that’s it. I’m not a huge online gamer so I could care less about extra features. Sony has good games I love that are different than just another shooter.alo and cod (which to be fair is on both systems). Again sony and ms will diss nintendo and copy them. They can’t be original. Ms has online but that’s it. I’m not a huge online gamer so I could care less about extra features. Sony has good games I love that are different than just another shooter.

  9. Nintendo is gonna rule the next generation of games too. Then Sony and Microsoft will copy them as usual and everyone will act as if it was their idea to begin with.

  10. I wish SEGA would make a new console, a navy blue one. As the leading Japanese publisher they could actually hold a fair bit weight in todays market. Considering every game by SEGA released in the past 6 years – if they where all only available on a SEGA console then that would have made for a sweet buy. Add in an exclusive DreamCast Virtual Console with an updated controller to compete with WiiU and we would have some interesting competition for Nintendo, just like the good ‘ol days. Ahhh, good times.

  11. ☆ The first motion sensing controller was Le Stick made for Atari2600 & commodore64.

    ☆ Mario= Popeye rip-off, made when Nintendo were taken rights of using Popeye in a game. Olive Oil = Pauline, Brutus = Donkey Kong. (Look at Commodore64: Donkey Kong, and you’ll notice similar art styles: Mario has one eye close and has Popeye chin)

    ☆ Universal Studios wanted to sue Nintendo for King Kong rip-off. And the funniest part was Nintendo wanted to sue Rare (oh, the irony) because they were jealous that Rare made a better version of Donkey Kong. When Nintendo saw how much it was $elling, they decided to keep that ver$ion. However, Miyamoto expressed how stupid Americans were for prefering the Donkey Kong with better graphics (jealousy is a disease Mr Miyamoto, get well soon).

    ☆ GBA SP design is a rip-off of flip phone. Nintendo said, since flip phones were popular at the time, they decided to copy the de$ign LOL.

    ☆ One of the reasons Nintendo fears of releasing Earthbound to America is because of all the stolen pop-culture references and copyrighted materials.
    ☆ Nintendo is currently being sued by Tomita Technology for patent infringement. Patent has many similarities to the technology found in the 3DS.

    ☆ Nintendo didn’t invent 3D technology, not even the glasses-free version.

    ☆ Sega was first to use CD; Sony made it popular; Nintendo copied & $topped production of cartridge based games for home consoles.

    1. That’s true, When Ninty saw Playstation using CDs & getting popular – even pwning the n64 in the process, Ninty Then Copied & started using CDs too LOL! XD

        1. You are making false statements to make Nintendo (a childrens’ play thing) appear good. That’s sad and pathetic. Are you sure you’re not the “troll”?

          “Playstation is a game console made by Sony.”

          “Nintendo was interested in CDROM/XA being developed by Sony ← & Philips simultaneously.”

          “Nintendo approached Sony [not the other way around] to develop a CDROM add-on tentatively called SNES-CD.”

          Look that up genius, or I can give you links if you want to continue “playing” stupid.

        2. Here’s more to add to your butthurt: SONY SPC-700 processor used as eight-channel sound board set in the Super Nintendo. That’s why so many people claim SNES had the best music/sound effects.

      1. Nintendos never used CDs, they use there own discs. They were going to use CDs for the Super Nintendo with Sony, cancelled the project, so Sony released the perephial as a standalone console.

  12. Yup knew this would happen. And like eveyone else, I agree that the other two companies will try to copy nintendo again.

    And what’s with the grammar crap? Stop being a troll dude. It’s the Internet, you can type how you want.

    Oh, and I hope Skyrim gets. Wii U counterpart. Using the touch screen for the menu (or Pip-Boy!!!!) would be so awesome!

  13. Here’s what happens:

    Nintendo Announces there new console along with a controller, which will revolutionise gaming.
    Nintendo haters bash by calling it a “gimmick.”
    Nintendo releases it’s console, Sony and Microsoft copy it, maybe adding a few more features such as multi-touch.
    Sony and Microsoft will announce there new console.
    Nintendo Haters will repeatedly swarm the internet in search of any forum or youtube video related to gaming, and repeatedly say that “Nintendo got pwned” or “have fun using your single touch controller” and may even go so far as to say “Sony and Microsoft are the real innovators of gaming, Nintendo just releases half baked products which will fail.”

    I’ll put my money on it.

  14. I hope they dont rush it, plus I have been considering getting a ps3, but a ps4 announcement would make it hard

    1. Give me one example of Nintendo not leading in tech innovation besides HD? Surely that was a typo on your part?

      1. Microsoft was #1 in inovation not Nintendo.

        Also calling someone a troll for not agreeing with your false statements is childish. Infact, I won’t even take you seriously, your childish post is more than enough to prove I’m arguing with a five-year-old.

  15. In all honesty, I don’t feel that the WiiU is going to be THAT far ahead of the other companies as to instigate them to release new consoles. The WiiU will bridge the gap between this gen and the next–not create one. It will inevitably pave the way for the other companies to eventually bring something out of the woodwork. The 360 still sells EXTREMELY well and the PS3… well, I guess it’s doing alright (never paid any attention to the console). Because of this Microsoft and Sony don’t feel the need to validate the WiiU as a next-gen console and won’t release anything.

    1. “nintendo simply cannot tap into”?

      Are you kidding? You must be a young kid and think “hardcore gaming” began with XBOX or PS2.

  16. i like nintendo & all but to be honest i regret buying the 3DS. it has no games im really interested in & i still think $250 is over priced.

    nintendogs are ALL the same dogs from part1. the only difference now is cats. i got bored of playing it after part1.

    Not interested: in StreetFiv, Sims3, zelda oot3d, starfox64, or animal crossing: been there. done that.

    The only games im really somewhat interested in are kid icarus (which kinda looks like a disney’s hercules+kingdom hearts copy), pokemon mystery dungeon black/white, paper mario 3d(although it seems u won’t be getting a partner, so i might regret money wasted again)

    SM3D: i prefer Mario in a home console like MG2. i don’t like that he moves slow & the game looks way too easy, so i’ll skip that.

    also it takes waay too long for nintendo to release a good game. my 3DS is collecting dust. :(

    also i find myself using more 2D becuz 3D hurts my eyes/i get headaches & its too complicated. i tried to play 3ds on the couch, but i have to keep moving a certain way to get the 3d not to fade. *sigh* also when i try shooting enemies i keep missing. when i use 2d that doesn’t happen… plus i can’t watch youtube videos which is really why i bought it. they said it would & that i’d be more powerful than the Wii, but at least in Wii i can watch youtube on it.*sigh* on top of that, the browser is kinda slow.

    I think i’m going to sell it. :(
    sorry ninty, i’ll just wait for the next DS upgrade to come out.

    long story short: I don’t recommend ppl to buy it. I would wait for 3DSlite or whatever is next. DSi is cheaper & has better games also cheaper. & their lowering the prices on them.

  17. I don’t know about Microsoft but, Sony cant afford to bring out another console for anther few years. They sank too much money into making the PS3 the beast it is today and still haven’t made enough of a profit from it yet.

  18. Gamestop is also the one who predicted a pricepoint, based on nothing at al, 5 minutes after the console was launched. They’re a bunch of knee-jerk artists just trying to grasp at straws and get free publicity. Ignore them.

    Besides, saying, “If Wii U is successful, it’ll put pressure on the other companies” is like stating the sky is blue. Again, they just want free press… and you’re giving it to them.

  19. with the wii u’s success in getting a tonne of support from 3rd parties (now its far more than shown in E3, research it), nintendos new high power innovative console will have the best exclusives out there and also the best 3rd party games. it deserves through the roof sales, just one thing, most people dont know the fact that wii u is 300-500% more powerful than ps3 or that its getting literally sooo much 3rd party support. so research!! find quotes and articles!! then tell people of the wii u’s greatness!! nintendo fans and unbiased gamers in general, educate the idiots who assume the wii u is only just as powerful as the ps3

  20. i feel that it WILL be succesful. BUT i dont believe that a new xbox system will come. just a playstation four, but not too soon since they just released the vita.

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