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Nintendo Wii U: Resident Evil 6 Logo Revealed At Comic Con

Apparently Capcom showed off its next installment of the Resident Evil franchise behind closed doors at this years Comic Con. We know next to nothing about the title but it would be a safe bet to assume it’s coming to Wii U. The game is set to be revealed to the general public on September 15th 2011. Who’s excited?


38 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Resident Evil 6 Logo Revealed At Comic Con”

  1. will it be released after revelations, or before… cause i will want to spend time playing each one a few times.

  2. As long as its scary and nothing like resident evil 4/5 I am fine. Here’s hoping camera angles are back!

    1. Yeah!, static backgrounds and zombies!!, nothing compares to RE0,1,2 and 3 the rest of them are just the same RE characters on a different game, like Kratos on Soul Calibur haha. Actually playing RE3 on PS3.

  3. i wish the logo was the picture instead of the toy. i would LOVE to see this on Wii U! it may be the first Wii U muliplat game i buy with another (360). i better save up at least $1000. for the Wii U, Next Xbox, and RE6 on both systems!

  4. The resident evil series are dead because stupid Capcom decide to Kill the main antagonist, Wesker in RE5

    1. You know that just because Wesker dies in 5 does not mean that they wont make games taking place before 5…

      1. Bet wesker is still alive, just severely disfigured. 5 was a nice little break from the horror, now lets get back to the basics in 6.

  5. yes, Resident Evil 6. You know it’s coming to Wii U. It’s gonna look impressive but I also think they should do it like Revelations.

  6. Not gonna be good. Heard the creator I think it was would not work on this project. So it could be like re5.

  7. I had a strong feeling the reason why Capcom didn’t say anything about Wii U or show any games at E3 was because they were waiting to reveal Resident Evil 6 at the Tokyo Game Show. I’m sure they’ll be showcasing the game on Wii U at E3 2012.

  8. My theory for 6 is that wesker is somehow alive, i mean for crying out loud hes like a god! It would be cool if the parasitic missles slide down in to the lava blew, and revived wesker. That would be epic, we thought he and jill gone at the end of 4 right? Too bad i don’t work for capcom! damn that would be a sick cut scene!

  9. You guys wish. Resident Evil 6 will be on the real consoles The Ps3 & 360. WiiU will be overrated by the nintendo fantards & Soccer moms WiiU will be just like the Wii a overpriced kid toy.

    1. Remember guys don’t feed the troll. He’ll have enough to eat when he puts his foot in his mouth when It’s and exclusive wii u tittle

    2. You call the xbox and piece of shit 3 real consoles. the xbox an ps3 are not true gaming consoles theire only an overpriced blocks of plastic that take up all the space in your room that displays hd graphics that get hacked all the time. and the wii mabey an overpriced toy, but sure as hell get bought more than your xbox and piece of shit 3. and its clear that RE 6 is coming to the Wii U a true HD gaming console.

      1. are u kidding me!? the wii is not for the hardcore gamer. its 4 little kids, that play it for 45 minutes and are done with it and gathers dust. and graphics dont get hacked, psn does.

        1. Your all children fighting bout wat systems better how bout they are all good nintendo for zelda ps3 forgow and uncharted and xbox for gears halo and lost odyssey grow up kids

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