Nintendo 3DS: Brand New Nintendo 3DS System Update Is Now Available

Nintendo has released a brand new system update for the Nintendo 3DS today. Apparently the system update is purely there to provide system stability improvements. Anyway if you haven’t already done so then I suggest you update your system to the latest software version. You can either do this manually or automatically via SpotPass.

System stability improvements and other adjustments: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.



    1. Yeah, it’s not particularly exciting but at least Nintendo are continuously looking at ways to improve the system and its stability.

      1. lol see I realized after that only I would know that my ‘yay’ meant “Good work Nintendo for making things better under the hood” Everything needs updates, it’s good to know they aren’t like other MFGs that take months to maybe patch it once then forget about it.

  1. Or maybe it’s a reason to battle the homebrew stuff. Updates are always appreciated though.

  2. yea i got it last night but i didn’t see anything new to it…
    p.s. on club nintendo i just ordered a huge AR card designed for lifesize photos

    1. Stability is that the system has less bugs and crashes and so on.
      I set my system to English to see what you meant(it’s Dutch normally), but the AR Shot 2 didn’t come with the new system update, it has been in AR Games since the system was out. After you’ve defeated the Dragon in the 3 main Minigames(Fishing-Shooting and AR shot) you unlock the Shop where you can buy new games like AR Shot 2 with play coins.
      Which has been so since the system’s release.

  3. How about a web browser update that at least allows the minimal flash support so we can use youtube? Is that too much to ask?

    1. yeah, it’s wierd it doesnt have flash support. it would be good if they include support for 3D YouTube clips (yt3d side-by-side)

      1. It’s not weird? Most portable systems don’t support flash…
        And it’s possible they’ll have some sort of youtube app

  4. Here’s an idea, Nintendo wanred to make a browser which was as fast as normal when you have another app suspended. Why couldn’t they abandon that, and give us youtube or something if nothing is suspended. And size the browser down when someting is suspended.

    1. Or they could keep the current browser we have now, and add a browser icon to the home menu like they would a game, and allow the browser to use the full amount of RAM that the 3DS uses for the current web-browser + games, and still leave the RAM free for the “game notes” and stuff.

  5. The firmware sucks. Maybe I was hoping for something more Wii-like. I want as many of the Wii features on my 3DS as I can get, and then some. First, where is the messaging system? It is certainly not the status updates, which are OK (if not really short) for status messages but not anything like the Wii message board feature. Second, where are the Nintendo, News, Weather, Everybody Votes, and Check Mii Out channels? Third, the store is horribly disorganized with different categories every week — Just give two (or three) basic categories: Virtual Console, DSware, and maybe videos (if they don’t want the Nintendo Channel). Lastly the web browser sucks. If you can’t give us flash support, at least make like apple and give us a youtube channel.

    The Wii was touted as being a console that was designed to give the user a reason to turn it on every day. After creating a few fun, if not forgettable, channels they have seemed to abandoned adding any features to the Wii in support of that goal, in favor of going after the homebrew crowd (many of whom were adding valuable features). Give me a reason to turn my Wii and 3DS on everyday. Give me a reason to take my 3DS with me everywhere I go. As it is, I want to love my Nintendo consoles but as it stands they both just mostly sit and collect dust. Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Metroid and Zelda are great games but they can only sustain ones enthusiasm for so long before they become just another game sitting on the shelf.

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