Nintendo Wii U: Harvest Moon Creator Is Working On Wii U And 3DS Games

Yasuhiro Wada, the creator behind the popular Harvest Moon series, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that he currently has a game for the Nintendo 3DS in the works and is also looking to bring another title to the Wii U. Anyone have any suggestions about what type of game they would like to see on the Wii U or 3DS?

“I’ve got a 3DS game in the pipeline right now, and I’ve got another game that we haven’t decided the platform on, but which I am hoping to bring to Wii U.”



    One of my favourite franchises of all time!

  2. What about a racing game? like Need for speed? :D that would be cool! (sorry am still new to the updates of the Nintendo,cause I am most likely updated to SONY) :)) but I am a fan of Nintendo since I was a child! GO MARIO! :D

  3. I can’t wait, but I really hope they take the time to test out the bugs. I can’t tell you how many harvest moon games have disappointed me with glitches that just ruin the game.

  4. I love the Harvest Moon games but I gotta be honest the 3D ones after the N64 have not been very good. Their pace and style is nothing like the originals in a negative way. Make more in the style of the originals and the titles that have already been released on DS and bring back more of the good Harvest Moon we can all enjoy.

  5. HarvestMoon for wii U should be similiar to Another Wonderful Life but with more marriage options and better graphics and a little more story line. I always thought that Final Fantasy like characters/graphics would be really cool on a hm game. Im tired of having horrible graphics on this game I mean really for how popular it is they could try a little harder!

  6. I believe the next harvest moon will be totally awesome I have faith on the creators but I do want tosay tthis much…having the choice to look like past characters as ur main character would be awesome. Like Diana for example. Two please bring Kross from RFF as a bachelor would be kool too. And being able to play ur child and allowing them to marry also would be looked..just saying. I’d luv it if u could have twins!!!

  7. I would love to see a game similar to Pokemon on the game boy with the original Pokemon on wii u. Where you can walk around and interact with the Pokemon or trainers. Or even a Pokemon stadium with every single Pokemon, not just certain ones so fans of every generation can enjoy it without having to be stuck with Nintendo 64 graphics.

  8. if you could bring eve back to the wii u game it would be awsome she’s the prettiest bachelorette from all the harvest moon games

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