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Nintendo 3DS: Want Mega Man Legends 3 On Nintendo 3DS? Then Read This

1) Click this Capcom Link.

2) Click Register

3) Click Facebook

4) Fill out birth date

5) Click Accept

6) Click the Green Plus Mark that will add you to the DevRoom

7) Then the box above it “Become a Servbot.”

The numbers here were why Mega Man Legends 3 was originally canceled.

After you join the Dev Room as a Servbot you are then permitted to sign the ONLY Capcom recognized Petition for Mega Man Legends 3 here.

Good luck everyone!


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25 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Want Mega Man Legends 3 On Nintendo 3DS? Then Read This”

    1. Sadly they do. They’re going by 3DS summer sales and RE Mercenaries bad sales on why they shouldn’t release it.

      1. And of course, Mercenaries had enough issues with it to completely invalidate my desire to purchase the bloody thing in the first place.

  1. Meh – put the game out, you’ll get my money. That’s all Capcom needs from me. They have no reason to have my personal information just for me to place a vote. I vote with my dollars.

  2. What about those of us who are already Servbots?

    I want to fill out this official petition, but I see nothing! If it’s just the number of servbots, then there’s not much more I can do… But if I missed seeing this petition, then I need to know where to go!

  3. I still say: fuck Capcom. I’m not supporting an unreliable, untrustworthy, money-hungry, and unrespectful to customers company.

    They’ve lied too many times + charging money for demos, only to not release the game + charging a lot money for an incomplete game (MVC) & pay extra money for clothes attire, etc. which in other games you unlock by playing – ridiculous!

    Third times the charm, I’m no longer a customer for them. I’m one less person they’ll be getting any money from anymore.

  4. Pretty stupid world we live in if they let the fate of game depend on a fanbase which probably isnt large enough for capcoms sake. They even let it depend on sales of RE on the 3DS which imho isnt that great at all. Thus because of their bad work and our keen choice of games we buy they will cancel a game?

    Like we have to buy the expired milk or else the cow wont go steak?! Thats kinda like black mailing….

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