Nintendo Wii U: Professor Layton Coming To Wii U

Level 5, the developer behind the immensely successful Professor Layton franchise is considering porting over Professor Layton games to the Wii U. Level 5 see the Wii U tablet controller as a perfect fit for the stylus based puzzle franchise. Would you like to see a compilation package of the Professor Layton games on Wii U?




  1. They’d have to have the games on the DS as well! i’d hate to have miss out because i dont wanna buy a wii u

  2. Ports? Nah that doesn’t sound too appealing. A whole new game using Wii U functions would be sweet though :)

  3. Dis-I-Like.
    I love the series. Bring the rest out for UK/Aus dam you :(
    I don’t want to wait any more!

  4. The title is not true…
    It’s not even sure yet, they’re just considering. I’m considering to be the king of the world…

  5. hmmmm personally it wouldn’t be bothered since they’re ports. I already own games 1-3 and probably will get the others as soon as they come out.

  6. OMG Yeeeeeeessssss!!! Professor Layton could be interesting on WiiU. Let’s just hope for more than just ports.

  7. Nooooooooo! D: And I caught ’em all, too…I don’t get television consoles; they’re way too expensive. :(

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