Nintendo Wii U: Is Japan Impressed With Wii U?

Japanese gaming bible Famitsu has conducted a survey to find out what Japanese consumers think about the Wii U. Some may think it’s a little too early to be conducting such a survey for the console, but it’s interesting to gauge people’s opinions nonetheless. Here’s the results:

•38.3 percent said they had a good impression of the Wii U after E3
•33.7 percent said they did not have a good impression
•28 percent were undecided

Many people liked the console’s potential, but 22.5 percent didn’t like the console’s name. Other people surveyed thought the Wii U seemed like a minor upgrade to the Wii. What’s your opinion of the Wii U?


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  1. I will be getting the Wii U. It looks amazing! Zelda seals the deal too. I dont like the name though. But the system DOES use the Wii controller, so i guess it fits…eh, still not working for me. Bad name, fantastic device!

        1. E3 was in Los Angeles and closed to the public. The only people who’ve tried the WiiU are members of the press and developers.

  2. Well, yeah, maybe it seems like a little upgrade over the Wii, but if the console can offer me better graphics and other games that haven’t appeared on Wii, is the next console for me, I wanna Batman Arkham City, Assasin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden III, and of course all the Nintendo sagas on HD, I wanna to have a Metroidgasm and a Zeldagasm XDDD

  3. Well I do like what the console has to offer, especially the big screen on the controller so you play console games and watch TV at the same time =D but I dont what they were thinking with the anolog stick placement >_< I also dont like the name.. Its terrible.. And I also think its just a upgraded Wii not really the newest console. Well I cant wait to see Sony will bring out in the future to compete with it. Either way if I have the money, and time im getting this awesome thing day 1! Another thing is, there better be freaking multiple colours at relase around the world and not just in japan. Id love to have a black one.

  4. It just seems like a wii with a fancy new controller to me. I also dont like the name. However, I have not yet played the console, and I am sure not all of its features have been revealed yet, so I wont settle on an opinion right now.

  5. Like many, I have to wait and see. Technically, Nintendo didn’t show anything the Wii U (also hate the name) can do. I like the idea, absolutely.
    Once I see what they are doing with hardware, software, 3rd party support & online, then I’ll have a real say.

    I already know 1st party (A-Titles) will be incredible, but its everything else I’m worried about

    1. .Me too once i thought “you know what? I honestly could give 2shits about what its named.” That and people started calling it the Wii Ultra which is kinda cool.

  6. I cannot see “hardcore” gamers (EG. Halo, Call of Duty fans – huge market) looking at the Wii U controller and thinking “Yes, those little thumbpads will be perfect to aim with!”. This, honestly, is my main issue thus far. I think it will work for the likes of Zelda, Metroid, etc. But if Nintendo wants a share of the hardcore gaming market, they will need to offer an EXTREMELY PRECISE controller for FPS titles. I think with what they’ve shown to date, they run the risk of the “hardcore” fan simply waiting another year for Xbox “720” rather than buying Wii U. The name doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Its all about the gameplay!

    1. What makes “halo, call of duty, etc.” any more “hardcore” then other games. Because a majority of 12 year olds in the world play them? Hmmm

      1. I wholewholeheartedly agree, those kinda games are popular, not necessarily “Hard Core”. But i do agree in the awkwardness of the controler, dont get me wrong i like the screen, but it doesnt look very confortable.

      2. I agree can everyone just replace “hardcore” with “shooter” gamer please, there are other gametypes played by serious gamers. I do however play shooters like Halo and C.O.D. I love that an HD Nintendo with online is coming, hopefully those thumbpads will work nicely (minorly concerned) perhaps a touch screen can make up for the L3 and R3 buttons. This system is such a huge improvement over the Wii because the 3rd party is supporting it hugely, to add to Nintendo’s elite 1st party.

    2. Wow not persice really no one thought that at all. Actualy it’s more since it is a digital d pad so the hands are resting rather than raised.

    3. Are fps games all you care about. Ridiculous, I want super precise button input so it won’t interfere with shooting ppl all day and night. You don’t even know if the controller works. Come back when you’ve tried it out.

  7. Of course it’s just an upgrade from the wii…what else would it be? Nintendo in my mind is really considerate to the gamer, and here’s why. The wii, they made it backwards compatible for the previous generation(game ube). And when I say backwards compatible I mean 0. because they want people to move to the next thing but still get the great games they were playing before. Now, the wii u, which is not a wii, will be 0 backwards compatible for the wii. So now you can go from playing all your 480p wii games to playing epic HD wii u games(Zelda). Does Sony make ps3s compatible with ps2? No. Could they very easily? Yes. Does Microsoft make xbox 360 compatible with original xbox? No. Could they very easily? Yes. Lastly, people are complaining that wii u controller is the only that different… Have you seen the system?! Is sexy! Plus nintendo did us a favor and let wii controllers be compatible so we don’t have to go out and buy extras. And has sony ever changes the look of the playstation controller? Nope. :) well, basically this big long post was because I wanted to tell people I’m getting a wii u and it will be awesome. Because while everyone else is playing 480p, I’ll be playing 1080 Zelda on my 65 in. Tv :D

    1. Actually not all the first gen ps3s were compatible with ps2 games only the most expensive was I had a 40 gb and it only played ps1 games the 40gb broke so I got the slim model and still it’s not backwards compatible only the old 80 gb models were I’m not sure about the 60gb models

    2. ….Okaaaaaaay….The Wii is more BC (backwards compatible) than the other 2 (as in 100%, not 90% or 80%). You might want to check that a little bit. There are BC stuff, but not as much as the Wii and the Wii U.

    3. @ sicklr: please remove this comment due to the unnecessary racist remarks contained. No need for that kind of language here.

  8. I think the wii u has potential, but also remember that Nintendo raised the 3ds’ price because of all the hype for it, so maybe people arn’t hyping the wii u very much so they can get it as cheap as possible.

  9. 22% not liking the name is pretty low. I means 78% either do like the name or don’t care enough to say. 22% is a low as hell number.

    And Nathan, Nintendo already created an extremely precise controller for FPS. It’s called the Wiimote Pointer, and it is superior to Dual Analog, which is so archaic it’s going to be hard to play FPS on Wii U that use dual analog after coming down from good Wii shooters. I just hope 3rd parties remember to keep Pointer functionality in their shooters.

  10. The numbers are looking good. Nintendo needs to deliver. I don’t think a single “real” hardcore gamer wants Nintendo to fall flat on their face, here. On a personal level, I like what I have seen so far and the opportunity to build that controller into virtually any gaming experience for the better is there. Will Nintendo capitalize on that? Will 3rd parties capitalize on that? That remains to be seen. But I know one thing, in an RPG, having your inventory and party status on that tablet screen leaves my HDTV to do the visual legwork and that is definitely a beautiful thing.

  11. They should have called it the Nintendo WiiDS because of the dual screens!

    I am so smart :P

    1. The Wii U name doesn’t impress me either. You can’t even scream the name out load without sounding like a firetruck :P

        1. If you have such a problem with the name, just call it the U. the name of the console doesn’t mean shit. they could have named the console bigswollenballsack U and it still woulkd sell because it’s got the game, my friend. playstation sound like a booth at the mall where you can get your cock rubbed for $1.50…

  12. I really don’t see what else you could ask for in a console, besides a different name or a lower price.

  13. Shitty name, no offence to Nintendo. They aren’t marketing it right with a name like that
    They can say all they want it’s not gonna be a Wii add-on, but when it uses Wii-Remotes as its main controller & holds the same Base Name “Wii” guess what people are gonna think?
    It’s just an HD upgrade with a flashy new controller
    Good Job Nintendo.
    By the way, I’m not some Microsoft or Sony fanboy, I’ve actually only owned Nintendo products my whole life (except for the 1st Playstation)
    I’ve been pleased with all my purchases up until the Wii, and to see that they’d try to sell this off as a new console when it’s just a matter of a hardware upgrade that should’ve been done some time ago, I’m quite dissappoint

    1. It doesn’t use the Wii Remote as it’s “main controller”. Have you seen the WiiPad? The Wii remotes are shown for multiplayer games to show off the functionality of the screen and “hiding” without sharing the same viewing screen. I’m sure they wanted 4 of the WiiPads to work, but just looking at it you know the controller will be pricier than a remote. Besides, those with Wii’s likely have 2+ remotes and makes it much easier to play new games without dropping another 200 for 2 WiiPads.

      If they charge $400 for the system, and a controller costs $100, how many people are going to spend $700 to get 3 additional controllers, the system, and then have to buy games? That is asking too much. So why not get $400 for the system, consumer already (I should say likely) owns Wii Motes, so then they can buy games to play with others. THEN IN THE FUTURE, they can require games to use 3 additional WiiPads when consumers have purchased these controllers. Logic makes sense to me.

  14. I was hoping they’d call it WiiDeux, or something of that line… WiiToo lol. But, whatever. I’m a Nintendo fangirl, always have been. I’m sold on the Zelda and Mario games. I’ll be getting one of these. I don’t even remotely care about the HD capabilities, I just wanna play my Nintendo games XD

  15. I like the old console but the hardware hasn’t Not enough power! I’m a technic freak. Wii the new Generation is great innovativ and have Power!!! The console need’s games like Gears of War, Assasine Creed, BioShock and other cool games they 360 and PS3 has. And Wii U is a Japanese Console thats why give us more JRPG like Tales of Games please. And please upgrade the USB 2.0 to 3.0 ok?
    Wlan that’s need the console too. And a big flash card memory. The price 300 – 350€ Sounds fair.
    Then become you a lot of ne Nintendo gamers ;) My next Console is Wii U the first realy High Definition Console!!!

  16. The Name is ok and short. Wii u -> we united?
    A competition for a new name maybe?

  17. Of course the name sucks. But that’s not what makes a console good.

    I’m pretty excited for it, though.

  18. My thoughts: Good Impression, lousy presentation of it

    Horrible name, but wasn’t the Wii in the same boat with a bad name? I don’t really care what its called, I’m still getting one anyways.

  19. My opinion is I’m buying it at launch…3rd party support is just a bonus for me but I’m mostly just excited to play nintendo games in HD with more traditional controls

  20. This is just how it was when the wii was announced! The wii is a ridiculous name alone adding a ‘U’ doesn’t make it anymore ridiculous! People bitched and moaned about the name, then they themselves bought the system! Nintendo named it the wii U because look how common the wii brand is! Its a household name people already know what the wii is, and if they can get people to understand that the little blue ‘U’ means this is an entirely different product they may have made a smart move by keeping wii in the title. I’m getting my wii U and i could care less about it being called the wii U.

  21. Yea i agree with some guy above, good impression but lousy presentation. I would have liked to see better games than just zelda hd. But i think they had no intention to even reveal it but they were forced too by the leaks.

  22. There isn’t even demos yet, and Nintendo’s E3 presentation of Wii U was pretty bad. Plus the names kinda sucks.

  23. I personally would just like a HD console >.> could care less about the WiiPad thing lol

  24. I think one has to be profoundly ignorant to believe this is but a “minor upgrade” to the Wii. I mean hell, just from a technical standpoint, the difference is immense. And not only that, this brings great innovation to the table. It’s a whole new beast that will likely flip the video game business upside down, in a good way. Also, I’m beginning to like Wii U. It grows on you. Much like the name Wii, or Google.

  25. I am getting it at launch if the right games come out with it. However, it’s difficult to be impressed at this moment since they have shown only ideas for it and not actual games. Nintendo said that they have enough first party content to release with the system, but we’ve yet to see any of it as well as how the other developers are using the system. I’m saying I will get it because of confirmed games, but at this point it’s kind of retarded to have surveys and stuff since they haven’t shown anything to be impressed by other than you will be able to use Wii assets on the new system.

  26. I don’t get it, why are people saying it’s just an upgraded Wii? It has a new controller, better on-line, brand new features and capabilities. With that logic, wouldn’t that make the PS3 an upgrade of the PS2, and that, an upgrade of PS1? I mean, they have all have the same controller. just with added features on the console.

  27. Personally, I love my Wii (hehe), but sometimes I envied my HD twin-owning friends because they got all of the cool looking multi-platform games while I missed out. The Wii U seems to be a combination of what I love in the Wii plus what I always wanted from the others. It seems like a win for me. Hopefully, Nintendo can make amends with third parties and provide a decent online structure. I’m still rooting for them. :)

  28. Will Nintendo fix the number one problem that the Wii had, raw GPU power? The Wii just lagged behind. That was the reason third party games had trouble selling on the Wii. Third party companies like Crytek and Bethesda want systems that can show off their cutting edge technology and likely overlook features like motion controls and screens built into the controller.

  29. Eh, it seems pretty late though. It can do everything the PS3 and 360 can do? I should hope so, considering how old those consoles are. And the name is awful as well. CoD kiddies (whom Nintendo seem to be aiming for) already avoid the Wii, so by keeping Wii in the name they’re still going to avoid it. Another issue is the joysticks don’t push in to provide extra buttons. It’s like they’ve tried to please everyone, and sort of failed.

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