Nintendo Wii U: Don’t Write Off Wii U

Square Enix’s worldwide technology director Julien Merceron believes that people shouldn’t doubt the Wii U even though there was some criticism after the unveiling of the console at this years E3. Merceron claims that if Nintendo can ready the appropriate launch titles and launch the console at an affordable price then sales will undoubtedly go through the roof.

“I’d say, don’t write off the console. For every console it’s the same thing: one of the most important things is going to be the launch line-up. We see that every time there’s a great title shipping on PSP, the PSP sales go up, and every time there’s a great title shipping on 3DS, the 3DS sales go up.

“If the audience and players can see that there are products for them, there’s definitely going to be wide adoption of Wii U. The things of utmost importance are going to be the pricing at launch, and the line-up.”

“They’re trying to do their own thing. Generally they don’t seem to look for breadth, in terms of the things [features] they are supporting with their console. They seem to be focusing a lot, and trying to make sure the things they are focusing on are going to be at the top.

“I’d always be careful making judgements on their hardware. They have an approach to it that is very different from others, but they have a lot of inner control of what they are doing. And there’s a lot of knowledge and skill behind it.”



  1. Wouldn’t dream of it. Even if it cost £400 and they said the only games coming for it were Zelda, Mario, Metroid I’d still buy it.

    1. Those 3 games are more than enough for me! I have to say though, the example of PSP and 3DS sales is pretty good. We saw how much the 3DS sold when it got the games.

        1. The 3DS actually had a decent launch lineup. The problem was that too many people not old enough to remember how bad launch lineups are now know how to post on internet forums and they have brainwashed people into thinking otherwise. Does anyone remember the PS3 launch lineup? The first good game to come out on ps3 (MGS4) took a year and a half. The only actual good launch lineup I can remember ever happening was the Dreamcast’s.

    2. so an average of 200 poundies per game.. wow
      I just wish one could have some kind of power block at home which streams everything (be it whatever brand) to any kind of screen and you would just have to buy the corresponding controllers…but wait, the WiiU get’s pretty close to that. Or at least in that diraction. hmmm…

  2. i don’t think of getting the WiiU because I heard it won’t play the gamecube games and I bought my Wii just under a year ago and also couple of Gamecube games. If it would support gamecube games I would happily sell my Wii to get some money back and use it to buy the WiiU

        1. You can download them, yeah you’d be paying for the same game that you already own again, but hey, its better than having like several consoles plugged in just to enjoy your NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, well any video game console really, the bonus I see here is, the less wires the better, less confusion when you are hookin up the AV cables and stuff, plus there’s the fact the Gamecube is 2 generations behind, and would cost more to add into the Wii U, so that would probably raise the Wii U’s price by maybe 20 to 50 US dollars, and given the place Nintendo is in right now, I don’t think Nintendo would wanna price the Wii U higher than Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, what with a new Xbox supposedly coming out in 2013, the Wii U would have to sell for $150 to $300 if they want it to sell well in the hardcore and casual (as much as I hate saying it, yeah the Wii U will still have a few casual games) if Nintendo prices the Wii U too high, they run the risk of the Wii U being outsold by the current generation consoles or next gen, pretty much this would run Nintendo out of business, and it would be a shame really, who knows maybe working as a 3rd Party developer like Sega might be good for em (if Nintendo stops making consoles period) anyways, I think I’ve rambled long enough, I’ll be saving up money to get a Wii U, I’ll sell off both my Wiis but keep the SD cards, Wii Remotes and other Wii accessories in case I can transfer over the Wii save data and Wii VIrtual Console save data (somehow I don’t see this working out in the end, but as long as I can transfer over the Wii data I’ll be happy :3)

  3. if they make a new starfox for the wii u launch scales would skyrocket… i have been waiting for a new one on the wii but it never happened

    1. This. For the love of God, THIS.

      Nintendo, if you’re reading this, PLEASE give us another Star Fox game; you’re gonna lose a lot of fans to depression-induced suicide if you just leave that franchise to die. Think of the children! D:

  4. I’m poor, I’ll admit it. So if this consoles starting price is like it was with Wii, then I might consider sacrificing a chunk of money to pay for this. My Wii that I have is braking down and I don’t think I’m the only one. So I will probably hold out for this new console. [Even knowing that its release date is still unknown.]

    1. Your Wii is breaking down? I’ve had mine since around launch and it works perfectly fine, never needed a single repair. What do you do with the thing, throw bowling balls at it?

      1. ive had mine and it doesnt read discs lol so i kept that one for virtual console and got alother one with a tb hard drive and just put all my games on it :P

  5. They should do a game cube HD collection, WW deserves to be in 1080p and you could look through your telescope by holding up the Upad and looking around like in ocarina of time3d. That would be awesome and boost sales too!

    1. Why didn’t I think of this? I like the idea. Sony are doing it. Problem is, the Sony exclusives had more than 1 game in the series on earlier machines, like the God of War collection has 2 games, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Team Ico collection.
      For Ninty they would need to take from GC and Wii to have enough games to warrant a collection like that. Maybe then have Mario Sunshine/Galaxy 1+2, Zelda WW/TP. Only series that had enough titles for a collection on GC were Pikmin, Metroid(Yes Please) and, non nintendo, Viewtiful Joe. Oh and Zelda since TP was GC originially.

      Maybe I forgot some? Rogue Squadron? Banjo Kazooie/Tooie from N64 days

      1. Yes metroid, rouge squadron, viewtiful joe definitely should see HD! Ninty could go WAAAYYY back to the days of super metroid if they wanted to! I want to see a battletoads remake that game was hard but so addictive! Nintendo has a deep rich history and they could potentially tap into their roots. It really comes down to which games deserve to be remade. My top5 list would go 1)Super metroid 2)battletoads 3)Wind waker 4)donkey kong country 5)super mario sunshine those aren’t even close to all the games i would like to see remade.

  6. I just know I can’t wait until it comes out regardless of price I had a wii since launch and I’m ready for a new console…but until next year I have skyword sword and a wealth of 3ds coming out

  7. come on now ;ppl should know nintendo by now their not sony theyer not going to price this thing higher then 400 the wii u will be either 300 or mabe 325-350, i think it should be 300 it sound so reasonable at that price!

  8. Whatever the price is I’m always willing to pay it.
    A reasonable price though I think, would be: Price of standard 360 at WiiU release, plus a little more for the controller tech, plus a little more for it being a new product on the market…
    Now I’m in NZ and the 360 is about $600 (inc gst), so if the WiiU where to release now then I’d expect to pay about $700, though I wouldn’t hesitate to pay around $850 if there were awesome games instantly available.
    I think the software line-up is definately key, that’s what has held me back from getting a 3DS.

    1. Wow dude, is inflation that bad in NZ? I am so glad I only had to pay 250 USD as opposed to 428 USD(500 NZD). As far as software lineup, I was almost held back, but I ended up buying when Ocarina of Time was released, and things look brighter on the horizon.

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