Nintendo Wii: Amazon Emailing To Say Monado (Xenoblade) Shipping Out On August 28th In US

Amazon US are rather strangely emailing customers who pre-ordered Mondao (Xenoblade Chronicles) that their orders will be shipped out August 28th. Nintendo of America has so far refused to say whether the game is coming to the United States. It should also be mentioned that the game didn’t feature on yesterdays product list from Nintendo.

We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on month XX 2011 (Order#xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx).

“Monado: Beginning of the World”

Estimated arrival date: August 28 2011



  1. That’s odd. It’s not like it matches the NOE launch date and is simply an error in locale…

  2. I pre-ordered One Piece: Gigant Battle on the DS and it was cancelled last minute in the UK. Amazon still send me emails saying they’re still waiting stock of it.

  3. This is a very poor news story. sensationalising something fairly mundane. At no point in that email does it say that the game is actually shipping out in August 28th. Poor performanve from mynintendonews. I expected better. Is this sight ran by Murdochs????

    1. You should probably learn proper grammar and spelling before commenting. Also, it wouldn’t kill to do it with a little more tact.

      1. I was commenting with my phone. I teach so I think my grammar is fine thabks.fortitude.

  4. People… just hack your wii to accept imports and get the european one when it comes out… it’s not that bad

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