Nintendo Wii: Wii Is The Most Popular Console For Netflix Streaming

This may come as a surprise to many but it’s true, Wii is the most popular games console for Netflix streaming. 42% of all Netflix customers use the PC, 12% use the Xbox 360, 13% use the PlayStation 3, and 25% use the Wii. It’s not too difficult to see why the Wii is the most popular due to the console’s humongous user base. Great news for both Nintendo and Netflix.




  1. We use our Wii for Netflix very frequently.

    I’d use my 3DS for Netflix more often, but it freezes up all the time =_=

      1. Unfortunately this post doesn’t take into account that yea most people want to watch Netflix on their wii, but most people who have a 360, ps3 or pc would rather play games than watch netflix.

        I mean most people I know with a wii have it sit there doing nothing while they play games on their other system. They only break out the wii for wii sports and other similar games.

        1. Take into account? By what criteria? Your anecdotal evidence? Do you even comprehend that ‘you and people you know’ is not a legitimate data point?

          And how do you know what people that own PS360s would rather do? Have you polled them? I know plenty of friends that watch more movies and other media on their PS360s than play games, but does that mean that most users do? Of course not but, by the ‘logic’ to which you subscribe, because you’ve made up a ‘fact’ out of thin air, that means it’s so.

          You posit your assumptions as facts and just seem to blithely assume that everyone will be like “oh, well, obviously he’s correct, so let’s just concede the point and move on”.when you’re basically a clown who would rather troll message boards than play his PS360.

          1. bravo, talk about shooting the guy down in every possible direction. That’s how to own a troll right there.

            1. He did pretty much own him. I have a wii and I know I use it more than to just play wii sports and stuff. In fact I actually lost my copy of wii sports…. That guy’s logic was flawed.

              1. Man I’ve had my Wizzle since day 1 and the first thing I did was frisbie thar vile Splorts game into the backwoods.

                I wish I kept it now though, I can’t get netflix here and theres no other games to play.

          2. THIS is what I’m sick off. A well rounded gamer states his opinion, just to have a 10 year old nintendo fanboy call him a troll. Honestly nintendo fanboys are the most immature.

            1. You think that was immature? You should definitely check out how other gamers handle themselves.

        2. I watch movies on my PC, I play games on my Wii, and I have a 360 and PS3 which are gathering dust. I’ve also got about 20 games on the Wii with a massive variety of gameplay styles, on the other systems I have about 10 generic shooters I am bored to death of.

          1. I mostly have been using my ps3 for netflix and vudu streaming and my wii and 3ds for games…only reason I use my ps3 is because it’s HD and even the sd content on netflix looks better on the ps3 it’s almost like the ps3 or my reciever upscales the resolution…there isn’t really any games to play on any console right now I finished up Oot 3d awhile ago now Im waiting on the free 20 and starfox and on the wii i’ve been playing twilight princess I wanted to beat it before skyword sword

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      1. Actually i have one account and I wasn’t trolling I even said there isn’t any good games out on any platform last game I played was l.a noire and Oot 3d now I’m playing twilight princess again…is it hard for you to believe that alot of people play games on different consoles? Almost everybody I kno has either a ps3 or 360 and a wii there is nothing wrong with nintendo they have some of the best games not only this generation but all the generations…I would have to say my favorite non nintendo game this generation is either red dead or god of war 3…broaden your horizons and grow up

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        Have you even given the slightest thought that we’re calling you a troll because this is a NINTENDO website, and people here get offended by your nonsense?
        You really need to grow up. If you don’t like Nintendo then don’t buy their games, its that simple. Now get off of the site, your comments are irrelevant to the posts and a waste of time.

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  2. Yeah because you don’t have to pay for Xbox Live Gold to use it. I would use it on my Xbox but I never play it. Surprisingly I use my Wii more.

  3. Yeah cuz ppl that have a Wii r fruit cakez or either girlz pussy console I rather have a 360 and survive with itz shity graphics and shity selection of games I mean 360 haz hella gamez more then PS3 butt they have hella remakez thatz y who the he’ll wantz 2 play sonic and all thiz BS different remakez? Thatz y PS3 iz the bezt they have everything u want on a console

    1. Your poor grammar makes your post 100% irrelevent…go back to school and take up an English class, come back and post again and maybe I’ll take your comment into consideration…

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        1. his comment atleast made sense and he brought his point across. In the case of Black Devil, his post was grammatically incorrect to the point where it’s nearly unreadable. Sure, it’s not perfect grammar and it may be pretty hypocritical considering that. But a comment bored on a nintendo fanboy site doesn’t need to have perfect grammar. That’s left to journalists, a business letter, or something along those lines.

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  4. Let’s not forget that the PS3 and 360 have had countless versions to them. They may have around 50 million units out there, but since it’s the same people buying the new models when they look interesting, like the upcoming R2D2 x3ox 360, the user base is reduced. The hasn’t had much of that, so the user base is significantly bigger.

  5. This is very true! My family ALWAYS use the Wii for Netflix and games. When in Netflix, its very organized and easy to breeze through. It also loads way faster

    1. That is true, but a lot of things to watch instantly aren’t HD anyway. When they are HD, it still looks pretty good considering its not true HD. Really it doesn’t bother me that much.

  6. I use my 360 which works out because a lot of the stuff I stream is HD. The one time I did use my Wii for streaming I didn’t really like it. The quality made it look like I was watching a Youtube video. The Universe is way less epic like that. I’m sure there are more families out there that have a Wii though.

  7. Maybe this is so because it doesn’t have a DVD player. Also because the Wii is a very family friendly console. So people with families may tend to watch movies more than single people?? I dunno lol.

    1. Just because Wii doesn’t have DVD, doesn’t mean it sucks. You’re such a fail troll…

      Do you even own a Wii to say it doesn’t play DVD? I bet you’re just a Sony fanboy who likes talking shit without even buying things to try out. If people choose the Wii for Netflix there must be a good reason! You just can’t accept that Nintendo is better than your dumb toys.

      Why do these trolls always come on this site and ruin happy news for the rest of us fans?! I’m so tired of seeing them always leaving dumb ignorent comments on every topic. Please go back under your bridge, you fail troll. I for one refuse to feed trolls like you who like spamming every post Nintendo related with biased ignorant comments, like: “OH TEH PEEPLZ R BUYING NETFLIX ON WIIII BECUZ WIIIII DOSENT HAZ DVD PLAYUUUR1!1”
      I bet you don’t even own a Wii, and you’re just talking shit because it sold the most. You’re so obviously mad and jealous because your Xbox and Sony weren’t at #1. Bro, get over your fanboyism, stop being such a PSBOX fagboy… Wii sold more because it was better. ‘Nuff said. Now go back to your bridge you fail troll and stop spamming with your hate before I report you.

      1. Hey, Nia did not imply that the Wii is the inferior console in any way. She just stated the facts. I looked up whether the Wii had DVD capabilities just in case and found out that while it can support DVD, it can only do so through hacking … meaning Nintendo never released anything official for it. I also don’t think anyone can deny that the Wii is family friendly. Just look at Wii Sports. I’m not saying it sucks or whatever since it has an amazing library for the “hardcore” gamers too. Anyways, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast.

  8. So, what is the other 8%??? does that include people who use Netflix on they Android phones, iPhones, blue ray players, and internet TV’s (Vizio TV)??? because I believe that’s more than 8%… I dont think this statistic is acurate.

  9. this surprises me cuz all my friends with netflix use it on their xbox 360. 2 of em use the wii. i don’t use any cuz i don’t have it…

  10. Good for the Wii! Personally I choose my PS3 over my Wii for netflix streaming cause my PS3 has HD output. However the uber-large consumer base lends a lot to the Wii’s success in this area. Pretty good job!

    1. GTFO! If you like Playstation so much, then go to Playstation forums, you ass!

      If people choose Wii to install Netflix, it’s not because the Wii lacks good games, any third party support whatsoever, DVD functionality & no Bluray like PS3 already has installed, it’s because the Wii is family friendly; not only children can enjoy it, but also: parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, stepfathers, stepmothers, godmothers, godfathers, great grandparents, etc.

      Who wouldn’t like hanging out with their parents or grandparents and watch movies?

      So please stop being a fail troll, and get well informed before spouting nothing but fanboyism. This is myNINTENDOnews, not Playstation news. If this were YouTube I would so block you from my account, troll.

      1. Actually I love my Wii, I tend to play a lot of games on it. If people choose to have netflix on their Wii then good for them. Yeah the Wii is very family friendly. I love having friends over and other people to play games and have Wii parties. The Wii doesn’t lack good games, in fact I enjoy the ones I have and I’ve gotten lots of play out of them. When I have people over we almost never touch the PS3 unless we want to watch a movie on netflix. My friends, parents, brothers, and little cousins, and myself all love the wii! I didn’t intend my first post to be offensive to anyone, I just post from the perspective of having all 3 consoles (360 being the worst). Personally I follow Nintendo a lot more than any other console or gaming company. Especially when it comes time to watch the Nintendo E3 Press Conference every year.

        1. LOL you own a PS3? Sellout. What kind of “true” fan are you? People like you are the reason 3DS is failing. Do you really need a PS3? No. The Wii is more than enough: It has DVD, Netflix and great games like: Mario galaxy, Mario galaxy2, new Mario world, Mario party, Mario kart, Mario olympics, paper Mario, Mario strikers, Mario sluggers, dr. Mario rx, Mario anniversary, Mario sports mix.
          Stop trolling, bro, seriously. First you said you like Sony, then when I reminded you that this is NINTENDOnews you now like Nintendo. Who do you want to sucker in with that? I respect opinions, but you don’t see me trolling Sony news saying I love Wii. That’s why I’m here & not in Sony pages. And who doesn’t watch E3 conferences? Everybody does. I’ll just leave it at that because I have betrer things to do than feeding trolls.

          1. LOL A TROLL APPROACHES! Coopadoop uses LOGIC! Smashbrolink uses IGNORANCE! Its not very effective… Now I’m just a bit confused.

            “I respect opinions, but you don’t see me trolling Sony news saying I love Wii.”- I never came on here and said “I Love Sony.” I said I preferred my PS3 for Netflix. In fact I never said anything bad about the Wii…

            “The Wii is more than enough: It has DVD, Netflix and great games like: Mario galaxy, Mario galaxy2, new Mario world, Mario party, Mario kart, Mario olympics, paper Mario, Mario strikers, Mario sluggers, dr. Mario rx, Mario anniversary, Mario sports mix.”-Did you seriously only list MARIO games? No Zelda: Twilight Princess, Monster Hunter, SSBB, Resident Evil 4, Okami, No More Heroes, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Epic Mickey, etc.? When I’m playing my Wii I want a bit more variety than Mario games.

            I happen to own every system of this generation, I may not fit your definition of a “true fan” but that’s fine with me. I’m not just a fan of Nintendo. I do not pledge my allegiance to a specific company and bash all others. I’m a fan of GAMING. I like good games wherever they are found! Whether its on a Wii, PS3, or 360 I don’t care.

            Now if you excuse me, I believe I saw I sign on your cage that says “Don’t Feed The Trolls.” So I’m gonna stop before a zookeeper comes creeping around.

          2. I think you’re the troll. Trying to pose as a Nintendo fan to make all of the rest look bad. Go back to you’re PS3 forums. Okay?

  11. I am disappointed that rather than discussing the topic of the article, the comments are just wars between fanboys and trolls. The comments section for my Nintendo news should be to discuss the reader’s thoughts on the subject, not to bash someone’s choice of gaming. And besides, if you hate Nintendo and their consoles, why the heck are you reading an article on my Nintendo news? It just proves that you have no life and have to put people down to make yourself feel better. Use my Nintendo news to discuss Nintendo, not troll. Oh, and BlackDevil, half of this comment is geared towards you. Have a nice day guys :D

    1. Sorry about wasting comment space for arguments, but I just want these troll(s) to leave…

    2. Yeah, its getting a bit out of hand. I would love for the trolls to leave. I just come here cause I get nintendo news here. Thanks to me liking that Wii U page on facebook I get these articles posted on my wall to keep me up to date.

        1. 1. You’re supposed to capitalise ‘I’.
          2. You forgot to add a period at the end of your sentence.
          3. You’re supposed to add a comma before ‘and’: “Yeah[,] I liked it as well[,] and it always updates the news[.]

          Try using one account this time, instead of using multiple accounts that always respond roughly around the same time. I guess all of these accounts must sleep and take a shit around the same time, too. LOL! But I’m sure you’ll change your game to make it less “obvious” – like writing 30 minutes apart.

      1. You know this website a month ago didn’t have near the trolls it does’s turning into YouTube or ign but hey it’s still the best nintendo news sight I’ve found.

        1. 1. An ellipsis consist of three dots (periods) […].
          2. Nintendo & IGN are proper nouns.

          Your lack of proper grammar makes your post 100% fail. Kid, just stick to writing one sentence like you’re used to doing when you try to own someone in grammar, because as soon as you write more than you can handle, you start failing.

    1. Take away Sony + Microsofts 3rd Party support and people would instantly come crawling for a taste of that sweet, sweet Wii.

  12. This is quite cool. Considering I’ve tried Netflix for both Wii and PS3, I can say the PS3 version is much more interactive and fancy. But even so ultimately I do watch netflix more on my Wii.

  13. Doesn’t surprise me, since the only advantage to using it on the other consoles is Hi Def, and even then, a lot of people are still using the bundled composite cables on 360 and PS3.

  14. I did when my Xbox was unavailable to me (I took it to college with me.)

    But now I exclusively watch on my 360 and Roku. I want my movies and TV shows to be in HD.

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