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Nintendo: Square Enix Tease New Projects

Square Enix Executive Producer Dave Hoffman has taken to Twitter to tease fans about some new Square Enix announcements. Apparently Square Enix are working on two new games. One is a brand new project, whilst the other is something we’ve apparently heard about. Let’s hope it’s something Nintendo 3DS related. Any ideas?

“Working on two new things. Well, one is ‘sort of’ new. Announcements should be coming soon! Wish I could say more but can’t.”



67 thoughts on “Nintendo: Square Enix Tease New Projects”

    1. Seeing as they’re taking their sweet time to fix the atrocity they made on the PC version, it wouldn’t surprise me that it’ll end up on Wii U. Let’s hope PSO2 also joins the club as well – there has been a severe lack of console MMOs lately.

      1. Oops, sorry. I meant Final Fantasy 15. I thought 14 wasn’t released yet. I want the next installment of this series on the Wii U.

    1. Oh Fuck Yeah! I want Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Wii U. But before they do that they should re-release a Kingdom Hearts 1&2 compilation on Wii U, to introduce the Nintendo fans who missed it the first time, to the series.

        1. If they announce Kingdom hearts it’ll probably be for PS3(it’s not confirmed either announcement will be Nintendo.) I hope it’s for Wii U though.

          1. That’s not necessarily true. I don’t think Kingdom Hearts has to be exclusive to the PS3. Squaresoft has the right to put their game on whatever console the wish. If the can make games for the DS and 3DS, they can bring KH to the Wii U.

            1. I know they can but it seems more likely on PS3 considering a famitsu article where most said they wanted it on PS3. I do hope it’s on Wii U and it is possible it just doesn’t seem as likely.

    2. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (lol redundancy) is coming out for the Nintendo 3DS. It is at about 50% completion and Tetsuya Nomura (director of the project) plans on localizing it sooner decreasing the gap between Japanese and international release dates.

    1. I would love a The World Ends With You game, but the problem lies with would they include the original characters in this sequel, and if so how? Or would it be a whole different town with different people?

      1. That’s what I was thinking. They could possibly come up with some kind of loop-hole (as long as it’s not cheesy), but having different character’s wouldn’t be so bad. I also hope there would be a bonus chapter showing what happened in * possible spoiler* Neku’s fourth time in the Reaper’s game.

    1. couldn’t agree more…i’m assuming that’s the thing we already know about, but still….fingers crossed

  1. A sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars would be nice but I doubt that’s it. And if it’s another FF game, I just hope to see a more traditional turn-based style.

      1. You don’t really call that an actual sequel…it’s more of a spin off to it IMO. I too, would like to see a true sequel to Legend of the seven stars

  2. They promised us something new with Nier. Nothing happened. Fingers crossed because Nier was an amazing game that didn’t do nearly as well as it should.

    After the mess that has been Final Fantasy XII to XIV and most of the other releases I’d be happy if we didn’t see anything from that franchise in a while. Unless it was the promised V and VI remakes. Doubt it’ll be Dragon Quest with Joker 2, Rocket Slime and X on the way.

    Maybe Star Ocean V? Lara Croft? (would be very surprised if this doesn’t come to the Wii U at least)

    1. If they do a part 2, I swear to god it better have a sick fighting system. Crystal bearers was a monstrocity with that.

  3. New: something for wii u either ff or dq related.

    Old: dq 25th set coming to USA! I really want dq 1-3 on wii!

  4. If it’s Kingdom Hearts 3, i’m already set because I have my PS3. The exclusivity contract Playstation isnt over yet on Kingdom Hearts. And if they are working another project, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a game for the 3DS. Square Enix has a good history of games on DS, and they were better than their PSP counterparts.

  5. Final Fantasy Versus XIII! That’s gotta be it! That game has been in development for way too long, 5 years. I really want that game! FF Type-0 and Kingdom Hearts 3D would be nice as well!

  6. I’m surprised nobody has said FFVII remake. That would qualify as something that is “new, but not really new” if you catch my drift. It’s something that’s been in high demand for a long time, and thought I don’t think it’s highly likely, I also don’t think it’s too unlikely, either. I mean, if they’re going to do that remake (and trust me, they WILL do it one way/day or another; it’s too big of a cash cow not to), why do it on PS3 like everyone’s been saying? It’s a dying system that has been out for a long time now and is on it’s way out the door (and will be even more so when the Wii U debuts). Plus, Wii U is more powerful, and the unique control & interactivity would allow for more than just a graphics overhaul kind of remake.

    If that isn’t one of the things they’re talking about, I hope it will be sometime in the future. It would sell Wii U’s like crazy (not that I think there will be lack of reason to buy one anyway), and it would please millions of fans. Plus, it would force a lot of “hardcore” Nintendo naysayers to pick the system up. It’s a smart move any way you look at it.

    1. The PS3 is a dying system since when? I work at gamestop and PS3 is growing like no other. My Opinion on the Wii U is that it will bomb. I ask people everyday what they think about the controller and I haven’t had one positive thing said about it even from Nintendo fan boys. Personally I don’t want it to fail and I’ll buy it myself to help support it but it needs to change the controller.

      1. No way dude. The controller is super awesome. These Nintendo fanboys you speak of are not true Nintendo fans. A true Nintendo fan sticks by Nintendo no matter what they do. Because we know that Nintendo has never failed to deliver.

        1. You’re wrong. a “True” Nintendo fan wouldn’t support Nintendo if it released garbage; all that would do is make them think it’s okay to release MORE garbage. “Nintendo has never failed to deliver?” Two words only: “Wii Music.”

          Please don’t tell me you actually supported that monstrosity of a “game.”

      2. PS3 is dyin since it is, and always has been. the worse selling console of this generation.

        Oh, forgot that fact? Yeah it’s selling “decently” now… some, what, 8 years after it’s launch? Good timing. Now that everyone already has a 360 and/or a Wii, they’re finally giving in to a PS3 to play blu-ray movies or play the 5 decent exclusives it offers. Oh joy. Pretty easy to be selling the best when everyone else has already bought the competition over the past 8 years. I bet pigs feat would sell AMAZINGLY if every grocery store and market in the world ran out of everything else.

  7. They’re probably going to live off the success of games they made over 10 years ago, and make remakes of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7. They know they haven’t made a good game since Kingdom Hearts 2.

    1. Blasphemer! The handheld Kingdom Hearts games have been really great and while not as good as number 2, Birth By Sleep came very close.

  8. This announcment wouldn’t include the kingdom hearts game that was already announced for 3ds would it?

  9. It’s got to be Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.That game alone will boost 3DS sales by a ginormous margin. Maybe even more than that of the Ocarina of Time 3D..

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  11. Please, Please I Beg you, no more Final Fantasy games for Nintendo consoles. Square Enix only works extra hard (supposedly) at the hand of Sony. Don’t give us games like FFXII-2… give US CHRONO TRIGGER / CROSS SEQUELS!!!

  12. This may be a noobish question, but how do we even know that it’s coming for the Wii U? All they said was that they were working on something… they weren’t very platform specific.

  13. It’s pretty much a given there will be a FF Tactics on the 3DS–but I hope one of the new projects is a Tactics game. Means that it’ll get to 3DS a bit faster and 3DS needs some actual RPGs/strategy RPGs. 3DS is going to get them anyway (RPGs in general, the handheld has generally been the RPG friendly system for Nintendo), but I’d love Tactics to pop up by the end of the year or no later than February.

    KH is perfectly acceptable as well. They might pick with fans and give us Unlimited Saga 3DS or something…pardon me while I shudder at that very off chance.

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