Nintendo Wii: Walmart Selling Mario Kart Wii Console Bundle For $134

If you’re after a bargain then you’ll need to visit Walmart’s website to snap yourself up a Mario Kart Wii bundle for the extremely generous price of $134. The Wii console is available in either white or black so whatever colour you decide to choose is up to you. Mario Kart Wii is one of the best games available for Wii so you really can’t go wrong with this package.


Black Mario Kart Wii Console

White Mario Kart Wii Console


  1. As long as Nintendo isn’t screwed over and still makes the same amount of profit, I dont mind all these price cuts

    1. As long as that’s not the MSRP, then Walmart takes the hit. Since Nintendo did not drop the price (of the Wii bundle), Nintendo still gets their portion of it.

      As for the 3DS, initially the retailers take a hit (existing stock purchased at 250), but Nintendo takes the hit when they ship at 170. I don’t know if they plan to give retailers some money back for the pre-stock, I wouldn’t think so, but you never know.

  2. I wanted to get the black at launch, but Reggie kicked my ass and took my name so I only had the white one to play the games.

    1. Same. I was hoping for more color options at launch too, but I don’t mind since I was lucky to get mine to begin with.

  3. That is such a low price! Well anyone that don’t have the Wii now have a chance to get it.

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