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Nintendo Wii U: EA Talk Wii U Online And Next Generation Consoles

EA COO Peter Moore has spoken to Industry Gamers about a number of things Wii U related. Firstly he believes that the Wii U won’t just be a transitional platform, as it’s no longer about specifications but rather new ways to play. Secondly Moore is convinced that the Wii U will offer an excellent online experience which is far superior to that on the original Wii.

“People will start talking about it being a transitional platform. And I don’t think that’s going to be the case, and here’s why,” Moore told IndustryGamers. “I think the [tablet] controller [is huge]. This is not about specs anymore… This is about, as it was with the Wii, is the controller a unique way of enjoying a game experience, regardless of what the graphic fidelity is?”

Moore just doesn’t see the importance of big graphical leaps anymore. Consumers are less likely to care the way they did about the big graphics bump say, between SNES and N64.

“Look, you saw Battlefield – how much better could this stuff look at some point? There’s a point of diminishing returns… I don’t even know if there’s anything better than 1080p. In the early days of our industry, this stuff was absolutely about how much better the games looked – shinier helmets, greener grass – but I’ve been around long enough to know that seeing your breath in a football game is a huge deal. But that’s no longer the case any more,” he said. “Now it’s about interfaces. Now it’s about building a community in a rich, powerful,way. And now it’s about, ‘What is the way we can control the game?’ You’ve seen that with Move, you’ve seen it with Wii MotionPlus more recently, and you’ve certainly seen it with Kinect.”

“And Nintendo’s job, quite frankly, is to build a better mousetrap with regards to the way that we use the controller. So I don’t know what Xbox and PlayStation’s plans for their next platforms are, but it’s not going to be hanging on graphic fidelity. I guarantee you that.”

Besides interfaces, as Moore alluded to, online and communities is vastly important, and he believes Nintendo’s taking the online challenge seriously.

“It’s critically important to us and we are relieved, if anything else, that they have made a huge commitment that they have presented to us… Online certainly was not a factor with the Wii, as you know; although they had capabilities, it just wasn’t there at the level that both Xbox Live and PlayStation had,” he said. “But I think Nintendo totally gets that multi-player, building community, co-op play, having the ability to bring games that are deeper – all of these things are now very important.”


33 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: EA Talk Wii U Online And Next Generation Consoles”

  1. I agree 100%

    I for one care a LOT less about graphics and a lot more about innovation, and generally just how fun the game is, and how immersive it feels.

    If I wanted videogames to feel like real life, I’d go outside instead of sit in front of the TV.

      1. Well some games with high graphics tend to break the lines of whats real and whats not, creating a feeling of immersion. one example is crysis, if you play the game on high with the realistic and heartbeat mod, you would feel like your really there and your adrenaline would be on max. the reason people like this is because stuff that happen in the game don’t happen in real life, and with incredible visual you can be fully immersed. that leads me to an other point its not only the pretty visual that make up the game its the story. half-life 2 was an amazing game and probably on of the best because the characters would act like real human beings and not like a bad-ass duke nukim, plus the apocalyptic scenario where you have to survive to live really added to the story. i will my paragraph by saying that the Wii U would add to the immersion because of the control, you could play a racing game with the gyroscope as a wheel or in a FPS you can look at more places to aim, there’s endless possibility.

  2. 150% agree. Cannot wait for it. Let’s hope it is priced perfectly. The day the annoucement hits I’m heading out reserve it!

    1. The problem with 4320 tv’s is that no one is outputting at that level. It’s taken years for people to adopt 720 and 1080 tv’s. There won’t even be a visible difference between 1080 and 4320 to warrant switching over; plus spending the time and money to get cameras to film in 4320 and cable/satellite companies to output in that high of resolution.

  3. That’s the gospel truth. I don’t care about having the best graphics, I want an interesting game to play. Nintendo seems to be headed in the right direction.

  4. I also agree. I don’t understand why graphics need to improve now. The xbox and ps3 have amazing graphics. And apparently, the Wii U will equal them in graphics. I really don’t need more than that. HD graphics already look “realistic.” I feel that anything better than that would be pointless. Perhaps in the future we’ll be ready to play games with graphics that look like we’re playing with real life.

      1. By a mere 50%. You’re just splitting hairs here. Third parties won’t even take advantage of that extra power anyway. We’ll still be getting ports of 360 games, just like the PS3 does.

        1. Not necessarily my friend, the model of the Wii U hat we saw at E3 was just an early prototype. So the real one could trump the 360 and PS3 by a noticeable margin. At this point people should be imagining how comparable it will be to the 720 and PS4 b.c at this point I believe it will be even in Graphics( 1080p is the highest right?) and will probably trump them in gameplay-no fanboy just logic- unless Sony and MS copy them which they won’t, I hope?

          1. thats bs, the wii u uses a radeon r700 card which can get way more frames per seconds then the 360 and ps3, plus the wii u will play games at 1080p NOT 1080i.

  5. This is exactly what i was saying b4. Moore just proved me right. How much better can graphics get than 1080p? If anything the next gen Xbox and playstation will start using 1080p too but its more about gameplay which they lack. Gaurantee there’s gonna be some form of copy from Nintendo.

      1. Yea so I guess in the time they have left Nintendo should do what they did with the AR and 3D in 3DS and have support for UHDTV’s in the future.

  6. Thank you, Peter Moore. I don’t understand the threat of the PS4 and Xbox 720 (excuse the names) to the Wii U at all; graphics aren’t going to make some sort of huge leap between generations for Microsoft and Sony. 1080p is the most common resolution for HD, and I don’t are that changing for a long time. Sure, there’s always an improvement being made over previous technologies; talks of “Super HD” are already cropping up. But I don’t get the scoffing at Wii U for being on par/slightly more graphically powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360. Resolution technology has sort of plateaued for gaming. Sony might have another trick up its sleeve, and they could very well launch the PS4 with a native resolution of 1800p, or something we’ve never seen before graphically. But if they do this, the console would be not only massively expensive to manufacture, but it would force prospective customers to buy new televisions that support it. That’s kind of what they did with the PS3; not too many people had HD TVs at the time of its launch, so many just held off until it came time for them to upgrade their televisions. Microsoft and their Xbox 360 kind of experienced the same thing. So I think it’s great that with the new generation of consoles, Sony and Microsoft are going to have to innovate like Nintendo with their interface, because everyone will be in basically level graphical standing. Or Sony and Microsoft can just enter the next generation with overpriced, superpowerful machines and hide their lack of hardware innovation behind raw power. Either way, I see the Wii U as a great catalyst for innovation and change in the gaming industry.

  7. Is this a different way to say ‘Wii U isn’t THAT powerful”? I’m afraid, Nintendo.

    They have to, at least, do a job MINIMALLY BETTER than XBOX LIVE does. Seriously, Nintendo NEVER gave us a good online experience like this. Enough with Friend Codes. It’s time for a real revolution. The japaneses need to improve it NOW.

    1. Was that necessary? If you want to say something like that, go to a PS3 forum or something. This is Mynintendonews, a place for Nintendo fans, not for people to try and start flamewars.

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  9. They should update the 3DS with a new online system when the Wii U comes out. Something that (I hope) doesn’t use friendcodes any more. They may call it Nintendo cafe. *Cough* “Project cafe” *Cough*

  10. I agree with Peter Moore. The Wii-U has enhanced the gaming properties for the gamers. I’m really excited for next year

  11. to simply put it inovation > graphics

    nitendo has done there part to deliver great experiences people still remember an celebrate today overal its about having fun playing the games looks are ok but if its a 1080p boring game whats the point…

    if a game will hold the players attention and have great visual content the job is done

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