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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Launches Official Xenoblade Chronicles Channel On Youtube

Nintendo UK has announced today that it has launched an official Xenoblade Chronicles Youtube Channel. The series will comprise of seven in-depth gameplay videos that will be released over the coming weeks will give you a detailed look at the vast worlds of Bionis and Mechonis, the scene of a war that knows no end between the Mechon (a race of machines) and the Homs (humans). I’m currently seventeen hours into the game and it’s one of the best Wii games I’ve played.

Source: Nintendo UK press release

23 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Launches Official Xenoblade Chronicles Channel On Youtube”

      1. And it isn’t completely cut off from a major region! As much as I love Nintendo, I still can’t forgive them for not giving me Xenoblade now..

  1. Yet another let down by Nintendo of America for not bringing it state side. Thanks for being incompetent, assholes.

      1. wow, i now they made a wrong move but they probably did it for a reason. i dont now what that reason is, maybe they want to port it to the wii u, or maybe they will sell it next year. but lets not call them assholes now.

  2. It’s not like PRETTY MUCH EVERY SINGLE WII GAME released in Japan And U.S has more sales in U.S…no that NEVER happens -_-

  3. Give the Americans the damn game Nintendo! Seems Europe is trumping America in everything these days, no offense.

  4. If this game doesn’t come to North America within a year, I’ll eat my hat. There’s been so much bad press surrounding this, if NOA want localizing this before, they certainly are now. “No plans to localize” be damned, they have to at least be considering it after Operation Rainfall. I’m not an avid JRPG fan, but I’m willing to give this a shot, especially if that sexy red Classic Controller Pro bundle is released.

    1. Good question, NoA staff needs to be fired and replaced with competent people who actually care about the industry they work for. There was no reason not to bring this game state side. None. Reasons like this is what encourages pirarcy.

  5. Nintendo of Australia doesn’t do anything :( But luckily EU games work on Australian systems :D
    Just ordered the PAL version from Ebay. :D

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