Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Selecting Four Big New Games For Its Wii Budget Line

Online gaming publication Kotaku are reporting that four new games being added to Nintendo Selects budget line. The four games in question are Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy. These four titles will apparently be discounted sometime later this month.


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      1. um, no, it’s a shitty game, at least if you’re a fan of the original n64 and GC paper marios. Honestly, this game made me rage SO HARD. Maybe some people enjoyed it, but i hope the majority are with me on the fact that we liked the first 2 and if they make another want a return to classic paper mario-y goodness XD

        1. I agree with you I want Paper Mario to be an RPG not whatever Super Paper Mario was so lame…

          1. Well, I didn’t like that it left its RPG roots, but the storyline and Pixls were still a lot of fun! As long as Paper Mario 3DS lives up to the name set by the N64 and GC, I will be far more satisfied.

        2. It’s an undeniably good game. I love the first two to shit, but, come on. Get off it. It’s good, and you know it.
          And, some fan you are, they announced that there was a new Paper Mario game in the works quite some time ago. There’s been a couple trailers, and it’s the standard PM style. The charm and dialogue is what has always made Paper Mario amazing. Not turn-based combat.

        3. It’s not shitty. I’m pretty sure you wanted to have a new N64/GC Paper Mario, but because you didn’t get what you wanted, you think it’s shitty.
          I am dissapoint.

          1. no, i don’t mind so much that they changed the style, it’s the fact that the combat system sucked balls!! story was alright, but got swamped by the shitty combat system

      2. i know! i played through most of it and its really fun! kinda easy tho i could not beat the first boss in ttyd (tho i didnt have his weakness) but i think its the best of the 3

      3. Super Paper Mario was easily one of the worst games ever made. It’s ashame, because previous Mario RPG’s were pretty good (but none have been able to top the original). I enjoy the Paper graphics and the concept, but the story and characters were so boring. The humour was a complete flop – too much “timed” humour that doesn’t work well with text speech.

        Out of these 4 new players choice games, Mario Galaxy is the only game I can recommend. I’ll probably pick up Punch Out. Mario Strikers was a cheap piece of trash, online play didn’t work (too laggy – but better than Smash Bros) and the AI was awful.

        Considering we’re on the Wii’s last 10 months, I’m surprised Nintendo doesn’t release all Nintendo published titles at budget – or even better, start bundling games together at a budget price. Get Wii owners excited about Nintendo franchises so when the Wii U comes out, the first party games have a better chance at success.

        1. Just because Super Paper Mario wasn’t an RPG, that doesn’t mean it “easily one of the worst games ever made;” in fact, it’s one of the most inventive and unique platformers around. I absolutely adore the N64 Paper Mario, but this is a different type of game, and the story and characters weren’t “boring.” As much as I love Paper Mario 64, it was the one whose narrative structure was hackneyed. Save the Princess, defeat Bowser, rinse, repeat. Super Paper Mario was a blast, and I’d love to see another Paper Mario platformer. I am glad, however, that Paper Mario 3D is returning to its RPG roots. What I am not crazy about is that weird camera angle in the battles…

          1. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing! But they had to make the battles 3d somehow. It’s a crucial part of the game so it had to have a “good” effect (as much as 3d is a gimmick). But I’ll love this new game nonetheless

            1. Same here. The latter half of 2011 had some great 3DS games ready, but I’m really excited for Paper Mario 3D and Animal Crossing in 2012.

        2. You don’t deserve to play Paper Mario. What makes ALL of the Paper Mario games great is the charm, and the funny, clever, and occasionally emotional dialogue. Not turn-based combat or 3D environments. If you can’t accept this, shut your fucking mouth.

          1. Bit me dumbass. The turn based combat and variety of attacks, as well as switching between party member’s is why most people enjoyed and fell in love with paper mario shit for brains. I’m not saying the playstyle in general is bad, but for a company that keeps their core games so damn set in stone with the formula they have such as mario v. browser all the time you wouldn’t think they would fuck this up, but honestly, there are few games that i despise, and this is one of those games. This was not funny and charming and clever like the other paper mario’s. For that you are a dumbass and get a 2 shit on your face rating for sucking SO bad.

      4. Personally, I thought it sucked. I was hoping for a new Mario RPG, but what I got was a platformer.

        1. exactly, that’s where the joy comes from. paper mario is an rpg, regular mario is the platformer, why switch up something that works.

  1. Mario Strikers Charged Football is already a Selects title in the UK. Any news on what we’ll be getting instead, if anything?

    1. Zelda I’d imagine. While I already own it everywhere else got that as a Select but UK didn’t.

  2. I LOVE PUNCH OUT!!!!! I havent played the Wii one, but i have all the old ones in box. Nintendo… SHUT P AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  3. Oh good, Super Paper Mario. I borrowed it from my friend once and loved it. It’s not as good as the other two, but it’s still really good nonetheless. If it’s like, $20 I’ll definitely get it. That way I can replay ALL of the Paper Mario games before Paper Mario 3DS comes out.

  4. Perfect timing. I was planning to pick up Super Paper Mario soon again as is. :) May also get Strikers.

  5. A few people are ripping on Super Paper Mario I see. Now I can understand not preferring the game in favor of the first two Paper Mario titles but c’mon, it’s not like that game brought absolutely nothing of value. I myself enjoy both Paper Mario titles over Super Paper Mario (TTYD being my all time favorite) but I also liked Super Paper Mario. It has less of a pop-up book concept and more of a virtual box concept (switching between 2D and 3D). I’m also anticipating the Paper Mario title coming to 3DS but I’d also like to see a Super Paper Mario sequel. It’s concept has so much more potential than that game allowed.

    But in the end I guess it’s always going to be like one of those 50/50 hate it or love it titles huh, (Like Metroid: Other M)? I guess I just happen to be on the love side.

    1. I think that potential could be reached if they reversed the main story being 2d instead of 3d. Having a full 3d environment and occasionally switching to 2d, while still having normal partners would be a lot better

  6. Now, as for the article, I’m most excited that Super Mario Galaxy is on the list. I let a friend borrow Galaxy and then suddenly moved before he could return it. It’d be cool to put it back in my collection with it being $20 now.

  7. Mario Strikers Charged was a fantastically fun game, too bad all of the exploits and quitters ruined the online play.

  8. The story of super paper mario was awesome, the villains were done really nice and unique. But the gameplay even if it was unique, it lacked thrills. In terms of action it was really weak. Too simple even more simple and easy than kirby epic yarn. The idea to use different characters was nice though, its a great rental.

  9. I love Super Paper Mario. YOu Paper Mario RPG fans should be happy with all the (3)DS stuff: Mario & Luigi plus Paper Mario 3DS (working title).

  10. I’m not excited about paper mario 3d I’m tired of rpgs all the time I was extremely addicted to mmos for like 2 months.

  11. About time. They released four budget games and I though those were going to be the last ones. They need some bigger budget games for the fall if there aren’t going to be any new games.

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