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Nintendo 3DS: Most Walmart Stores Selling Nintendo 3DS For $169.99 Today, Go Buy!

We heard rumours last week suggesting that Walmart would be selling the Nintendo 3DS for $169.99 three days before the official price cut. Well, it turns out this particular rumour is true as I’m hearing reports from people on Twitter who have been able to purchase the system for the ridiculously cheap price of $169.99. I’m not sure if every Walmart store is doing it but it’s well worth calling up the ones in your area.

Source: Twitter followers

77 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Most Walmart Stores Selling Nintendo 3DS For $169.99 Today, Go Buy!”

  1. I really think that’s unfair for the early adopters when people can buy the cheaper 3DS and also get the 20 free games. Screw you Walmart.

    1. Fuck your shit faggot ass bitch. Would you complain if Amazon was selling 3DS that THEY OWN for 200 dollars? Walmart can choose to sell for how much they want to. Go die in a hole or get some common sense.

      1. Regardless of who owns the machine, wal-mart has to sell the system for the price nintendo sets, unless it’s used. You happen to be the one lacking common sense.

  2. So now Nintendo will lose a lot of money just so Walmart can sell a few units before everyone else? Looks like Nintendo really got the butt end of this deal

    1. I realise it isn’t fair to us early adopters but how is nintendo loosing money…they already made money off the 20 free games time and time again i’m just happy that people are buying the 3ds

    2. No, Walmart is the one losing cash. Nintendo already sold them the systems at the $250 price, Walmart chose to sell it at $170. I for one can’t see the logic behind it.

      1. I doubt Walmart bought them for 250 if so even before the price cut nintendo was making all the money and the retailer 0…as far as Wal mart loosing money I’m sure they have a couple extra bucks to loose if they are even loosing money

        1. Whether a company makes a profit or a loss off their product, the retailer will always make money. That’s because included in the price is the R&D, packaging and shipping, the company’s profit, included software, etc; whatever the retailer gets away with is also included in the price. For instance, companies give a suggested retail price that already includes the portion that goes to retailers. That’s why there are retailers that sell those products at higher prices, because that goes to them. When they sell them at a lower price, they either make less per unit sold or make a deal with the manufacturer. The more people you can attract to your store, the more they are going to buy off your store at once, like games among other things.

  3. I HATE Wal-mart. Although I do wish I could get this deal, it’s actually very unfair to Nintendo and to the early buyers at all! Nintendo should sue Wal-mart.

    1. Nintendo should sue Walmart, are you crazy? Walmart sell tens of millions of Nintendo’s products every year. You should realize all inventory of 3DS’ that Walmart has are owned property of Walmart, meaning they can sell them for whatever price they want. I can guarantee Walmart didn’t pay less than $170 cost for their current inventory, meaning they will probably take a loss. This however, gets people excited to get in now and buy one today. Walmart doesn’t care if it’s before the price drop because they are going to sell them for the new price in a few days anyway. I couldn’t care less, I bought my 3DS for $200 (no tax or shipping) on eBay brand new before the price drop was even announced. So I figure anyone who paid full retail anyway was getting ripped off. And Raul, Is it Walmart’s job to make you feel special? Nintendo suddenly dropped the price, screwed Walmart, screwed us, but hey at least we get some games.

  4. FYI: Nintendo nor Wal-Mart are losing money on this. >_> And for those whining about $169.99 + 20 free games, you yourself decided to lay down $249.99 for it. Your loss. And before you assume it, no I’m not taking part in this. I too paid $249.99 for my 3DS back in May. I was bitter about it for a bit, yes, but I realized more 3DSes sold = more games made = happier gamers. So take a chill pill. No one is losing out, but everyone is gaining. Its a win-win-win situation if you will.

    1. That’s not the point. it’s “win-win” but at what cost? People who aren’t full on supportive of Nintendo through thick and thin shouldn’t be allowed to get 20 free games AND a price cut. That is morally unfair, but it’s business right?

      1. Considering those GBA games won’t be available to the public for a while after this, I think its good for as many to get them as possible. It’d suck for them to miss out on classics like those. Besides, how does it hurt you as a person? If you lose sleep over this then you got problems. Serious problems.

      2. What about those people who are supportive of Nintendo through thick and thin and simply didn’t have $250 to lay down for a 3DS? People have budgets you know. Not everyone can pay that price no matter how much they want to. Btw, how on earth is that morally unfair? Its not like this hurts society or anything. If anything it hurts your feelings for a little bit. Honestly, get over it….

    1. Yeah, Well Nintendo WASN’T SUPPOSED TO DROP THE PRICE!!! Now all of these non-core gamers who don’t stick by Nintendo and buy stuff at launch get it cheaper with the free games!!! That’s WHY were COMPLAINING!!!

      1. At least you got a 3DS and I don’t, so..I probably will not get free games; and yet I’m not complaining about it.

      2. Wait, you’re saying that if you don’t buy a 3DS at launch, you’re not a “core-gamer”. Where did you get these groundbreaking statistics? Oh… you mean they’re your own opinions and not necessarily fact. And “Nintendo wasn’t supposed to drop the price”… Did Miyamoto tell you this or do you have some personal sway with Iwata’s business decisions? Wow, you have some great connections! BTW, if you see Aonuma at the water cooler, let him know Skyward Sword looks great for me, thanks.

    1. Well aren’t you just the selfish person? They bought the 3DS legally, they shouldn’t be banned for that. That’s just idiotic and mean.

      1. how’s he selfish? the ambassador program is purely meant for the early adopters who bought it at the $250 price tag. it is unfair that they get at a cheaper price and still get the 20 free games. this is unjustified for people who bought it early. so no, he’s not being idiotic and mean.

        1. Sure its not very fair, but are you really going to go out of your way to make sure people get hurt? As long as you’re getting your free games, who cares who else gets it? These arguments are for six year olds.

          1. I care, if you worked your ass off for a month and got $5000, wouldn’t you be made if your boss gave another employee that slacks off $10000? Seriously, its like those people are getting 160 dollars for free, and im just getting back my 80. And anybody who thinks this is a kiddy argument is either not thinking this through, or is trying to only justify their greed. Which the greed was made easily to act upon by walmart.

        2. When I turned the nightly news on today I saw parents abandoning their starving Somali children by the side of the road to die. So in case we all haven’t realized it yet, life is not fair. And I’m not one of those “what about the rest of the world” people, far from it. People paid full price knowingly. If anyone is upset that someone that they don’t know, and will never meet or interact with, is getting a better deal than them on a piece of electronics; then we all need to be thankful that we have it good enough to bitch about things that have no significance.

        3. Yeah, I agree with you: we’re the ones who supported them from the beggining, the ambassador program was meant for the early adopters who actually paid full price. Without the core gamers paying and supporting Nintendo early on, I doubt the 3DS would still be alive here in the US, or it would be in an even worse position, and now these cheap assholes who didn’t even help carry the 3DS with their money all of a sudden want to buy a 3DS because they want to cheat the system. The ambassadors weren’t enough to keep it selling for the upcoming Vita, so that’s why they had a price drop – to keep things competitive and to supposedly reward the loyal fans who bought it early and helped carry its dying carcass all these months, and now they’re screwing us. That’s wrong. You know what? Next time when the Wii U comes out, I for one ain’t gonna buy it early, and Nintendo better hope that one of these cheap assholes buy their consoles at launch, if not, I would hate for them to go out of business.

    2. A key example of why some people refer to Nintendo as a “kiddy company”. Making stupid little outbursts like this just proves their point.

  5. As for the exclusive GBA games, I have 2 of the ones I would have wanted out of how which ones there were (Yoshi’s Island and Metroid Fusion) so I’m good. If the time arises, I wouldnt mind getting my hands on a 3DS, but right now im broke lol, and I’m waiting for the new Nintendo Selects to come out so I cant get Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy for Wii.

  6. I’m gonna send a letter to nintendo saying i feel like the amabassador program is now shit if all these losers who are buying the 3ds at $169.99 and they still get the 20 games…I feel like i’ve been ripped off. *Frost* you Walmart

  7. i dont think people are actually able to buy them for that price quite yet. i believe people can only pre-order them from wal-mart today and get the system August 12.

  8. I hope the walmart ceo dies!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought my 3ds at launch and waited until the fucking store opened at ten and rushed in I was the first bastard in my timezone to get one and we early people get 20 games but the pieces of shits who buy them at walmart discounted get em still WTF nintendo shouldn’t let them do that they deserve rewards they deserve nothing accept what they paid for there discounted cheapass 3ds BAN THOSE ASSwhipes from the eshop until the nes games come out when they do make them pay double cmon where special we bought it early not them!

      1. Actually, you can’t tell what he thought. Maybe he spent months saving money (or wanted to so bad he didnt care if 250 was overpriced), so now these people get a $160 deal, and he doesn’t. So yes, he has every right to be angry.

    1. They just said they wished the CEO died over $80 that Walmart themselves are probably getting ripped off on. You can’t justify that kind of rhetoric ever. Crazy people actually do stuff like that.

  9. This is a travesty, when I got that message form Nintendo calling me their most important customer, their ambassador, I cared about that more than the games, hell I thought they were pretty sweet, but I wasn’t desperate for a reason to love my

    1. 3DS again, I was fine with that, but now it’s gonna be handed out to any butt hole who buys it now from Wal-Mart?

  10. I am an honest to goodness fanboy. I have been wanting to get the 3DS since it first came out BUT I didn’t have a job. Now that I got one I was saving for it UNTIL I heard they we’re slashing the prices. Happiness wasn’t enough to describe my feelings. :D Now that Walmart is cutting the prices earlier I am going to pick one up after work. I couldn’t care less if I get the free games (though they are pretty sweet!). I JUST WANT ONE!

  11. One thing I want to say is although I’m mad, I’m not mad at the people that are going to buy a 3ds for the free games. Just Walmart, and not Nintendo. Because knowing myself, If I didn’t have a 3ds yet, I would probably take advantage of this. But that doesnt make it any less fair to original owners. I just wish nintendo would’ve used serial numbers, or some other method than just connecting to the eshop.

      1. You do realize that those $80 could of payed a water bill for me. Some of us have jobs, and bills to pay. So to you $80 may not seem like much, but to me it does. Maybe one day you’ll learn the true value of money.

        1. Sir, I suggest you spend you’re $80 on your water bill instead of posting unneeded comments on a dedicated website that deals with luxury electronic devices. I bought a 3DS before the price drop and have absolutely no complains whatsoever concerning that decision. If you (anyone) can’t afford to buy one then your opinion doesn’t really matter. I can’t go in and buy a Porsche today because I can’t afford one; but that doesn’t entitle me to complain about those that can. BTW, if you’re upset over depreciation (while we’re on topic) there are people buying $50,000+ cars today, that will be worth a less that 40k tomorrow. That’s life.

    1. Incase you haven’t been educated on the way businesses work…
      Nintendo sell walmart 3DS. maybe $150?
      Walmart sell 3DS. $250.
      Walmart puts 3DS on sale cause it sells like rotten horse shit. $170.
      Don’t be mad at walmart. They are making strategic price adjustment.

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  13. When I first saw this earlier today, I stopped at the first Walmart I saw and confirmed it for myself. Too bad I’m not ready yet to buy a 3DS or I so would. Still holding out for a special edition color for the holiday season.

  14. It is terrible, and unfair. I am waiting for the red one, and I will buy it from gamestop or toys r us, not walmart. I haven’t shopped at a walmart since sam passed and they will not get my money no matter how good a deal this may be. Would I like to be able to get the price cut and 20 free games, sure, but will I, no, because I do not like anything walmart stands for.

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