Nintendo 3DS: Grab Nintendo Coins Whilst Downloading The Twenty Free 3DS Games

Nintendo has further clarified its Ambassor Program for those who purchase a Nintendo 3DS before the official price cut. The Nintendo support site says Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors who link their Nintendo 3DS systems to their Club Nintendo account prior to downloading their games will be eligible to earn Coins for the 20 free games. Not bad…



  1. Wait, so Club Nintendo people will get coins for this on top of everything else? If it’s the same way they normally do it, that’ll be 200 Free coins. SCORE.

  2. USELESS (for many) Club Nintendo offers are available just for USA and Canada ¬¬ and what about US outside those countries??? =( I’m from Mexico, Great for you guys who can enjoy this benefit =)

    1. things like this are usually contient base and not counrty based therefore
      it should applie to all of north america

      1. I haven’t seen one, perhaps when I check tonight I will look for new notifications. Thanks for the tip

    1. Most are, but some aren’t bad. You can also redeem stuff and use it as Christmas presents to someone else too (I did that last year).

    2. I know. Europe’s rewards are exponentially better than ours. I wish I could redeem my coins for that gold Legend of Zelda statue.

      1. The gold Zelda “statue” is small and cheaply made. Trust me, North America gets waaay better than Europe – I wanted the Game&Watch! :(

    1. Probably, but didn’t want to exclude those that purchase the system today (which I think the date should have been pushed back 2 weeks from the price drop date). So people getting advantage of the Walmart deal or those price matching wouldn’t be able to.

      I’m guessing a good measure is those that got Excitebike for free are the pride and joy, while those that purchased/connected a 3DS after that date and until last week are the recent adaptors, and those getting it this week are those cheating the system for a discounted 80 price tag and 20 free games (until the 11th).

  3. The only problem is that I can’t link my Club Nintendo Account. There is no option to do it in the brazilian eShop.
    I like to collect club nintendo coins, even if I won’t ever be able to exchange it for anything, but I am not getting any for my eShop purchases =/

  4. You know whats buuuuuuuullsh11111111t?

    I live in sweden :’-(

    They should give us something else (non-club-nintendo-countrys), come on nintendo!!!

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