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Nintendo 3DS: Tesco Apparently Selling Nintendo 3DS In-Store For £115

Twitter user Osmart has contacted me to say that Tesco are now selling the Nintendo 3DS for £115. Unfortunately he didn’t take a photo of the offer so I can’t 100% confirm it at the moment. It sounds genuine as Tesco are known for their ridiculously cheap prices so it’s worth popping to your local store to find out.

Update: Here’s a photo of the offer 



  1. To bad there is no online offer for that.
    I can’t find any 3DS in my location and once it arrives, it will be much more expensive than in the rest of the world… like everything else. :(


  2. I’m assuming the reason for keeping the DSi and XL prices as they are is to encourage more people to pick up the 3DS, since that’s their main goal.


  3. Calm down peeps. I just cam from big massive Tesco Extra in Bristol and the price is £195. The guy confirmed that no other Tesco sells it for £115. So BS rumor if you ask me. Could saved myself a trip to Tesco. pffft…..


  4. Just been to the tesco in silverburn, glasgow and bought a 3DS. the guy had to sell it to me for £115 but immediately took down the point of sale showing the early price drop. just a heads up. :)


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