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Nintendo 3DS: If Apple And Nintendo Joined Forces For The Nintendo 3DS

There’s plenty of people online that seem convinced Nintendo is doomed and that the best way out of their current predicament is if Apple purchased the company. It’s never going to happen. Anyway, an artist has designed what he thinks an Apple branded Nintendo 3DS would look like. It’s not how I would expect the console to look but check it out regardless.

131 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: If Apple And Nintendo Joined Forces For The Nintendo 3DS”

    1. As you have said Sickr, it’s never going to happen. Honestly, I don’t think apocryphal speculation like this is worthy of a post. I can understand some of its relevance; but the message stirs up views and comments (like mine) that probably aren’t necessary; and I feel this site is above that kind of operation. I come for informative Nintendo news. Just keep us readers abreast of the latest Nintendo news that actually has significance in our lives, as you have been, and we’ll keep reading. Not to mention conjecture like this creates an atmosphere of disagreeable comments, rather than the civilized dialectic toward Nintendo news that it should be. Although, I do think the white looks great. Thanks.

    1. Also, how could people think that Nintendo would ever let itself be bought or that it is doomed. Nintendo has come back from more with less, and they still have a giant Wii and DS buffer.


      Apple FTW!

      But i don’t think nintendo is doomed, the virtual boy pulled worst sales, and look in what possition they are now with the wii and DS, just give them soke time

      Nintendo FTW

    2. Apple is the BIGGEST company in the world. The biggest. In the world. The world is a big place. And I don’t even think Nintendo makes the top 10. If apple wasted money on Nintendo, if Nintendo was that desperate, it would be only to rebrand the company into something else, or to just use Nintendo’s properties.

      1. dude, you’re statement is irrelavent. If you’re talking in terms of the money it makes, which that’s pretty much the best way to compare companies, Apple is 20th, and Microsoft is 10th, with Sony and Nintendo not in the top 50 most profitable companies in the world. So yea, no gaming companies are, and probably never will be, the biggest company in the world

    1. If Apple made a 3DS, its initial release would have been extremely faulty, new versions would release within MONTHS and the price would almost double for the newer versions: And people would apparently be happy to buy it for some very strange reason.

      1. If Nintendo made a 3DS it would initially be over priced/ over hyped, relese with out any games, make an minor “upgrade” years later, nearly doubling the price, AND people would still be happy with it.

        1. dude, if you’re seriously gonna go all the way to a nintendo fansite JUST to troll in the comments, then you’re a real idiot. you’re not gonna change anyone’s opinion, you’re not gonna make anyone cry, you’re just gonna make a bunch of people think that you’re stupid by posting hate comments that are usually over 50% incorrect. so stop.

  1. Well, there would definitively be ups and downs if that happened, but I don’t think Nintendo is doomed, especially with WiiU coming soon.

  2. I’ve said it before and ill say it again. Something awesome like nintendo shouldn’t be mixed in with something stupid like apple.

    1. well i like nintendo but i like apple too. both are great companys but both should stick to there own thing. wich we know this apple and nintendo thing wont happan.

  3. Well certainly Nintendo ain’t doomed but it is suffering a lot with its poor sales with the 3DS and the Wii; However, If Nintendo and Apple join forces it could be a very good thing for the company because Apple has some nice stuff to add to the nintendo hardwares and for example if they make an apple branded 3DS the piece of tech including in that thing COULD match the vita.

    1. I don’t wish to pay $500 or more for a handheld that will just break from being made of glass. Not only that, but Nintendo would lose a huge fanbase, and we would see more Angry Birds, and not alot of Mario, Zelda and Metroid like they actually need.

  4. Well I’m convinced nintendo isn’t doomed…they have been able to thrive against sega, Microsoft and sony all these years they can also compete with apple and android games

  5. I must say I’m not enjoying all the slightly curved lines on the 3DS, it makes it look bloated. Otherwise, I love my 3DS

    1. Wait… switch that around. If Nintendo bought Apple, then Apple would be dead and the Big N would dominate!
      But that won’t happen will it…

  6. NOOO THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN, however, that pic makes the 3DS look fucking sexy, a black and white 3DS, yes please!!
    this just proooooves the point that Apple make their products look amazing on the outside, and full of shit on the inside

  7. 1. Apple sells apps with games
    2. Nintendo Doesn’t make games…they make experiences, and adventures, that last and not a phone that repeats itself every year.

    1. Anyone who doesn’t consider Apple as a threat to gaming has their head buried in the same sand as Iwata-san.

      It’s a real threat, people! Apple, and Android for that matter, have taken a huge chunk out of the ‘handheld’ gaming market. Forget about looking at just Angry Birds. There are lots of other ‘experiences’ that are available on iOS and Android games. And these Nintendo ‘experiences’ that some of you speak of are basically the same game regurgitated over and over again… I mean, seriously, how many times do you want to sell the same bloody game before it gets tired? I would like to point out, at this point, that I have owned every Nintendo console, bar the Virtual Boy (though I do have access to it) and the 3DS. I am a gamer… just not a fanboy :)

      As a gamer, I did not get a 3DS because there isn’t a game on it that I haven’t played before. I’ve played Zelda many, many times over on N64, Gamecube and Wii… I am not going to play it again. I wish Nintendo made NEW experiences. I would happily buy those and the console that they appeared on.

      Fact is both Nintendo and Sony now face serious competition from smartphones. Why would the 3DS drop in price. Why would shareholders put pressure on Nintendo’s CEO to release titles for iOS and Android? I’m sorry, but all you Nintendo fanboys are in the minority on this one. It’s a fact you’re going to have to live with. The 3DS is not selling.

      Nintendo will never be sold… and I hope it doesn’t. But I would love to see them create new titles with the same magic that they’ve done in the past.

      As a side note… if Nintendo were to go down the Sega route, leaving the hardware market and just develop on other platforms… I think they would make some serious money. It would be perfect for them. Launch old games to a generation that might not have played them before.

      I am looking forward to getting the Wii U – which, I’m hoping, will see the Big N climb back up to the top of the gaming tree :)

  8. I think Nintendo is the one who should get its hands on apple and change that stupid logo and the name imagine apple is part of the big N ….

  9. I doubt Nintendo will be bought out. There’s no way. If it gets that bad, I expect them to just turn to developing games on other consoles, like SEGA.

  10. If Nintendo was bought by Apple:
    1: The 3DS price would go back to $249 and the Ambassador program would be canceled.
    2: Nintendo would lose a lot of its fan base
    3: New 3DS games would cost $50 and Wii games would cost $60
    4: The Wii U will cost $500
    5: The Wii U controller will be redesigned into an IPad
    6: The next hand held will no longer support game cards and only be able to download app from the eShop.
    7: This is all made up stuff that I made up on the spot and I don’t really think will happen because Nintendo would never sell out.

        1. More like Apple wouldn’t make any of the games. :P Just software like… iPhoto, Safari, and iTunes. xD Actually, iTunes on Wii U wouldn’t be that bad… If it had the store.

  11. I seem to remember hearing Nintendo was dying beause of the ds, then Nintendo was Dying because of the Wii, then the ds lite , the dsi xl and now the 3ds. Seems to me that a company that has been working it for over 100 yrs KNOWS what they are doing.

      1. errr. Nintendo has been around for over 100 yrs.. Just not in the electronic business.. I suggest you do research before you go and insult people.

    1. I think they’re almost 125 years old. The BIG-N brought back a dying gaming market, they constantly innovate to prevent a stagnant gaming experience. Though not a perfect company, Nintendo aren’t afraid to walk into uncharted territory. They always succeed at what they set out to do, and they will continue to succeed for generations to come.

      1. This is correct, although Nintendo has only been in the game market for around 30 years, since that is when electronic entertainment really started popping up.

  12. I’d rather see Valve buy Nintendo then Apple, because Valve makes its money through extremely generous services, such as making TF2, one of their best selling games, Free to Play. Valve is for Quality, not Quantity. Nintendo operates the same way.

    1. Valve doesn’t make hardware; so it’s completely ridiculous to entertain the idea of them buying Nintendo. That’s not even mentioning the fact that Nintendo is nowhere near bankruptcy and Valve would not have enough money to buy them if they were.

  13. Ugh.
    iOS? No thank you. One of my favourite features of the 3DS is its firmware. It’s slick, attractive and easy to use whilst keeping that ‘Nintendo’ factor – the little touches that make everything better.

  14. if nintendo is doomed then so is sony i mean if nintendo is gone then where will sony get there ideas they wont have anybody to copy and that would leave microsoft and i cant see them holding up the entire market on there own so i dont thik nintendo is going anywhere

  15. ‘I like have a photography blog. Why don’t you take a look at it here on my Ipad. While you do that I’ll be listening to some understated b-side jazz tracks on my Iphone.’
    *puts on thick-rimmed glasses*
    ‘I love Apple.’

  16. i think NINTENDO isnt doomed, NINTENDO just want to sell a better console, so NINTENDO chose the way of joining another company that have good apps like APPLE, thats it! dont worry about that :D

  17. Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that their macbooks are pathetic, over-prived pieces of junk. Apple and Nintendo do and should not mix.

    Though a white 3DS would be sick

  18. This is #$%&… Nintendo will never die… even if they stop producing systems, nintendo never never will die… That’s it… they have problems… everyone faces them in a moment in life… but c’mon… apple? this is nonsense…
    I know my descendants will be playing Zelda and Mario… maybe in the newest worst Microsoft/Sony model of Playbox but, Nintendo will be here till the world ends…

  19. Dear Nintendo: Please disregard anything about joining apple and please make this 3ds design real, I would buy it, day 1 simply because it looks so epic.

  20. That i3ds has WAAAAAAAAY too many buttons for Apple standards, but then again, i3ds will NEVER happen.
    U sad, Apple fans?

  21. Whoa Wats up wit the hate against Nintendo like wtf… It ain’t like the Wii didn’t kill the ps3 and xbox360 this gen without hd (numbers don’t lie) the best games is on Nintendo consoles.. plus they been making consoles and game for over 20 years so please stop the hate wit the bs that Nintendo is doom GTFOH… :)

  22. Nintendo isn’t doomed. The release of good 3DS games soon is going to help immensely. However, if they don’t bring it for the Wii U release, they’re in trouble. We need great games and maybe even bundles, that will determine if they’re back in the game.

  23. Doomed? Try to buy Nintendo? Did the Wii just suddenly unsell itself or something? Nintendo is still freakin’ rich! Sorry, Apple, but there is a difference between Angry Birds and Mario.

    1. Yes mario shoots out of cannons not sling shots!!! And he is Italian can’t speak but he’s really epic cause not only can he do the above but he can go down random pies like an elevator and not get hurt anybody else would fall to a bloody pulp he’s epic but not as epic as starfox

  24. There’s not even anything to say. Apple buys Nintendo (which would never happen), that company would lose all Nintendo fans and simply have a bigger fanbase of Apple fans. While I can’t say for sure that would hurt the company financially, it just wouldn’t be a gaming company, is all. It would be a mess of more crappy apps.

  25. I’m so sick of these far fetched ‘apple buys nintendo’ stories. Someone who knows nothing about video games said something and the press went to town with it.

    Nintendo has a huge cash reserve. Theyre just going through a slow spell because it’s a transition time between consoles.

  26. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, A nintendo waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy overpriced(come on people didn’t pay 249 Dl do you really think they are gonna pay from 300 to 500 just because it’s made by apple and specially every fucking year), that is gonna suck with mediocre games form all companies but nintendo haven’t you seen the street fighter for apple, it may not be bad but do you really think that they are gonna spend more money in good games that in fast making games, making zillions of them, it would be the end of gaming we would return to an atari era with games way to short. But lets be honest nintendo has a ridiculous amount of money (it’s like people think that nintendo smoked all the money they made with ds all their versions and wii wihtout even considering the software)and it’s stupid to belief that they are doomed to me its more like wishful thinking from sony, xbox and maybe even apple after all without nintendo they wouldn’t have to inovate they’ll do nothing more than a graphics upgrade and would get the nintendo franchises which quite a few happen to have more that 20 years. Hell its not gonna happen i believe that if it come to it which is very unlikely nintendo would rather joined forces with sony, than apple or xbox.

  27. So it’s basically a 3rd running iOS um that’s pointless but um even if Nintendo was in trouble then so would the entire VG industry

  28. Maybe Im wrong, but why will the mobile-gaming industry kill Nintendo? Maybe decrease their play grounds on this area, but it will not replace home-console gaming nor the handheld gaming we love since the atari en gameboy! Media device == smartphone and gaming == handheld/nintendo!;) or psv…what you want…

  29. Ewww ewww ewww! Apple is the worst company ever! Nintendo is worth so much more than these idiots. This concept makes me sick >_>

  30. if a 3ds comes in this colour and without the f***ing apple sign than i will probably buy it cuz i m thinking of buying 1

  31. Nintendo all the way! People are talking about Android and Apple phones and saying that these are the best portable gaming consels. I hate to say it but even Vita will be better than the games on these. They are not games they are apps. Mini games but they are not the same. Has anyone played on the Experia Play? It doesn’t feel right and controls pretty badly. Plus on one single touch screen it doesnt control that great anyway. You need buttons or/and two screens also known as the ds.

  32. This is a very bad artwork!!! In first place, the touchscreen is in the bottom, so the app icons should be there. Besides, “the artist” only painted it in photoshop, put an apple sticker and some bitmaps on the screens. He doesn’t changed the look, or the buttons on it. If apple took nintendo, the first thing it will do is to minimize the number of buttons in “i3DS”.

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  34. I’m SO sick and tired of these stupid Apple vs. Nintendo comments. Makes NO sense. Apple is NOT a gaming company. Why not Sony vs. Apple? Or Microsoft gaming vs. Apple? Only Microsoft would be obvious since they share a market, but. Apple DOESN’T offer REAL games. People are just trying to be controversial to call the attention. So dumb.

    1. I think people compare Apple to gaming industries because its pretty clear that mobile games are making some craters in gaming companies. Especially the free games, and there are thousands of those apps. And since Apple is in possession of the worlds biggest selection of Apps its often blamed. Although blamed isnt really the right word to describe it but you know what i mean

    1. That’s possibly the best joke I’ve heard, this year. Apple could buy Nintendo without breaking a sweat – especially since stocks have plummeted.

  35. If that top half of the console separated from the bottom to make an ipod, then re-atached for a 3DS, then it would be a dream come true. And it would cost $599

  36. That’s just a White 3DS with an Apple logo. It suggests that Apple would only supply the OS. I would think that Apple and Mr Ive, in particular, would have far more to contribute than just the colour and the Apple logo placement.

  37. i hope ninendo sees this and will make a white 3DS
    without the apple logo of course D:
    the 3DS looks so clean ^____^
    – cosmos black
    – sea blue
    – flame red
    and maybe SNOW WHITE
    would be awesome

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  39. the day nintendo sells out to apple is when they have sold the fans souls to the devil. besides, this’ll benefit apple more than nintendo themselves. i don’t hate apple- i prefer their computers over ones by microsoft and which runs windows. but if they had any respect, they would leave nintendo and us fans alone. yeah, apple is bigger than nintendo now, but nintendo are the only real video games and hardware company around, outlasting atari, sega and SNK.

    apple and nintendo- no, just no. nintendo, i know that things haven’t been going well but i and many haven’t lost faith in you. keep doing what you’re doing. i’m happy you are still around in an era of mobile gaming and non- gaming companies, sony, microsoft dominating the games scene. :-)

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